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Piero Chi

Piero Chi

With a long, drown out yawn, Piero got up. He looked out the window, watching the sun rise from the horizon. Another day another dollar. He tumbled over, rolling out of his bed and into the floor. He kicked up and stretched. He scratched his ass, getting ready for the daily of running a Doll/Action figure store. After taking a shower and eating breakfast, he flicked on the neon sign from, signifying the store is now officially opened. Eventually he'll have to get the place renovated, to fit the ew management as best as possible, but for the time being, it would remain the same as it always been.

He yawned and sat at the register. He yawned again, and kicked his feet up. At times, he forgets that he is still, technically a ninja. He should would require really train like everyone else. "I could probably an ass kicking ninja. But that would require me to apply myself, and I really don't want to." He looked at his book and started reading the ninth chsoter. She ran as fast as she could. But was it even enough? It probably wasn't. She knew she couldn't escape, so why the Hell was she running? She knew she was going to die either way. Piero grabbed some candy off the shelf. It was getting good. He munched on the fruity sweetness, read his heart out.

WC 349 Reaction time E3-D

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