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Shikigami Clan UFg9ila

Shikigami Clan FAHfQ33
Clan Name: Shikigami
Location: Scattered
Specialization: Ninjutsu, Medical Ninjutsu
Elements: Doton, Fūton, Suiton, Kamiton (Paper Release)

Shikigami Clan HhU72Pp
Clan History: A Long time ago, there was a girl by the name of Konan who possessed the unique ability to mold you chakra into paper, and her power was so Immense she was seen as an angel to the people of Amegakure. However she was indeed only mortal, and feel to the hand of Madara Uchiha. It was after Lady Angel and Lord pain had fallen that Amegakure began to slowly fall apart. But It was these incidences that cause those who had been under the tutelage of Lady Angel to attempt to recreate her techniques, and power. One such student, who happened to be of the same bloodline as Lady Angel was able to do such a thing. However, in fear of what Amegakure may make of her, for her similar abilities to Konan, she fled.

This girl's name was Diana. Diana upon fleeing, and knowing her new found power wanted to do something great with it. She wanted to share it, and create more who could do the same thing. And so the Clan of Shikigami began, being named after the infamous technique by Lady Angel herself, as well as taking up the symbol of the lotus, the first thing the young girl was taught how to make out of origami.

Diana had many children, all whom she taught Origami, and the Style of Paper release, and how to control their blood given abilities. And this Tradition carried on through many generations, and although the clan was more of a nomadic tribe they managed to successfully continue the linage and legacy of Lady Angel
Members: Konan (Deceased)
Shikigami, Diana (Deceased)

Shikigami Clan Y4syLuV
Kekkei Genkai Name: Paper Release - Dance of the Shikigami
Kekkei Genkai Description: There are two main aspects of the Shikigami that are given by their blood. The first being their ability to release paper. The being that those who are gifted in the arts of medicine can change the make up of their body into paper. This latter technique is the hallmark of the clan, and What the clan is most known for.

Shikigami Clan ERA9SVAPaper Release: Kamiton: Paper release is the core part of the Shikigami clan. It is an Advanced Released comprised of Water, Earth, and Wind. And It does exactly as it sounds. It allows the user to create techniques that are made from paper. Kamiton recieves a -1 to Katon techniques, as well as any jutsu involving oil (For this to apply, the oil must make contact with the paper in question.)

All Members of the Shikigami clan start out with Suiton, Doton, and Fuuton (Not necessarily in that order), as well as Kamiton. Kamiton is the rank of the lowest ranking element. (Meaning if you have A-rank Suiton, B-rank, Doton, and C-rank Fuuton, Kamiton is C-rank)

The Dance of the Shikigami: Something all Medical members of the clan inheritant have access to and the ability to use is the dance of the shikigami. This ability lets them transform aspect of their body and reform it back into them self at will.

Using the dance of the Shikigami, Members of the clan by paying via chakra can at will convert portions of their body to paper, and revert it back whenever they see fit. Clan members can also use this paper in other jutsu and attacks before reverting it back into themselves. If doing so they receive a -5 deduction in cost, due to the fact that they don't require the same amount of chakra to form the technique as parts of it already exist. This benefit does not stack with it's self.

However this technique has it's limits. Clan members who are only so skilled in the arts of Paper release can only turn portions of their body into paper. Clan members require Ninjutsu, Medical Ninjutsu, and Kamiton of equal rank to the following, in order to transform that much or less of their body into Paper. Additionally, they restricted by the normal rank requirements in reguards to jutsu. (Meaning a Genin cannot use the B-rank version of this ability)
  • D-rank: Members can transform a single limb into paper
  • C-rank: Clan members can transform two limbs into paper, as well as a moderate portion of the joint connecting to those limbs (I.E. The waist, or a fair amount of the upper torso, but not all of it), as well as transform their head into paper.
  • B-rank: Members can transform half their body into paper
  • A-rank: Members can transform their whole body into paper
  • S-rank: At this rank members of the clan can transform their body at no chakra cost.

  • Clan Member's elements begin at D-rank.
  • When training Non-Kamiton Techniques, the user must train them as though they were a rank higher.
    For example if the clan member is training a C-rank technique, they must train it as though it were a B-rank technique, This aspect applies to using missions to train jutsu as well. (I.E. A B-rank mission must be used to train a C-rank Non-Kamiton Jutsu)
  • Clan Members can only train and use Non-Kamiton techniques that of equal rank to they are.
  • Clan Members cannot use the Dance of Shikigami if they have been hit by an Oil based attack, for the duration of the technique +2 posts, or until the user has been dosed with water to cleanse them of the oil.
  • Clan Members can never unlearn any of their elements.
  • Clan due to their reliance and ties to paper, recieve a -1 tier to both endurance and strength.

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Consider 紙遁, Shiton, as your romaji. That's just my nitpicking aesthetics, though, and not a formal suggestion.

Please use at least 500 words for your history, as we require a higher level of quality for Advanced Release applications.


I need an explanation; how do the elements you're putting together here make up Paper Release? I know Konan possessed these three natures according to the Databook, but I need an explanation as to why they work in sync to make this specific type of jutsu. This is also proving to us both that this is actually a Release, and/or whether it needs to be one.


What are the starting ranks for your elements?


For the Dance of the Shikigami, what other effects does transforming one's body into paper have? Do you gain the strengths and weaknesses of your paper ninjutsu? Are you able to hover as Konan was?

You mention paying chakra to do so, and even eliminating the cost at S-rank, but you do not actually state what that cost is.


For your oil drawback, it should be noted that normal water did not help Konan clean off from the oil. It was specifically the technique "Water Release: Wild Bubble Wave" that did so, having such a specific property.


I'm not sure why one would ever want to unlearn the elements that give them their Advanced Element. I don't count this as a drawback.


Other than that, I'd just like a bit more explanation on why your jutsu-based drawbacks are what they are. At the moment, they're just kind of...there.


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