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1 Finding a meal. [Private][No Kill][Nanashi] on Tue Apr 11, 2017 6:26 pm



Iwagakure no Sato.

The village was a strange place. The air was crisp and the wind blew hard, sending a chill through her body. It was unnatural to her, it almost felt like she didn't belong. As she walked through the streets of the village, she wondered how she came to be there. She had only one goal in her mind, and that was to find the last bit of hope she had. That was the stranger. Only a few weeks ago, she was in the Hi no Kuni, wandering between the minor villages finding shelter where she could. Food was a different story. There was more to feeding yourself than finding a leaky roof to hide under. Most merchants refused her, not knowing the situation she was in and only thinking she was another street urchin. The only real thing she had to bargain with was her mother's sword, which she had no intentions to let go of. After finding nothing in Hi no Kuni and not having a hint of where she was in the world, she started to follow merchants and their carts, hoping that they lead her to a better place.  

And after days of being a follower, she arrived in the mountainous village. She wasn't used to places like this. Her natural habitat involved flat grasslands with huts made out of wood and straw, with the air hot and humid. Now, she was surrounded by countless buildings made from stone, some seeming like they were once solid boulders that had their insides carved out. However, with no food or shelter, her situation wasn't any better than it was before. With no place to go and nothing to really do, she simply made her through the crowds and explored her new surroundings, looking for something that might help her.

Suddenly, her surroundings changed. It was like she walked into a whole other world. The crowd grew denser, the senseless muttering grew loud, and several signs adorned the sides of buildings, signifying countless shops. The aroma that hit her was surreal, it was like meat, burning coals, flowers, and many other things blended into one. During her travels, she's never ventured anywhere that compared to where she was now. Whatever this place was called was a mystery to her, but from what she could tell, it was filled with trade of all types.

As she surveyed the area, a particular scent suddenly hit her, one that she could easily pick out from others. It smelled familiar, like something she hasn't had in a long time. The hunger that's been building up in her suddenly let loose, letting her urges follow her nose. After pushing her way through the dense crowd, she arrived at a dumpling stand manned by a grumpy looking old man. She slowly peered over the counter like a child in a candy store. She eyed the skewered dumplings with desperate eyes, letting out a simple phrase. "Can I have one? Please?" The old man instantly looked towards her with his  judgmental eyes, as if he were scanning her for information. "Sorry, kid, we don't serve peasants like you here. Go try and beg somewhere else." The old man's response caught immediately caught her off guard. She didn't expect a response like that, she wasn't a peasant. No one knew the story about how she came to be what she was now. No one ever cared, they all treated her as if she was below them. Despite that, did she really expect to be handed food for free? No, she didn't. "But... I'm not a peasant" Her voice was growing weak and desperate, like she was wishing for change. "Really? You're telling me you're not a peasant? Look at yourself once and awhile. Now get out of here, I have other customers. Weth that, Ume looked herself over, and what the old man said was true. Her black kimono was covered in dirt, and was starting to fall apart. Her white sash and socked were stained with dust, and her hair was a greasy mess. Even her mother's once beautiful katana started to lose its glamour. She looked pathetic. She took a wobbly step back and stood out of the way, looking as if she'd been beat into the ground. The hope she once had was gone, and she was defeated. She kept standing there, wishing for the pain she knew so well to finally go away.




"Sir, am I reading this right?", Aoi questioned with uncertainty, light brown eyes widening further and further as the diagnostic of her superior came through. Even though she knew that there wasn't any natural way for the body to fool a medical scan of this power and precision, she still couldn't believe the results being laid out in front of her. How could this be!? It shouldn't be possible! The amount of pain he must be feeling should inconceivable; he shouldn't be able to function correctly due to the searing pain. And yet, as the medical scan slowly came to an end, the dwindle wisp of chakra dispersing into the air, here he was sitting up on the table, seemingly perfectly fine, without any sign of pain. Hands falling back to her waist-side, she turned her attention, hoping her question would be answered.

Touching the cooling floor with his bare feet, socks, and shoes having been removed prior the examination, Nanashi walked across the spacious room where his article of clothing resided. A silence descended upon the room, beeping of a monitor being the only thing keeping it being complete silence. Putting own his sock and shoes, his thoughts were muddled with the information brought from the scan. His system was slowly being damaged by an invader he willingly allowed to come in. While nothing brought up in the scan was knew, it still highlighted the effects the invaders were having on him. Now half dress, the only thing missing being his black buttoned-up shirt, his attention turned towards Aoi, the woman having busied herself while waiting for an answer. "Yes, that scan was correct.", seeing her starting to worry and protest, Nanashi continued, "Do not worry. I am fine. I already knew about what's happening to my body.".

"But, sir. . .", she hesitated her words forgotten as she took note of the barely noticeable petrified flesh, blackish in coloration, below his right rib cage, that was quickly hidden by the shirt he put on. Oh, how she wanted to express her concerns for her superior, no, her comrade. Yet, she knew, just like many others who had the pleasure of working with him, that their superior, when it comes to certain topics, spoke only the necessary amount. If he didn't add anything else to the conversation than there wasn't anything to add - for all tense and purposes the conversation was through. "I understand.", it's that why she didn't push the envelope when it came to his help, if needed, he will come to them. Gather a couple of documents in hand, Aoi handed them to Nanashi before bidding her superior a fair well, leaving him alone in the office.

Staring at the documents containing information regarding his condition, he didn't hesitate in setting them ablaze; a quick, control, flash of Katon incinerating till nothing but ash were left behind. Briefly staring as the ash fluttered to the ground before leaving the room, and hospital's ground entirely.

Stepping outside, the cool breeze sweeping through the village were welcomed by the silver-haired male who thoughts drifted on what he'll do with his day off. Well, technically, because of the position held, he never truly has time off, for he is liable to be called in at the moment notice: such is the life of a medic. Pushing the thoughts aside, he began his trek through the village, disappearing amongst the crowds,  with a destination in mind.

Entering into the location where his destination was, the sights, sounds, and smells bombard him all at once. Food vendors of all shapes and sizes aligned both sides of the street filling the atmosphere with a slew of mouth-watering aromas. From as far as the eye can see, people mingled about with one another, conversing and gossiping about a variety of topics. A massive crowd of people, something he didn't find surprising considering the area the area in question.

Making his way through the throes of people, he found himself in a line front of a well-known dumpling stand - taking noticed of a young girl who was walking up the corner. Having seen better days, the black kimono she wore was covered in dusty, and barely hanging on her small frame. What, at a point was possibly lustrous hair, were now dull and unhealthy looking. Even her white socks and sash lacked were stained with grime and dust. Watching at the timid child asked the owner for a dumpling, and being told peasants isn't served here, Nanashi had to hold back a snort at the owner's attitude. Having watched as the conversation indulged into the owner basically telling the girl to leave because of her looks, Nanashi decided to step in.

A large but comforting hand would stop the child from taking a wobbly step back, as Nanashi appeared beside her. Looking down at the child, he flashed her a warm, caring smile, something that is only truly seen when dealing with children, before turning his attention to the vendor owner, "I would like two dumpling. And I will be paying for whatever the child wants.", he spoke, his hand still being on the child beside him.




Five minutes. That how long it took the owner of the dumpling shop to make the tasty pastry which Guanyin Nanashi had a sudden craving for. While not an avid fan of the food, he does enjoy it on occasion, or whenever the urge for it strikes him. Unlike many who like more exotic flavors, he preferred a more bland dumpling without anything extra added to it. Traditionalist? Maybe. Weird? There's a small chance, however, he didn't entertain the thought for long. "Thank you", the words were spoken in a calm, crisp manner, hand reaching out to take the two treats his stomach desired.

Handling over the exact amount for the two items, Nanashi was about to walk away till he remembers the young girl from before. Looking to where she stood, "This should be enough to cover whatever she wants.", he spoke to the owner, handling him enough money to cover at least of six treats. With that done, the Sannin left, disappearing into the crowd, but not without wishing the child well.


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