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1 Sunagakure Bingo Book on Tue Apr 11, 2017 3:49 am



Sunagakure no Sato Bingo Book!

SS Rank

S Rank

  • Kuroka, Gin: Wanted as an accomplice for murder and terrorism, for harboring a terrorist and known fugitive named Uzumaki, Trillby, corruption of office by conflict of interest, and desertion. Wanted dead or alive. - 3400 ryo

  • Itagaki, Tame: Wanted for the murder of the Hokage Uchiha, Tatsumaru, being a suspected murderer of Chikamatsu, Noboru, and the murder of the Raikage Misora, Reika. Wanted dead, alive is acceptable. - 3000 ryo

  • Imada, Seiryū: Wanted for abandoning Sunagakure while possessing important knowledge, believed to have been a potential Kazekage candidate, suspect of murder of several businessmen in Sunagakure. Wanted dead or alive. - 2700 ryo

A Rank

  • Akako, Daisuke: Wanted for the elimination of the Carlozo clan in Kumogakure no Sato, suspected that he may pose a threat to Sunagakure. Wanted dead or alive, alive is preferable. - 1400 ryo

  • Uchiha, Syekren:
    Wanted for abandoning Sunagakure without official notice while holding Sunagakure ANBU intelligence. Wanted alive - 1400 ryo

B Rank

C Rank

  • Aburame, Mure: Wanted for murdering of citizens of the Land of Wind, as well as destruction of property. Wanted dead or alive, dead is preferable. - 600 ryo

D Rank


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