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1 Patrol [D-Rank Mission] on Sun Apr 09, 2017 6:06 pm



Mission Briefing:
Mission name: Patrol
Mission rank: D
Objective: Scout around the village
Location: Kirigakure
Reward: 80 Ryo
Mission description: Your job is to scout around the village to make sure the area is secure. Lately their has been some issues with people stealing and and causing problems around the village. If anyone starts any problems, report it to higher ranking shinobi.

Kirigakure no Sato, the place where it never stops raining, or so it would seem. The grey streets are drowned in the dull promise of a brighter future, cobblestone dripping with the heavenly sorrow of time and fatigue. It is common knowledge (or rather - basic history) that the world has already experienced its fair share of pain and decay, and the Village Hidden by Mist is no exception to that observation, having suffered through it all, through every bloody war and challenge that Fate itself has thrown at the locals. Not only did it survive though, Kiri even thrived in its own terms, at its own pace, somehow managing to outlive more than it could've possibly endured without collapsing, being forever marked by the mythical atmosphere of digested grief and melancholy, the lonesome feeling of sadness and pride; the dichotomy between the glorious heights and the ashy demise. And now the Central Hegemony stood right there, in all its moods, dressed in the colorless robes of sublimity, right there, before the scanning eyes of Hoshigaki Akimoto, a simple genin on patrol duty...


"Hm, how very odd. The reports say there have been some issues with people stealing and causing trouble around the village, yet I've been standing here all day without noticing a single act of bad will. Perhaps I'm doing something wrong? Perhaps they know a shinobi's gonna look into the source of the problem sooner or later? Well, that won't really teach them better..."

The boy jumped to the neighbouring rooftop and continued farther.

"Nothing here. And nothing there. The Siren's Den's out of the question - it may be a pimphole, but its proprietors use the swordsmen's authority to stay on the woody side of the boat. And the hospital's well-guarded. As for the cemetery...who even goes there?"

Akimoto let out a short sigh as he ceased his rush on a nearby dome. He believed this part of town to be fairly quiet so one could say that the assigned mission was done for good.

"Well, guess I should call it a day then. Everything's fine as long as..."
"...that doesn't happen. Hang in there, lady! Help is on the way!"


Two thugs have cornered a woman next to a canal which due to the downpour was brimming to the edge.
"Shut up, ma'am! Give us the bag and you can go, yeah?"
"Oh, enough of this! Yoshi, grab her already! We are wasting valuable time, maaan. We should be..."
"...going somewhere?", asked the creepy grin behind them.
"What the..."
A cold punch in the face knocked the first guy down, leaving a blue spot around his left eye.
"Listen carefully, trashbags! I've failed a couple of times just because I was reckless, but I don't really plan to change that trait anytime soon, about we have some fun? I kick your ass first, then I call the authorities as I'm supposed to - in exchange, you try your best not to bleed out until they come running. Deal?
"Who...who's that freak?!", yelled the second thief, shocked by Akimoto's horrible looks.
"What, haven't you faced a Hoshigaki before?", the genin smirked. "Well about we fix that right away..."


"You are in so much trouble, boy! Why didn't you come straight to us?" The stern man was being so adamant about the principles of duty that Akimoto had to swallow his ego and remain silent. "Don't you know the rules? Mission instructions have to be - strictly - followed, otherwise..."
"Sir, I've...found them like that, sir..."
"Did you now?"
"Yes, sir. And I'm sure the lady here can verify my version. She seems to be quite the potent fighter." The "hero" blessed his damsel in distress with such an edgy™ smile that he unconsciously crushed her every chance of having sweet dreams ever again. Regardless, the mid-aged woman, although shocked, quickly regained her composure and came to his defense.
"Well,'s true. He is saying the truth. I...fought them. And when he arrived, he was on patrol so...I asked him to call you. That's how it happened. That's all..."
" not that stupid, but since you dragged a supporter in this mess, I'll close my eyes just this once. But remember, kid, I'm keeping tabs on you...and this won't be our last meeting..."

WC: 756/600

Speed from E-0 to E-1: 75/75 words and 0 ryo
Reaction Time from E-0 to E-1: 75/75 words and 0 ryo

Remaining WC: 756 - 150 = 606/600

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