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The early part of the day is terrible. If you claim it isn't, you're either lying or simply insane. It is awful to -anyone-, but Umeko? This Ouroboro hates it more than anything. She doesn't find herself speaking to anyone about just how much she despises it, but if she did? She would probably sound as insane as a person who claims to love mornings. 

No one would expect someone like Umeko to dislike something so much, after all, this is something that cannot be changed, right?
Yet, in a silly, stubborn way, it didn't matter to the teen. Her mind is simply incapable of accepting the simple fact that she would have to live with unpleasant mornings for the rest of her lives.
She hates the singing of the birds, how joyful those pesky creatures sound. Oh, and the sun's warm light after a cold night? While many others feel like they need to thank the sun, Umeko follows an urge to curse it. At least dressing up isn't so awful. The youngster likes that part of her mornings- and that part only. That part means she's almost good to go- practically ready to start her day and be done with her morning!
Not completely, but, almost.

The forest of her jet-black colored hair was today entirely loose - not tied by a single pin, or a hair tie. The youngster was wearing a dark-blue colored shirt, and in addition to it, the majority of her legs were hidden by a greyish pair of shorts. Her headband was tied to her head, a few inches above her forehead; being worn as if it was a bow.
This day was not supposed to be special, Umeko knew that much from the night before. She didn't think of anything appropriate she could do, and special usually meant training until the night. It just didn't feel right today. She didn't forget why, but she didn't want to accept it - all kids knew this method. Some adults follow it, too. If you don't acknowledge something, it doesn't feel as 'real'.
That's one way to describe repression.

Today needed to be a day where Umeko doesn't do anything, a day where she can keep her lips sealed and simply dabble with the ocean of her thoughts to the fullest. Just one day in a year. It can't do harm-- even if it doesn't do any good.
There's a deep sudden inhale being taken by the teen as she walks, one of the thoughts that stirred in her mind hit a nerve... No, not a nerve. A soft spot. And just like magic, it triggers a domino effect that takes over Umeko's mind completely, filling it with old memories of her dead mother - the only parent she ever had.
Her sapphire-colored eyes were now a tad more wet than before, but not a single tear dared escaping. Umeko only needed another moment to regain her composure, and from there, she knew where she was headed next. It was a short distance from where Umeko currently stood, but, it still took plenty of time. Perhaps because she wasn't focused in walking  - and her mind wasn't entirely free just yet? 

When she arrives, a lone tall tree waits for her at the top of a grassy hill. This place meant a lot more than her house-- her mother lived there with her, but it was filled mostly with sad memories. This place was Umeko's only happy place. A place she could go to when she was sad, lonely-- or even just bored.
Some people think their loved ones continue to live in their hearts, or that they follow their families, and watch them from 'afar'. Well, if there was a place Umeko should look for her mother, this was probably it. The sweet memories of a young child playing with their parent in a sunny area - when there are no worries in the world, those are the purest of memories, not only the happiest. It's what makes this place special.

The reminder isn't enough, but it has to be sufficient - because there is nothing else, after all. The teenager decides to climb the hill, and take a seat beside the tree, where she recalled a time she sat beside it.“I wonder how it feels,” a soft, low tone was used as Umeko spoke. “I am not eager to learn or anything, mom, but I wish I knew if you're doing well,” The girl explained with a weary sigh. Umeko then laid her back against the grass patch, fully allowing her focus to shift to the skies, as her eyes gazed upwards at them. They were clear today - like most days, but their color... It reminded her of her mother's eyes. They were almost as beautiful.

The girl laid there, and then sat again - and at some point she even climbed the tree only so she could sit on one of its branches, something she never could do when she was younger. Time passed rather fast for her, considering she wasn't doing anything. It was almost sunset before Umeko could have even noticed, the skies became darker - and people were pacing towards their houses, she assumed.
She felt tired, most likely because of how much she isn't used to laying around doing nothing; yet she didn't move.
The captiving sight of the sun slowly falling and disappearing was like a show to her eyes, something that was just enough to cause her to stare as it happened. It was soothing, akin to words of a loving parent who's comforting their sad child. 

“It's been one year already, huh?” her tone almost sounded like she forgot about it, but, she obviously didn't. Umeko knew that this day was special because it's been a year since her mother passed - yet believing it felt like a task she's still incapable of doing, not fully, at least. Repression is a great way to deal with grief, some would say.
And Umeko is just another one of them.

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Wordcount: 1042

Speed from E0 ~> D0 (750 Words).
Perception from E0 ~> E2 (225 Words).

Words unused: 67.


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