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Clan Name: 奈良一族, Nara Ichizoku
Location: Konohagakure no Sato.
Specialization: Ninjutsu.
Elements: None.

Clan History: The Nara clan's history spans back to the time before the Shinobi states were formed. It was one of the strongest clans in the Fire Country, and was one of the first clans turned to by groups that couldn't afford the prestigious Uchiha or Senju clans. They would often work jobs together with members of the Akimichi, Yamanaka and Sarutobi clans, forming a profound bond between these groups. When the Senju clan began pushing to form the Shinobi state, the Nara clan was one of the first to fall in behind them, and their sister clans, the Akimichi, Yamanaka and Sarutobi, quickly followed suit. They aided the Senju clan in their battles against the Uchiha clan, and eventually the Uchiha were defeated, agreeing to join the union and form the first official Shinobi village: Konohagakure no Sato.

The Nara clan quickly took its place in the society as advisers and even medics, as not only were they naturally intellectually gifted, but they also oversaw a large strip of land known as the Nara Forests, where the clan let deer roam whose antlers could be used in a variety of medicines. As time passed and other Shinobi villages were formed around the world, the Nara clan stayed xenophobic to a degree, staying firmly loyal to the village they helped form. All this changed, however, during the fourth Shinobi World War, the war against the Ataksuki. Every able bodied member of the Nara were spread out across the various united Shinobi battalions, providing medical support as well as raw combat power.


  • Nara Shikaku
  • Nara Shikamaru
  • Nara Shikadai
  • Nara Shinako
  • Nara Bōei

Hiden Name: Shadow Manipulation (影曲げ, Kage Mage)

Hiden Description: Members of the Nara clan are known for a line of secret techniques stemming from the manipulation of one's shadow. By molding chakra with a larger amount of Yin than Yang, a Nara is able to allow a normally intangible absence of light to affect the physical world. In this sense, their shadow manipulation is a specific application of Yin Release.

While Nara shadow techniques must originate from their shadows, they are not forced to be bound to them. For example, the Nara can create solid shadow Shuriken, which would be created from and fired from their shadow; however, they are not forced to maintain a physical connection, and can be separated. Solid structures can be generated from the shadow, such as weapons or even defensive structures like walls. These objects become solid, and while other shadows can pass through them, as well as techniques that utilise light itself, they become solid for all other forms of matter, and typical object and/or jutsu interaction rules apply to them.

Solid objects made out of shadow, as well as attacks made out of shadow, are jet black and cannot be seen through. If the shadow of the Nara is still in contact with an object they have created out of shadow, they can use this object as though it were their own shadow. For example, a Nara can make a jutsu come out of a wall of shadow they formed instead of their own shadow, since their shadow is touching the wall. This does not apply to natural shadows, nor shadows made by other Nara.

A Nara can sense when other shadows are touching their own; while this is able to sense other people in direct light, it can also be used to scope out surroundings by detecting trees, buildings, or even caves. It is, however, comparatively useless in completely dark conditions, where people do not cast noticeable shadows. Any technique or ability that eliminates a ninja's shadow prevents them from being sensed by this ability. A Nara can tell when someone is hiding inside their own shadow using the Silhouette Technique, or any shadow in contact with their own.

All Nara trained in the family's hiden can freely manipulate and even expand their own shadow, the source from which all their techniques must originate. The most rudimentary of these applications is the Shadow Bending Technique (影曲げの術, Kagemage no Jutsu), which is among the most basic of basics, even simpler to a Nara than the Doppelganger Technique. By exerting tiny amounts of chakra while making the Rat hand seal, the Nara can control the shape and orientation of their own shadow.

The furthest distance (when stretched to a 2cm thickness) a Nara can extend their shadow is below. In addition, the speed at which their shadow moves is also listed, though this can be increased by using a jutsu. At B-rank or lower, it costs -5 every other post of use; at A-rank or higher, it costs 5 chakra each post.

D Rank/Genin: 5 metres [8 in shadow] | 2 m/s
C Rank/Chuunin: 10 metres [15 in shadow] | 4 m/s
B Rank/Special Jounin: 15 metres [20 in shadow] | 6 m/s
A Rank/Jounin: 20 metres [25 in shadow] | 8 m/s
S Rank: 25 metres [30 in shadow] | 10 m/s
SS Rank: 30 metres [40 in shadow] |15 m/s

These ranges are tied to the ground or vertical surfaces, and a Nara cannot make their shadow solid or remove it from the ground with this ability alone. See the Drawbacks section for the use of jutsu or items to lengthen your reach, both of the above ability and your jutsu; you can increase it by the same amount it would be shortened as detailed there, provided the light source is in the correct direction.

A Nara can use their Hiden shadow techniques of 2 ranks lower than their own ninja rank without requiring hand seals. (This also applies to the Shadow Bending ability listed above, but also at 2 ranks lower than one's ninja rank.)

The secrets to controlling other people using one's shadow have been lost; while the Shadow Binding techniques still exist, the Shadow Mimic and similar jutsu have been all but forgotten.


A Nara gains the Quick Learner SC without having to balance it with a negative.


  • Nara start with no elements. They learn their primary element as a Chūnin, and their secondary when they are a Jōnin. These elements are capped at SS and A-rank, respectively.

  • Shadow techniques, being only Yin-aligned, do not have any technical elemental strengths. However, large sources of light have the ability to distort shadows, as they do naturally. A D-rank flash bomb has the ability to do so, reducing the range by 5 meters; a B-rank or higher Fire or Lightning Release jutsu can also incur this, reducing the range by 1 rank (about 15m) if it is equal or higher in rank than the shadow technique. Likewise, a C-rank or higher technique that only produces light (like "Lightning Illusion: Flash Pillar") has the same effect as a B-rank jutsu that has a function that only produces light as a side effect.

    As would make sense, the light source needs to be placed or produced in opposition to the Shadow technique in order to reduce its range.


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