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1 Hoshigaki, Akimoto [Plot Tracker] on Tue Apr 11, 2017 2:36 pm



Chapter I: The swordless brat

Hoshigaki Akimoto is a troublesome young lad, his name spelling failure not due to incompetence, but rather through some issues of character. While waiting for the event that would hopefully change his life for the better - that is, the crafting of Aratarema, - the genin tries to stay in line and serve Kiri to the extend of his impulses.

The clan ritual is underway and soon Akimoto will receive his living sword. Having failed almost every mission so far (thanks to being rash and quick to anger), the boy's been rotting in the Siren's Den, slowly drinking his boredom into oblivion...

The young member of the Hoshigaki clan has been sent on a mission after quite the wait - to patrol the village. This may be his long-awaited chance to finally do things as prescribed, and the task is quite simple too - he should register some issues, leaving the rest to the authorities. No place for improvisation, right?

The ambiguous success of his last mission may be the reason for this sudden change of village priorities. Having a ridiculous errand to run, Akimoto feels underestimated, yet he knows that a shinobi's gotta do what a shinobi's gotta do...even if there is a disturbing plot twist at the end of the line.

The ritual is finally complete and Akimoto's about to meet a close friend with whom he'll share his struggles from now on. Oh, there's also an ANBU.

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Chapter II: A new perspective

After months of intense training and spiritual bonding with his new tool, Akimoto feels ready to engage in the village's life as a constructive part of society. Sword in hand, he is even eager to look at the world through different lens, the only problem of that being the boy's actual nature...


Mission count: [D-2], [C-0], [B-0], [A-0], [S-0]

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