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1 Searching for a Lead [Private/Plot/Nanashi] on Fri Mar 31, 2017 11:14 pm

Otter Aiden


Having finally reached Iwagakure, Aiden would have already somewhat traversed into the village, exploring it and trying to get a feel for it once more. It had been a while since he was last here, traversing through the village, and back then he recalled how he visited Akira, the Tsuchikage, and had requested to be able to perform missions within the village. It wasn't the Sunagakure Nin's aim to learn a mission now, however, instead his goal lied on a different path, one of which isn't pieced out by slips containing the details, but instead of tracks of the hunt. His first clue being that slip of paper, which he pulled out of his pocket, holding it with his right hand as he looked at it. Yeah, this is definitely the symbol of Iwagakure, at least from what he can gather by the headbands of Iwagakure shinobi that had passed by.

He didn't know where to go from here, though. He knew that from here on out he wouldn't really need this slip of paper, instead deciding to rely on what he could personally figure out himself from here on out. He knew that his inability to read would be something that would hurt a lot in this hunt, by why read something when you could make someone talk? He recalled how that monster always liked to shop, to get some goods in his free time to collect or... use. Shivering, he would hold his head between his hands for a moment, his fingers running through his raven hair with extremely dark blue highlights and his face covered by the palms of his hands as he pushed away the thoughts going through his head at that moment, and the slowly rising heated lump in his stomach that man his blood boil just from thinking about it.

Lowering his hands, the Chuunin would look around, seemingly he was at some sort of market, one of which was somewhat similar to the kind they have at Sunagakure back home. He guessed that, as the slip of paper slid out from his right hand and flew away with the wind, he would begin by asking one of the merchants, he decided, and would begin making his way through the market, until he came across a seemingly empty enough stall with a single worker behind it, the wares of which seemingly being some sort of jewelry. Looking at the sign, he couldn't make out what it said at all, but he saw what looked like a lizard wearing jewelry, not to mention the wares available seemed to be little bits and baubles from rings to necklaces.

He figured that these things seemed interesting enough for someone rich like his master to be particularly attracted to, so surely this shop keep must know something about him. "Oh, are you looking to buy something boy? Perhaps for your mother?" The clerk would ask, though Ai wouldn't respond at all, instead acting like he was looking at the baubles as he neared the man, before he would lock his blue eyes upon the man's gray eyes, a rather serious expression on his face as he tried holding back his anger. "No thanks, I'm looking for an old-ish man, grey eyes, round glasses, wears a black skullcap over his bald head. Long grey coat. Have you seen him?"

"Ah, no, I don't believe I have. You might want to try asking at the Administration Building." The merchant would reply, only to be taken by surprise as Aiden would pull him in close, staring into the man's eyes for a few moments before releasing him, pushing the man back, hard enough for him to almost fall before beginning to walk off. "Be glad I think you're being truthful." He would say as he continued on from there, stopping every once in a while to look around, trying to find another stall in which he can assume that man would be interested in, his tail dragging along the ground all the while.

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"That should be everything," he mused, a smile plastered on his face as the parents and child, the former already asleep in the father's arm, left the hospital room.  No sooner had the door shut, his smile dropped, now showing signs of some weariness.

It had been three days since his official return to active duty, and already the effects were showing. Having been gone for such an extensive amount of time, nearly two years, and despite having assistance and others who could handle a majority of his duties, there had still been a backlog of non-time-sensitive work that needed his personal signature or opinion.

Additionally, every department leader had to brief him on everything that had happened since his absence. Going over the logistic, making sure everything were in order and correctly done, was a mind numbing task that came with his position. Luckily, those working with him were competent enough to have everything order and meticulously prepared for him: no meaningless information, only relevant information. It might be, just like him, many of them didn't like having to hunt for something through irrelevant information, therefore, wouldn't force their colleagues either.  

"I'm thankful for them.", he mused though he would never admit this to anyone if asked, then again, those working for him probably already know. Having finished straightening up the papers on the desk, and casually chatting with one of the interns who came into the room moments prior, and asking them to drop off some papers, he headed out

Greeting and waving whenever a fellow doctor or nurse passed by him, his white medical coat trailing behind him, peeking into some occupied rooms to check in on patients and those helping them, he headed towards his office. Stepping into his private quarters, the effect was almost immediate, the cleanliness that clung in the hallways wasn't apparent here. Instead, a light earthy fragrance hung in the air, a personal touch of his.

Fingers traced over the glossed hardtop desk as he rounded it to stare out of the window situated behind it. Rays of light poured in through the window, giving the room a natural warmth. The sun being a reminder that today would make it forty-eights since he had any, more than an hour, meaningful rest. But, being a medic had its perks, and he took advantage of them in order not to be a deterrent to his work and others.

Having gotten enough staring outside, he took off the white medical coat, throwing it on the back of his chair. Underneath he wore a short-sleeve dark maroon shirt and dark brown shinobi style pants that were modified to be a tad bit longer than typical, the cuffs reaching just past his ankles and covering the top part of his footwear: essentially the Iwagakure shinobi attire just with the flak jacket.

Moving across the room, he grabbed a black coat with gold trim from off a standing hangar, slid it on. With the coat signifying him being the leader of the Anbu medical corps, he left his office and building, though not before telling others where he was heading.

With morning having passed and dinner drawing near, there were quite a few people walking in the streets, they all going about their daily business. As many people that were on the ground level, there was just as many moving across the rooftops. Naked to the human eye, he could see their flickering forms perfectly as they went about their day. He could have followed their example and took to the rooftops, but, since his genin days, he never found the appeal of the act, recalling the amount of times he ever did so on one hand.

Moving through the market area, a small commotion not too far from him cause his attention. Yellow eyes, animalistic is nature, watched in interests as a teenager spoke to a shopkeeper before roughening the man up some and walking away in the opposite direction. Eyebrow raised, he made his way over to the shaken man, checking on him, before looking in the direction the strange teen went.

Didn't take long to find said teen among the crowd, the fact he had a tail making him standing out against others. "You know,", he spoke to the unnamed teen, having closed the distance between them quickly and was now walking beside him, "You didn't have to rough up that guy back there. Not the best way to get information from someone. Plus, not wise to do that in a shinobi village." He spoke about the teenager's action, what could be considered an assault, casually and slight disinterest. "So, I couldn't help to overhear that you were looking for someone? Who exactly? Maybe I can help?", he spoke, offering his services to the young man. As for why? Well. . .


Otter Aiden


Looking around as he continued down the street, Aiden would soon begin to think this would be a bad place to check. Of course he didn't believe his master would actually be within the village itself. The man was someone that wasn't stupid enough to remain in such a place for long, instead preferring to set up a home within the more remote areas of the land, sometimes taking older, abandoned homes and having his men fix them up so he can remain there for a period of time before moving on. Still, he had believed that everyone would visit a village at least once, whether it is to get supplies, offer a service, or even to see the sights, and he knew that the man wasn't any different. It has been a while since he was under his fold, however, and while he can remember some things about him from when they were moving around, with his observations of his actions taken while he vainly traversed, he couldn't remember everything, nor did he ever truly care to until now, when information as little as a favorite food could have actually been something that could have sent the Chuunin on the right track.

He would curse himself for throwing away seemingly useless information. Had he known that he would be the one that would be free and even hunting him down, Aiden would've worked harder to retain it. He would be taken by surprise at that moment however, throwing him out of his thoughts by a simple "you know", which was enough for him to immediately turn his head to the one that had spoke to him, blue eyes wide open and alert as he would see who would be speaking to him. It was a man with yellow eyes, whom of which would be wearing a black coat with gold trim, something that seemed too fancy for normal wear, at least for that of someone that would actually bother himself with the dealings of those below him financially. It had to be a uniform of some sort, either that or a really, really bored wealthy stranger.

As the man was currently walking with Aiden and not standing in front of him or anything else of the sort, he didn't see much of what he was wearing underneath the black coat, only what seemed to be the bottom of dark brown Shinobi styled pants. Looking back up at the man, he could only assume that he had around a foot difference of height in comparison to Aiden. It was definitely tall, but considerably smaller than what he was used to, having lived in a home with people ranging between eight and ten feet tall. Still however, for a human, it was pretty impressive. This stranger would mention how he didn't have to rough the merchant from before up, further stating that it's not the best way to get information from someone, especially since it's not wise to do it in a Shinobi village. Aiden could only shake his head in response as he looked on ahead. This guy must be some sort of Shinobi from Iwagakure, and from that coat, it must be a decently high rank at that, or at least that's what he assumed.

"All I did was check to see if he was lying. His clothes are more roughed up than he is." The shorter male would respond, shrugging his shoulders. Compared to what a lot of other people get while being questioned by others, what Aiden did was little more than a tickle, a meaningless action with a cheap intimidation tactic. He wasn't the type to actually hurt someone he didn't feel deserved it, and even though this was a little more physical than usual, it's not like he actually harmed the guy. Still, in the casual manner that this stranger spoke with, Aiden could only gather that either he made up his mind about what he's going to do or he only used that as a topic starter and nothing more.

"I wasn't that loud, was I?" He would ask in response to the stranger mentioning how he couldn't help but overhear how the shorter male was looking for someone, asking him about who exactly it is, and even going as far as offering his services. Looking away from the stranger, he would consider this. This could be a possible lead, but honestly, he didn't possibly see how someone he doesn't even know can help him or, at least, someone that he doesn't even vaguely recognize as someone his master would have any interest in having met in the past, but what choice was there? It was either take up the offer and give him a name or wander aimlessly around the village in the hopes another lead would appear, and Aiden knew he only had a limited amount of time before he wouldn't be able to find him anymore.

Sighing, he would look back at the stranger, looking him over once more. It's pretty clear the guy looked strong, so even if he didn't know anything outright then at least he'd be someone that would be good to have around. It's definitely a better choice than questioning random shopkeepers and looking for a possible trail. "His name is Atsuchi Daiki. He's this wealthy guy that..." he would have to stop himself from speaking for a few short moments, swallowing the lump that was forming in his throat, his eyes dragging slowly from the stranger to the ground. "I need to find him, that's it." Looking back up at the stranger, his tail would rise slightly off the ground, where it would remain where it was. "So, do you know anything about him? You overheard me, so you probably already know what he looks like."

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The medical shinobi didn't outwardly show any reaction to the boy's reaction to his presence.  Even from the distant, he covered, it apparent the teenager was deep in thought, probably having something to do with what he questioned the shopkeeper about moments ago. It being the logical answer at the current time and circumstances at hand. When searching for information, one doesn't deeply dwell on other things not pertaining to what they seek. Of course, he could be completely wrong, misjudging something that he had no way of knowing unless he suddenly developed telepathy. The teenager could be thinking about something else, having giving up on finding any information after the one failed attempt. While plausible, the shinobi believe his instincts, about what boy was thinking about, were spot on, or at the very least close.

Dark yellow in coloration and reptilian, more so now with certain things considering, in shape, his eyes met the boy's blue ones. If looking coldness within them, one would find warmth, with the only sharpness or animalistic beings seeing the possible danger buried deep within them. Eye contact lasting only a second, if that, the teenager now alert and aware of his surrounds, the medic-nin didn't bother in commenting on said individual checking him out. Not in a sexual way, at least he doesn't think so, rather, in a casual manner, one does any possibly new acquaintances.

"Like I'm not during the same thing.", he mused, for indeed he were checking out the teenager beside him, although being more deceit about it than his counterpart. Asides from the height difference between them, he being almost a foot taller, the only thing worth while was the appendage extending roughly four feet out from the tailbone. A tail. Besides encountering some Jugos, this is the only other time he had met someone with a tail. However, unlike the Jugos', theirs' mostly being devoid of fur and more combat oriented in nature, his actually had fur and looked more natural. Some patrons walking amongst them quicken their pace whenever nearing the pair, their eyes blatantly looking at the young man's swinging appendage and being freaked out by it.

"Not like I can blame them.", he silently mused, being a shinobi, seeing something like this wouldn't be anything new and is mildly tame in comparison to some stuff seen, however, a civilian who never had the misfortune of experiencing such would have the right to act that way. Not like he was agreeing with their behavior, far from it, but he understood it. People will act adversely to situations out of the norm, whatever that might be for them.

Chuckling at the young man's comment about the man's clothing, "Yes, while his clothing leaves much to desire. Sometimes it's those type of people who hold a weft of information. Of course, this isn't one of those cases, the guy is too business trying, and failing,  to hide the fact of infidelity from his wife. ", he spoke. If his memory serves him correctly, indeed, the shopkeeper was having an affair that was an open secret amongst everybody, including his wife, though he believes otherwise. His wife only staying with him too because of the money and children sake.

His inner muse cut short with the teenager questioning if he was too loud when dealing with the shopkeeper. Briefly, the medic's eyes cut up to a nearby rooftop where a patrolling Anbu was stationed. Their eyes met briefly before said agent disappeared from their post, at the same time, the medic returns his attention back to the street a front of him. "By the standards of those around us? No. They are too busy getting lost in their own little world to notice. If it does not affect them than they don't care.", he spoke, casually speaking about the populace in an ill-manner. But, could his comment really consider that when it's the truth? The patriotism villagers show is nothing more than smoke and mirrors for at the end of the day they only care about themselves or those closest to them. Who cares if a man was being roughed up? It's not like he is someone's son, father, or grandfather. People are quick to make an excuse for not intervening in a hostile situation when, in fact, they should opposite. How many crime could've been prevented if someone stepped in, instead of just watching on the sidelines? It's quite baffling how people say they love their fellow man but rarely help them in their time of need, only doing so after the fact.

"But, if even one person notices then you were too loud, at least in my opinion.", he said with a shrug. What left unsaid was the medic-nin intervene before the Anbu could, and because of his history with the Corps were allowed to handle it as he sees fit. While the young man didn't seem to be trouble, the fact he roughed up a civilian because they didn't have the information he sought was worrying, therefore, in order to keep an eye on him, the medic-nin devised a plan of wanting to help. An underhanded tactic but not something surprising within a shinobi village.

"Now that's a name I haven't heard in awhile.", he mused when the name of who the teenager was searching for was told. Atsuchi Daiki, a man who has some unique taste when it comes to his toys or playthings. He had a bad habit of breaking and damaging objects that didn't belong to him. While never dealing with Daiki personally, the medic knew enough about him and hate him with a passion. The reason being saved for another time. "We all need to find someone kid, " he said, "Some of us find what we seek and some of us don't. You can either tell me the truth or a lie. It doesn't matter, just give me a reason. So, tell me, why are you after this nasty piece of work? "


Otter Aiden


It seemed the otter male's new acquaintance would specify what he meant about his over-hearing the conversation, telling him that by the standards of those around them, he wasn't being too loud, as they're too busy being lost in their own worlds to notice, and that if it doesn't affect them then they don't care. Could that really be the case about humanity, about society as a whole and how people co-exist with one another? Surely there must be cases in which a community actually does work together to better themselves. If not, then is it a mutual disdain for one another that creates this social distancing, or a lack of suffering? While Sunagakure isn't better by any means of the idea, the presently-existing gangs and family units built out of tragedy were ones which had its own meaning of watching out for one another, and it was certainly a place where one can afford to be selfish, but it made them safe to have another watch their backs. "Are people truly that bad everywhere?" He would ask. Aiden must admit that he was a first-hand experience with both sides, but he felt the contrary could be just as plausible as he had been taken in by Zaiaku when he literally had nothing but the clothes he stole and a vacant small apartment room he had broken into. Is this truly the consequence of a thriving community?

The stranger would go on, mentioning that even if only one person noticed him that was enough to say he was too loud, and he can agree to that. If the wrong ears did hear then such a thing can only spell out trouble. Aiden was too much into a one track mind to see something like that, and such a revelation that was now brought to him actually helped him calm down a bit, at least in regards to the anger he felt. Instead, what would replace the lost piece of his anger would be a small amount of paranoia, one that was about as big as a grain of salt really, but even a grain of salt can change the taste of something, and the Chuunin would have to make sure to look over his shoulder from now on when dealing with things. Perhaps he is looking too deeply into what the man said, but it is painfully apparent that he at least has some sort of air about him that says that he knows what he's saying. Aiden still didn't know what to feel about it, but advice is advice.

Ha would be told about how they all need to find someone, how some of them find what they seek and some of them don't. He can either tell him the truth or lie to him, but he just wants a reason as to why he was after the man, that "nasty piece of work". Aiden would avert his gaze off of the man once more, trying to figure out why he wishes to find him. Clearly he knows something from how he called him a "nasty piece of work" but the willingness to share that information was discerning. He was going to share any sort of information, he must have to prepare himself, as for all he knew, this person could just be working for his master. It would explain his approaching him and immediately mentioning his overbearing the conversation, and even further going on to mention how it even one person hears then it was too loud. But if he was working for his master, why go through the trouble of actually talking to him? Why not actually just get it over with and get paid already?

He had decided. Slipping his right hand into the pouch of small tools he had, Aiden would look on ahead for now. "He used me. He took my life away and made me his, and I aim to take his life away in return after I find out some things. If you don't want that to happen then try to stop me, but I'm done waking up scared for myself." He would respond as his right hand gripped onto the hidden kunai, prepared to withdraw it as he finished speaking. Sweep the guy with his tail and start hitting the gut. That should work if it came down to that. This stranger offered his help, but the way he's doing it is beginning to get suspicious, especially now that Aiden knows he had some sort of encounter or had heard something about the man in the past. It just seemed too convenient. "Some people may not find what they're looking for, but I don't intend to stop looking like those people. I know he's here somewhere, he left a slip of paper showing your village's symbol on it."

As he looked around he took notice of some of the crowd that had noticed him having been clearly weirded out, but he didn't care much. He spent many days dealing with that alongside a family of demon-looking Giants, people being weirded out by a tail is little more than a routine thing. Regular people didn't interest him much anyways because they're usually weirded out by oddities, it's more so those that aren't afraid of it, those that are used to those things, that he was into. Honestly, if this man had shown the same look with his odd, reptilian yellow eyes that these other people had shown, Aiden would've ignored him right off the start, too. The man he looked for wanted weird, and so anyone that is creeped out by an oddity clearly wouldn't have much to do with him. Before he would continue on with his shaking down merchants, he would wait for the stranger to respond, hoping he would give out some sort of information that can save Aiden the trouble of actually doing this at random.

Some five to eight meters away would be a small alley, and around four meters behind the two would be a simple stranger, one of which had been going along the same path as them, though his face would be covered by some sort of komusō. As soon as Aiden had finished speaking, this stranger would have stopped to seemingly look at some wares at a stall they had passed before hurriedly walking in a different direction than before, making his way towards the alley. Aiden himself wouldn't notice of course, as he was too much focused on the stranger and the stalls they passed to truly take notice of anything suspicious.

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Although, not for certain, it seemed his comment about those around them and society had an unattended effect of giving the young man something else to think about. His words spoke of an ugly truth many didn't want to acknowledge: during so would mean their beliefs taught were wrong. Many rather live a life of lies if it means not facing an ugly truth. Though those who knows the truth, and for whatever reason, instead of accepting it, continue denies it.

He wasn't going to say he understands why others would not accept a blatant truth, everyone had their reasons, and at the end of the day that the only thing that matters. There is nothing people like him, those who has come to accept the ugly truth of society can do except express their viewpoint. And what the recipient do with the opinion is up to them. They could accept it as a newfound truth or discard it the ramblings of someone slighted. And glancing at the young teenager from the corner of his eye, the medic-nin briefly wonder what he would do? Though the end result matter little to him, it was still something of interest.

The dark haired male looked young, incredibly so: if having to hazard a guess, the youth looked somewhere in his teens. Unless something traumatic had happened to them, many around that age still held on the belief their fellow man would help them in times of need. That society wouldn't selfishly look the other way of someone needing help; that they wouldn't turn their backs on their fellow man. That they actually would practice the unity preached during moments on devastating times. Only to be told by someone else, a stranger nonetheless, that society was far from the pretty image they painted of themselves. It could easily make someone question their own belief, and have a moment of introspecting to see if there were some truth from which was spoken.

"Bad everywhere? Yes and no," he spoke cryptically before going on to explain himself "No matter where you go there will be people like these who does nothing for their fellow man. But, you would also find people willing to step in, and offer assistances. Remember those people, and be thankful for them, because they might can help you in the future." Purposely left unsaid is everyone has a motive for going out of their way to help a complete stranger. If mindful of this, then there isn't anything to worry about. It's something the teenager would have to learn via experience.

"Good. It isn't good to allow your emotions get the best of you when looking for information.", he mused, a thin smile appearing briefly when noticing the teenager's calming down. "If you keep looking over your shoulder like that then people might expect something.", he spoke, "Act natural. Try to flow with the crowd. Make yourself as less conspicuous as possible. If you are a tourist than show some interest in the vendors. Make small talk with the shopkeepers that you are interested in, and subtly ask them the man you are searching for. When trying to gain information in a crowded place, one can't be too forceful because you never know who might be watching."

There isn't any denying what the medic was doing. The words spoken were to help this young man, who name he still doesn't know, to blend in with the surroundings. To help him not give himself away from any other prying eyes that might be watching him. Teaching him how to gain information in a manner that wouldn't arouse suspicion.

With him during this, there is a good chance the teenager would figure out his occupation of being a shinobi. For, no normal civilian wouldn't speak about such a topic with such detail. Though, it wasn't like he was trying to hide the fact that he was a shinobi. So, even if the teenager figured it out, he didn't care much at all.

"Cautious. Good.", he mused, him acknowledging of knowing the person the teenager were looking for, and not being forthcoming with information regarding the man, having the desired effect. Any person looking for information had the right to be cautious of a stranger who just happens to know about what they seek. It could mean they were working for the individual(s) in some capacity, or they could be seeking them out for their own reasons. But, one should never be too safe when dealing with a willing source.

"So, that what it is. ", he mused, listening to the teenager speak about why he was searching for Atsuchi Daiki, and seemingly ignored how the teenager's hand disappeared into a side pouch. "I'm not going to get in your way of doing what is needed. The guy is a real piece of work and deserves whatever hell is waiting for him. I personally don't like him either, though my reason is different from yours ", he spoke, trying to calm the teenager, and revealing his own distaste for the man the teenager was looking for. There wasn't any need for violence at the given time. For a moment the only noise was the people mingling around them, as the medic debating on telling the young man something. It wouldn't be long before he made up his mind, "You was one of his toys, correct? Don't act surprise. There is only one type of people who would look for Atsuchi Daiki; those who are looking for revenge either for themselves or a someone close to them. And, you just told me which one you were. "

He could appreciate the boy's determination to bring this man to his own form of justice. It didn't matter that the boy wanted to murder the man, the medic's opinion on that had already been made known. "Now why would he do that?", he asked, referring to Daiki leaving a slip of paper with Iwagakure's symbol on it. What was the man thinking when he did that? Is he trying to get taught? Was it a taunt of some kind? And if the former, who exactly is the taunt aimed at? "Is this the first time he ever did something like that?"

With him not forthcoming with information. The medic wouldn't be surprised if the teenager didn't answer his questions.


Otter Aiden


The man seemingly had spoken from Aiden's viewpoint on humanity's inability to help one another, though he had answered with both a yes and a no, instructing him that, no matter where he goes there will be people that do nothing for their fellow man, though he would also find people willing to step in and offer this services. He should remember those people and be thankful for them, because they may be useful in the future. That was a cold way to see things, where instead of being thankful for the sake of a bond this stranger is advising him to be thankful based on future use. It was certainly something he wished to look deeper into on his own time, after this was over and he can be satisfied. He can see how while someone is useful now, they can also be useless down the road for him, though to only be thankful for those that could be useful in the future seems like a cold way of saying to keep others close for the sake of advantage, and he wasn't sure if he was truly comfortable with that at the moment.

Having had calmed down somewhat, Aiden would listen as the man continued telling him that people might expect something if he keeps looking over his shoulder. He should try to flow with the crown and make himself as less conspicuous as possible, and that if he were a tourist he should show interest in the vendors, making small talk with the ones he was interested in and then ask them about the man he was searching for. It was an important lesson for gathering information in a crowded place, since one can't be too forceful due to the fact that one doesn't know who is watching. He was more open to this instruction than the previous one, as he had seen it first-hand, and the fact that this stranger was speaking to him now was a clear example of why he should be showing discretion. It was plainly obvious now that this person had some sort of experience as a shinobi, and was seemingly experienced at gathering intel as well. Knowing that helped the younger male's shoulders lower slightly, relaxing as his right hand had begun to leave the pouch.

He would be further reassured that the stranger wouldn't get in his way of doing "what is needed", as the bastard deserves whatever hell is waiting for him. He would further explain how he personally didn't like him either, though for different reasons than his own. Before he could gather up the balls to ask for the man's own intentions with his old master, he would wince at the stranger's flatout asking about if he were one of his toys, before further telling him to not act surprised, since there is only one type of person to look for him, and they were those that looked for revenge, either for themselves or for someone close to them, and Aiden had just revealed which he was. "Since you mentioned those looking to avenge someone else, I'm going out on a limb and saying that you're one of those, then. I don't see why else you would say it." He would respond just as bluntly, though his being more of an assumption than anything else. Honestly though, considering how the man somewhat knew of his master and had spoken about him win a clear distaste, it seemed plausible enough that he was the type looking to be on the hunt as well.

He also thought about the reasoning why Atsuchi would leave behind the slip of paper, and he also tried to think about it there were any other occasions when he was sloppy. He would try to look into his past, to pull at the images within his memories and see if there were any other occasion where the man had made such a mistake, though only receiving mental images of nonsense in return, images of that cages, of the darkness, of eating off the floor and of the beatings he underwent. He would close his eyes, rapidly shaking his head, trying to wish away those memories, until he remembered one final one. "Only once before did he mess up like that from what I want to remember, and it was how I got out originally. He's careful. It was probably one of his men that messed up this time around. I found it in an empty crate at a closed down business in Sunagakure. I think it was left there so they know where to move his stuff when he left."

"Also, who are you, exactly? You definitely don't seem like a standard shinobi, at least not with that fancy coat. What else do you know about my mast- Atsuchi, anyways? I can tell you don't like him, but what did he do to you?" He would ask of the stranger. He was genuinely curious about learning more about the man. Anything that can be given could help, and if this person had a reason to hunt him down, then that could only mean Ai had a possible ally to help.

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It's good seeing his advice not being completely dismissed by the young man. To often, has he seen the younger generation ignore sound advice from someone older, or who held a weft of experience, only for it to come and haunt them later. Their own arrogance built on their foolish belief that they have experience enough of the world to ignore advice from others who are older and wiser. Of course, like everything in life, there are exceptions to the rule, there are some people who unfortunately has experience more than necessary should have at their age. Having to grow up in an environment that they shouldn't, and learn the world quickly or be swallowed by it. But, surviving and thriving in an unfavorable situation meant little to the medic-nin. For, some of the most arrogant youngsters, he has met, are those who survived such situations. Many of them falling in a similar path as those they escaped from or surpass during their climb.

From the conversation so far, the medic-nin immediately pinned the young man as someone without arrogance, or at the very least he was hiding it very well. The unique individual having not once questioning nor opening dismissed the advice given to him by this stranger. Whatever the boy decides to do with it is up to him: the message has been delivered now it's up to him what happens to it.

"You are catching on.", he silently mused, the question was thrown at him inquiring if he were also after Atsushi Daiki for revenge. It had been years since he had ever thought about that man. While one of the few who managed to not meet their end by him, the medic, at the time, were going after others who posed a more immediate concern for the well-being of his family. If completely honest, he had all but forgotten Daiki existed, the man hasn't visited his sisters for some time now. Even if he tried to visit recently, his grandmother wouldn't hesitate in mentioning this to him. His family wholes a disdain for the man with reasons being deeper than what were about to be said, "No, but if I manage to run into him? Then there wouldn't be enough left of him to fit in a matchbox.", he spoke casually, his words not betraying anything, speaking of killing as if he were talking about the weather. "Daiki has a bad habit of roughening up toys not belonging to him. Some of those so-called toys was a couple of my sisters on various occasions. And, I tend to don't like people who do that. As for why I'm not chasing after him? There are other more important people I'm after. But, like I said, if I run into him, he is dead. Although now knowing someone else is after him, I will just leave him cripple and easier to find for any who wants revenge."

The medic-nin knew if it really came down to it, he wouldn't leave the man alive. No matter if someone else was looking for said person, he would still kill the man and tear down everything he had built. For there isn't a place in this world for people like him.

Walking down the still bustling streets of the market district. A silence descended upon the pair, the medic-nin letting the teenager gather his thoughts about the question proposed to him. He, himself, didn't know much regarding Daiki's behavior or habits. With him having to deal with other more pressing concerns, worse people than Mr. Atsuchi, finding out information about the man was a non-pressing matter. "So, you are either from Sunagakure no Sato or stopped there along your way here.", he mused, filing the piece of information away, and focusing on the pressing issue at hand. But, before he could comment on what were spoken, the teenager finally ask who he was. "The Elemental Nations know me as Iwagakure's Pestilence, Guanyin Nanashi.", left unsaid were him being a former Tsuchikage, and being considered one of the greater medics of this era with only two others potentially surpassing him. "As I said before, I don't like your former master because he roughed up my sisters. Not only that, I simply dislike people like him, " he spoke casually. Looking at the teenager from the corner of his eye, Nanashi asked, "So, now you know who I am, who are you?"


Otter Aiden


Aiden would listen as he would be answered with a no, though if he did manage to run into him, there wouldn't be enough left to fit in a matchbox. He would further tell Aiden about how Daiki having a bad habit of roughing up "toys" that don't belong to him. 'Be happy they don't, the things the belong to him gets treated far worse..' he would think to himself. Of course, he didn't know to the extent of which these toys were roughed up, though considering they weren't the toys that he can keep hidden at all times, he assumed he couldn't go as far he most likely would have wanted. Still though, considering that those toys were a couple of the stranger's sisters on various occasions, he could clearly understand his desire to kill the man as well, though there are other more important people that he's after, but if he did run into him, he's dead. In some almost insulting manner he would mention that, now knowing someone else is after him, he will just leave him a cripple, easier for those wanting revenge.

"That's not going to work. I don't want him left a cripple or easier to find. I want this to be a hunt, and when he is found I want him to be able to defend himself, so he can know what it feels like to be torn and beaten until he's noth-" Looking around, he would take notice of one or two glances coming their way, causing him to cut himself off for a second or two. "I mean, I'd appreciate it if you wanted to help find him, but I don't want him to be accidentally found and injured before I can see it. It sounds selfish, but I spent my life with him since I was around three, I... I need this." He would respond in a more quiet tone of voice as he looked on, allowing a silence to descend upon them both as he would look on, a troubled look on his face as he would try to calm himself. If this person refused, it only meant that he would have to work harder to hunt Daiki down before he is "accidentally" stumbled upon. This was supposed to be his revenge, and he had it pictured in his mind completely, the many nightmares he had that kept him awake at night allowing him to think on it, to slowly gather up the balls to find him. He didn't want anyone ruining that for him, even accidentally. He wouldn't lash out at them, he thinks, but it would just take away the satisfaction of it.

Aiden would have no real reaction to the stranger's proclamation of what the nations know him as. Iwagakure's Pestilence, Guanyin Nanashi, either this guy has done something extremely nasty to the village, which seems unlikely, as he's strolling through it at this moment, or he has a knack for sicknesses, something that sounds extra painful to the wrong kind of person. Aiden himself didn't care much for titles or nicknames. Honestly, he probably wouldn't care much for names of it weren't for his own, and even after that gets corrected, he will be changing it. He never saw the real point in nicknaming people with titles like this. "The great", "the pestilence", a title does nothing but give someone a reputation, and a reputation only works on those that care enough at the moment to see it.

Being told once more about how he didn't like Aiden's former master, Nanashi would say again how he roughed up his sisters, not to mention he has a simple dislike for people like him. After that, he would ask in return for Aiden's identity. "Aiden, for now." He would respond as he would continue looking onwards, the troubled look disappearing from his face as he spoke. "I don't really have a fancy title like you, or even a last name, for that matter. I never really knew them. I knew my name before, but I'm keeping the perversion of a name he gave me, until I can give it back." Shrugging, he would avert his gaze to Nanashi, assuming that he already knew what both parts of the name meant and therefore not wishing to have to explain it out loud. "Maybe I could get myself a fancy nickname too, one day. I don't know how exactly that works, but eh, that's just something I can learn about after this is over. If I can become a Chuunin through squirting water in a place that has none, I can learn how to make a name for myself, maybe "Otter", because I have this stupid tail."

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If younger, he'd had no problem in allowing him to continue this quest for vengeance without assistance. There wasn't anything he could possible gain from the endeavor. An alliance? No, asides from being pawns, and forgettable sacrifices, he wouldn't have any use for damaged goods, as harsh as that sounded.If anything, he would've tipped off Atsushi's men, sending the boy to his untimely death without a thought. Because there's more to gain from allying with Atsushi Daiki. Any hostility he might have for Daiki would've been temporary pushed to the waist side, only to appear when the man's resources had been used all up. His deplorable actions overlooked for there were other people far more important than him that Nanashi was after during those times.

Yes, Otter should consider himself lucky for meeting the Sannin presently, and not in the past. Now, he didn't have much to gain from siding with Atsushi Daiki, everyone he was after didn't belong into any circles that the man had times too. Sure, he could use Daiki's resources to gain entry into the underworld, but being associated with the likes of him didn't sit well with Nanashi. Besides, siding with Daiki meant having to overlook his actions, something he couldn't do, especially now. Not when he plan on returning to the world to help those who have no one.

It's because of this, that he decided, upon finding out the boy's reasons, he would help, something expressed in his next words "I hope you know what you're doing. I don't need to tell you there is a chance that he could be preparing for your return; that he might know about the hatred and loathing you abhor for him. That he is betting on the fact you will seek him out for revenge. But, I see you care for none of that. Nothing will deny you the chance to return all the pain he caused to you back tenfold. Am I right?" For the past twenty minutes, their conversation had been going fairly well. Of course, there was some trust issue between the pair, both of them not trusting each other fully. The Sannin hiding stuff from the foreigner and vice-versa. He even doubted this conversation would've occurred if he didn't overhear Otter's conversation with the shopkeeper from either. It's because of a mutual dislike that the two were having a remotely civil conversation. They had found common ground with one another with them both targeting the same man for various reason. "I will help you find him. I won't get involved in killing him. He will be all yours.", maybe something more, a friendship perhaps, could now come from their official partnership. Even not, for better or worst, Aiden had unknowingly caught the attention of a Sannin.

"Nice to meet you, Otter.", formality would state upon greeting someone both recipients should shake hands, however, considering the pair were walking down the street, such a thing would be overlooked. He didn't feel slighted when Aiden didn't give a surname. Even if he had one, he doubts Daiki mentioned it. It's best not to give a toy any information that could lead them astray - at least that's what he has learned through conversation. "I will not call you by the name that man gave you, but the one you seem more partial to. Of course, that is if you want me to.", whatever the teenager felt comfort with is what Nanashi would call him.

He couldn't help to chuckle when Otter spoke about getting a fancy nickname, drawing the attention of some passersby who nodded"Having a fancy title isn't worthwhile. Shinobis should remain anonymous, a title does everything but that. However, no matter what name is given to you, it doesn't define who you are. Only you can do that. " With their destination nearing, he spoke once more, wanting to find more about the young man, but almost confirming his assumptions "After you become a Chuunin in Suna, what will your goals be?"


Otter Aiden


Frankly, Aiden was worried that Nanashi was going to try something there, whether it would be stopping him or just walking away in response to how he had just openly said "no, I want him alright when I find him", and even as the man spoke, expressing hope that the Otter male knows what he's doing and reminding him of a chance that he's preparing for his return and, having the knowledge of the hatred and loathing he felt towards him, there could be a chance that he's betting on Aiden's hunger for revenge and is preparing for that. Before he could response, Nanashi would go on to say that he sees Aiden cares for one of that, acknowledging that nothing will deny him the chance to return the pain he felt back tenfold, before asking if he's right. "Almost, he saw me as little more than an animal, tried to make me know about as much about stuff as one too. If he's preparing for me to come back, he's not expecting what's coming, at least not entirely. He could have spies for that kept him updated, but my recent advancements happened extremely recently, I don't think anyone keeping an eye on me wouldn't be able to report it to him fast enough, 'least not fast enough for him to prepare."

He would say this as a small smile crept onto his face. He must admit, he wanted his master to be fully up-to-date with how his little pet has been doing, he wants the cage to be there, he want people to be there, and he wants to tear it all down. To think that his little fuck-pet is carving the name he gave him into his chest, Aiden didn't really like violence all that much, but whenever he ended up thinking about when he'll find him, he can't help but think about what he's going to do. Not sadistically, of course, but in the way a parent would think when they're about to meet the killer of their child, with the child in this case being Otter's innocence. He could feel his brain pulse as he began zeroing in on those thoughts, the memories of his captivity beginning to swirl back into existence once more, the dull thumping slowly beginning to turn into a light headache, similar to the one he had earlier when he entered the bazaar, but it wouldn't be able to reach fruition this time.

Why wasn't it able to? Because Nanashi would speak up, immediately snapping him out of his thoughts, making him look over to the seemingly older male, listening to his decision with great interest. The pestilence would tell him that he will help him find him, that he won't get involved in killing him, and that he will be all his. The negative feelings in Aiden's heart begun backing away, instead a sense of happiness and satisfaction taking over at this, leading him to impulsively attempt a short-lived hug on the acquaintance before he would actually begin to compose himself once more, leaving a small, toothy smirk behind, revealing his left elongated canine as he begun to feel better about his chances in regards to finding Daiki. The smirk remained longer than expected, as he would be called "Otter", a nickname he previously had used as a joke, though as it was used, it felt pretty nice, almost like it sticks.

"I appreciate you doing that. I didn't place much importance on it at first, but now that it was used, it.. it has a nice ring to it, y'know?" He would say in response to the man's defiance to his original name, which only served to further please him. He would look on once more as he would be told about how having a title isn't worthwhile with a chuckle, going on to further explain that Shinobi should remain anonymous, and a title does everything but keep them anonymous. He would then say something insightful, at least insightful in Otter's intense blue eyes, where he had said that no matter what name is give, it won't define who he is, and that only he can do that. 'But why then does a name have power? Why do we name each other? Is it to keep everyone from realizing this?' He would muse to himself as his smirk finally disappeared, though he would still look on, pondering about this.

Being asked about what his goals are after he becomes a Chuunin in Sunagakure, Aiden would cross his arms, though his right hand would be placed on his chin, thumb positioned underneath it as he further tried to figure out what his goals truly would be. "Well, I'm already a Chuunin, but I didn't originally come from Suna, I just escaped there. Honestly, I don't know what I'm going to do next. I know part of it will include driving out anyone that's like my master, but the people of Sunagakure aren't exactly people I think I should be protecting. Honestly, I have no family, and I don't feel like I owe these people anything, so I don't know what I'm going to do. Finish learning how to read first for sure, probably try to find a new family, after that I don't know." He would say as he kept his position for a small while more before his hands would drop to their sides, with he himself looking at Nanashi once more. "Are there really any other options other than climbing ranks? I don't want to end up being a standard citizen of the village, but right now I don't feel much towards it either."

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Up to this point, Nanashi had gotten the gist of Otter's reasons for wanting to handle Daiki's execution. Like an ongoing puzzle, the further their conversation steer in the general direction of said man, the better the picture, of Otter's motivations and reasons, was formed. Having been treated like an animal, and possibly, denied the most basic human rights, Nanashi could sympathize. 

Not in the way one expect though, his empathy comes from living, thriving, and ultimately leaving, the world this teen had escaped from. It comes from seeing first hand how people like Daiki treated their possession, and others when theirs are not readily available or broken. It's from accidently stumbling over scenes of his sisters being sexually assaulted and abused, more so than allowed, by people who needed an outlet to vent their anger and frustration when their pet doesn't act right. An understanding because he had seen the effects of such a toxic relationship, the term being used loosely, can have on the victim. He had seen former friends turned slaves/toys commit suicide, the relief in their once broken eyes as they no longer had to deal with the harsh reality dealt with them. They rather welcome death than live another day. For many of them, there wasn't any bright future ahead, only more pain and suffering.

Glancing over at the young man speaking about Daiki's not fully expecting what truly was coming for him, Nanashi saw him as a lucky one. Sure, the young man might be slightly foolish in the belief Daiki couldn't possibly be prepared for his return, but at least he's living and thriving. From what he could tell, Otter had made a life for himself, something many who escaped similar situation couldn't safely say. Who cares if said life were built on the need for vengeance? In his eyes, it's better than the alternative. Yes, he preferred Otter to have a reason to live than having none, and simply going through the motions.

His earlier warning for earlier of the possibility that Daiki is prepared for his toy return left out a certain factor that will give Otter an advantage, "If he is preparing than it's only for you. He doesn't have any inclination that someone else will also be coming after him. You have an advantage in that regard. However, as a shinobi, one should always prepare for the worst so nothing can surprise them.", his latter words being spoken from experience during his time in Anbu, and where he could've died if he didn't prepare thoroughly enough.

Such morbid thoughts were pushed to the furthest corner of his mind as a small smile, mirroring Otter's, briefly showed. Taking a glance around, he noted with approval, many of the patrons weren't looking at the young teen in suspicion or as a freak. Instead, they acknowledged the odd pair and kept going about their day. The change of their demeanor could be contributed to many factors, but maybe, it had to do with the disappearance of an almost palpable aggravation and anger that had barely been containing by the man. Now though, it seemed like, him talking to this young teen has quelled those emotions for now.

Nanashi promptly ignored the surprised look of some patrons who bore witness to him returning Otter's hug. Mentally chuckling at what type of thoughts were going to the civilians' head seeing a prominent Iwagakure figure typically known for his coldness and indifference, unless when the occasion calls for something else, allowing a complete stranger to hug them. Surely, there will be some interest discussions and gossip in the following days from this. However, he couldn't bring himself to care.

"Yes, I do.", he spoke, momentarily thinking about his own name. Not the one known throughout the Elemental Nations, but his true birth name. The name that was given to him by his mother all those years ago. A name that he swore not to use till he felt like he deserved it. His musing was cut short with Otter mentioning not owing what else he wanted to do with his life.  The tidbit about him wanting to learn how to read wasn't surprising to him. If taken young enough, an owner will do their best to make sure their pet is illiterate in order to keep them from gaining a means to grow and possibly escape.

At the question directed to him, Nanashi glanced around first before looking at Otter, "There is always the option of defecting.", he paused to gauge the teen's reaction before continuing, "Typically, shinobis defect after committing some hideous crime. However, one can defect for a margin of different reasons. There are certain things a shinobi can't do because of the hurdles they much go through. Say, for example, you wanted to murder a crimelord. You can't do that unless approved by your kage and their advisor. They might not allow you to do this because it's not profitable for them. Our job is a business where money is king. Some shinobis don't like this, believing money shouldn't dictate who lives and dies, thus they defect."

By the time, he had finished speaking, they had made it a front of the Administration building. Before either could take a step in, an Iwa-nin flickered in existence a front of them. Immediately, Nanashi noted something were wrong. Said Iwa-nin clothing were torn, blood seeped through various wounds littering their body, and bruises were already formed on their tan skin. Before said Iwa-nin could crumble to the ground, Nanashi caught them, gently laying them down as other Iwa-nin showed up and surrounded them.

Before entering into blissful unconsciousness, the nameless shinobi spoke one word, loud enough for Otter to hear,  while looking at Nanashi that may or may not give Otter some insight into who exactly he was talking to

"Tsuchikage. . ."


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Otter Aiden


Aiden nodded in response to Nanashi's observation about Daiki, knowing full well that he has that advantage too now. How could he prepare for a second person coming after him? Unless he was watching them as they spoke this very moment and had some pretty powerful individuals under his employ, the Otter male doubted that Daiki was anymore knowledgeable than before. He would also hear Nanashi's warning though, telling him that one should always prepare for the worst so nothing can happen to surprise them. He was right in this regard as well. Perhaps after he spoke to Nanashi, he will prepare himself just in case. He was already sure the man would kill or save Ai if he's caught, so he wasn't worried much in that regard, but should here be more than one enemy around, he must prepare for the worst.

Seemingly looking around, the surrounding crowd was no longer actually giving the two odd looks, which was nice in itself. In a way, Otter did prefer it when he wasn't exactly being focused on like some freak, especially now when his thoughts were conflicted and his feelings ran rather wild. He can take the looks pretty well at any other time. Hell, he lived with some village pariahs and caused some trouble with one of them, but overall, right now, it was pretty nice and slightly comforting that he wasn't being looked at weirdly anymore, both for the reasons of insecurity and for the reasons of paranoia, of thinking someone is listening in on their conversation. Seemingly, some were surprised when he hugged Nanashi as well, and Nanashi had returned said hug, which had confused him greatly. Sure, Nanashi seemed serious and his title is "pestilence", but from what he can tell, the guy didn't have a stick up his ass or anything of the sort.

Seemingly looking around, almost as if checking if there were prying eyes or ears before sharing a secret, he would propose the idea of defecting. Otter in response would raise an eyebrow, wondering what he means. He hadn't heard of a shinobi defecting from a village before, but then again just months ago he hadn't heard of a lot of things, such as gangs, other shinobi villages, and the like.  Thankfully, almost as if he was sensing Otter's confusion, Nanashi had explained that Shinobis defect after committing a hideous crime, though one can defect for a variety of different reasons, including the fact that there are certain things a shinobi can't do thanks to the hurdles they must go through. An example of that would be if someone wanted to murder a crimelord, they wouldn't be able to do that unless given approval by the Kage and their advisor, whom of which may not let him do that because of it not being profitable.

He would drop a hard truth: their business is the type where money rules like a king, and it is because of that, because money dictates life and death, that they defect. Honestly, Otter must admit to considering defection himself after hearing that. He had killed before due to it being a mission, such as the two drug dealers and the bodyguard of theirs, but then again, it's not like they were innocent people, they were preying off of the weak, off of escapists, only for the sake of some money. Honestly, he had never killed an innocent for money before, and while he may have had certain.. urges, he still didn't like the thought that they're essentially hitmen. How long does he have before he is asked to kill some poor soul? Someone that so happened to step on the shoes of the wrong person, and that person had the money to propose an assassination of said guy. How long until Otter has to take away someone from their family and be denied the opportunity to take out someone that is a real danger to the community?

At this moment, they would both reach the administration building, where without a doubt the Tsuchikage Akira would be waiting. Before they can take a step in, however, a Shinobi would suddenly appear in front of them, dressed in torn, bloody clothing, covered with wounds and bruises, and as soon as they had appeared, this person with tan skin would crumble to the ground, only for Nanashi to catch them, gently laying them onto the ground as Aiden looked around, seeing that they were now surrounded by Shinobi. "I didn't do it." Otter would say as he pointed towards the seemingly badly injured Shinobi, whom of which would say the word "Tsuchikage" before passing out, or away, even. Looking at Nanashi, he would offer a confused expression. Nanashi wasn't the Tsuchikage, Akira was, wasn't he? How long has it been since the Chuunin had last visited Iwagakure?!

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