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I've been gone for a long ass time, I do understand this and I'm sorry for all of those I put on hold. I'm in my last semester in college and trying to finish off strong. But I should be graduating in may so we're gonna be back with good shit gurantee when I do come back. I do miss you all! But for now I'm down for like small threads to be apart of just so people know I'm still alive and want to work on Kumo for the better!

So if you want to do a small social thread between now and when I make my official return in may, LET ME KNOW!

-From Sanosuke the GOAT of Saga :^)


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Welcome backs Raikage~


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You've been sorely missed. We look forward to your works in the future.

Expect a CIA-guy in Kumo when you return. We all gotta do what we can, after all.~


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Hope to see you back around soon!!


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5 Re: Activity Dip Explanation on Sun Apr 16, 2017 3:43 pm

Uchiha Teru


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Let's do a death battle between Kiri and Kumo when you are graduated!!!! :D


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Aye Goat of Saga I'm coming to dethrone you so hurry back now

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*hits Sano with the newspaper*

Hope everything went awesome with your graduation
Good to know you still alive


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