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Mission name: Safety Inspections.
Mission rank: C-Rank.
Objective: Test some new gadgets for military research and development before they get mass produced for field testing.
Location: Konoha.
Reward: 200 Ryo.
Mission description: Research and development for the military has invented some things, and they're not sure whether or not they want to spend the time mass producing them for field testing. They want you to take an invention or two and test it for them yourself and report back with your findings.
Mission Details: You get one or two inventions, they'll often be crazy and impractical, but some are brilliant, test them and report your findings.

Missions are fun. They are better than a training session, because... Shinobi exist to serve their village, and the best way to do that is by completing missions - even if they're entirely boring.
They are also a great way to earn money, which is just another reason as to why Umeko enjoys them. Umeko prepared her clothes a night prior to the mission, she placed them atop of a counter that was positioned near her bed, and along with them were her shinobi accessories and weapons. The teen likes her mission mornings not messy- it's the only way she knows to ensure her mind won't be troubled before it's noon.
She never liked to give things too much attention, especially the likes of 'What do I want to wear today', or, 'Where did I put my headband'. Those were fine on usual mornings - but not mornings like this.
Children turn to shinobi before they stop being kids— they are simply not allowed to be kids on the military, which is why the Ouroboro cannot afford to be messy like a child when it comes to these occasions.

Skipping breakfast is another habit she's used to, not because the girl has anything against them in particular, they just have a bad effect over her stomach. On the other hand, a cup of tea is a great way to start a day - and skip breakfast without guilt, apparently.
It didn't take Umeko long to be prepared, and once she was sure she didn't forget anything - because hey, she has to double check, she was out of her house.
The youngster began with a leisure pace of walking, but it slowly picked up its speed. A white stick could be seen inbetween her lips, one that belonged to a strawberry taste lollipop. Umeko was never talkative— unless the girl had to give someone hell for a stupid word they said, she wouldn't simply start conversations randomly at the street, and a lollipop in her mouth was the closest thing to having something like, 'I don't want to talk' written on her forehead.

Time passes by fairly fast when you're focused on something other than how much time it's going to take you to arrive a place, and it only took Umeko... Two lollipops! Oh, and half an hour. She had three more lollipops - enough for the rest of the day, right?
When she arrived to the Military Research and Development facility, Umeko simply took the lollipop in her mouth and threw it aside— before anyone could see it, obviously.
The girl opened the door quickly, not caring about the chance someone or something could've been on the other side of it. Why would she?
Luckily for them, there was no one behind the door. The facility did look a bit... Off. It wasn't what Umeko expected, at least. It was messy, there were pages of paper everywhere - including the floor she had to step on. No one was even bothered by the fact she entered the place - that, or they were just very good at acting. Maybe they didn't even notice her?

“Hello? I am here for the mission,” the Ouroboro mouthed. The scroll detailing her task was waved, an attempt at stealing the workers' attention, “I am her—”
“They heard you, miss. They are just too busy with their work,” a person who was also too busy to take a look at Umeko replied, she took him as another rude person - but this was an official mission, and she had to be serious.

“..Right. Where are those gadgets I am supposed to test?” she inquired, and the man simply responded with pointing at the side, at two objects.
The first, weapon that looked similar to an axe was placed ontop of a desk, but Umeko even from afar noticed the chain connected to it. Weapons weren't even her profession! She only had the basic academy knowledge of them, which was not so comforting.
The second looked odd to her, she had to blink twice in order to be sure if that was the other gadget mentioned in her mission scroll. It was a really tiny metal ball, that had a handle sitting just beside it.

After pacing over there, and collecting the two gadgets, Umeko spoke once more. “I'll take them outside, then.” - No reply, again. The man was only 'kind' enough to make a gesture of shooing, one that made Umeko try her best to stick to her job. 
“Ungrateful stupid scientists,” she hissed under her breath, uncaring in regards of if he, or anyone else heard her or not.

First things first, the axe would be tested. While it looked like something she wouldn't be bothering to use, or know how to, it still had its mysterious attractive look. There wasn't really a guide - but there were many training puppets around, those she recalled from the academy. The axe, baring two heads, could've been thrown in different ways, she assumed. Most likely so people won't have to over-think it in the middle of a battle.
But a chain? Why would a chain be connected to it? And why did the chain had a handle Umeko could grab?— Oh. Now it makes sense.

A deep inhale was taken, and then the axe was thrown precisely at the dummy, striking it around the abdomen area. As it flew and moved through the air, Umeko swiftly had one of her hands grabbing at the handle - before it could fall to the ground, or worse, carry after the axe.
It had a limited range, obviously, so she had to be quick. The handle was grabbed only a moment after the axe hit the dummy, and now, Umeko had two choices. She could either theoretically try and carry her target towards her, or, she could use the handle to pull the axe back and launch another attack. Impressive. Not the kind of weapon a shinobi would want their enemy wielding. It had one major problem, though.
What happens if you can't catch the handle - that sounded scary. After a few more tries with it, Umeko put it aside, and began writing her notes in a new scroll she brought from her home. She described how it felt using it, what were its benefits from her perspective - and its major weakness.

This one seemed more simple. Just a small metal ball, and another handle that was separate from it. This handle was only a bit different than the double-headed axe's one, it had a button on the top of it.
Umeko threw it at another test dummy, and then, she gave the button a try. Tapping it would make the ball erupt and release a vast amount of smoke, and at the same time - while the dummy is hidden, chains would encircle it and entrap it.

This one looked better than the axe, for sure. No apparent weakness, aside from the fact it couldn't be used more than once, which was a only a tad disappointing. A few more words were jotted in the scroll, this time having not much to write, and then the gadgets - or a at least what was left from the last of them, (which was only the handle), were collected.
Umeko walked inside, not bothering to knock again - and unlike the first time, she didn't even speak now. The axe and the handle that was left from the tiny metal ball were put where she found them, along with the scroll she wrote in.

. . .

“You took the exploding net too?! What?! You were only supposed to take the axe!” - The man who was rude to Umeko earlier shouted, evidently upset.
Umeko had to resist every urge she had inside her body to snicker, or worse, smile at the man. “Maybe next time you'll have enough time to tell me that, right?” - is what she wanted to say, but instead, all she did was toss her mission scroll at him, hitting him in the face softly with it.
“Write it in the scroll next time. It said two gadgets, how was I supposed to know?” she accused, before simply taking her leave. The Ouroboro only paid him one last glance, so she could savor the taste of revenge; and the sight of his face reddening.

Only one hour passed since she came here, but Umeko was already on her way out. Either way, the girl felt proud of herself. This day didn't go to waste at all - she completed a C-rank mission all by herself! This had to be some kind of an achievement, right?

Even if it wasn't a big one, she decided to treat herself with another strawberry-taste lollipop, so the walk home wouldn't be too boring.

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