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1 Sunagakure no Sato Foreign Policy! on Tue Apr 11, 2017 2:54 am



As a major shinobi village, it is expected that people from all countries will visit Sunagakure, whether for political, or simply explorational reasons. To this degree, for the importance of keeping things under control, and ensuring the safety of all those within the village, and those outside that are simply visiting, policies are set in place. By setting these guidelines and rules in place before an incident occurs, it allows the avoidance of all out war over minor occurances at worst, or simply just reduces incident.

  • Wandering Shinobi that enter the village are treated as one of our own in terms of the law. This means that any crime against a Ronin that has done no wrong to the village is a crime against a Sand Shinobi, and will be treated as such.

  • Help is appreciated, no matter the form in which it comes. Shinobi not of the sand may take missions of C rank or lower without Kage permission. For the case of B rank and higher missions, foreigners need Kage permission as usual, and for A rank or higher, require a member of the sand to accompany them on the mission, to ensure they do not act against the village on such a crucial task. If the Kage is inactive, Kage permission is not required for taking B rank or higher missions.

  • Sunagakure is not a place for violence among villages. If two shinobi who are not of the sand are in a fight, or causing a commotion, both guilty parties will be taken into custody for discussing where to go. Depending on the severity, it will be dealt with accordingly, however if it is a simple argument that causes a commotion, both parties will be let go, and asked to not cause further trouble.

  • Kaze no Kuni is a large place. Patrols of the ANBU are mainly focused on the village itself, and the notable locations surrounding it and near it. However, do not consider this to mean that acting against the village from outside is a good idea, for patrols are sent out for safety measures.

  • In the off chance that Sunagakure is involved in a war with another nation, or an equally dangerous force, the village will enter lockdown. During this period of time, security will increase, and missions will be restricted to only occur within the villages border - missions outside the village can be taken, but caution is advised. Furthermore, civillians and foreign ninja are asked to avoid causing conflict, or stress, and will be detained if this is done. The priority of the village in the instance of war is protection, not panic.


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