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1 Summoning Guidelines Questions & Concerns on Sun Apr 16, 2017 8:30 pm



Q: What happens to the rank of the contracts so I can get a higher rank summon?

A: There is no set rank of the contract but to get a higher summon is dependent on the ranks of Ninjutsu & Fuuinjutsu. If you have C-rank Ninjutsu & Fuuinjutsu, you can only get C-rank Summons. If you have S-rank Ninjutsu & Fuuinjutsu, you can get an S-rank summon.

Q: If you need to have A-rank Ninjutsu & Fuuinjutsu to be a contract holder, what about those who are lower rank who want to make their own contract?

A: Upon submitting a species contract to be moderated, you will automatically be made a contract holder for that species.

Q: Can contracts be individual animals? Or does it have to be species?

A: Contracts are by species. Example being wolf/lizard/spider/monkey.

Q: Do I need to buy a large scroll to be a contract holder? What about Orochimaru's tattoo or something similar?

A: Contract holders can be given a free generic contract scroll to carry around. Any variation of it such as Orochimaru's tattoo must be bought separately.

Q: Can I apply for a canon contract and their summons personally or clan?

A: Only the Sarutobi can get the Monkey contract. Hatake get the Ninken contract. Hoshigaki get Sharks. Kamizuru get Bees. Slugs, Snakes, Baku, Gedo Mazou, Crows, and Toads are locked currently and will be handled by Saga Administration.

Q: If a contract is locked but my character existed before these changes, what happens?

A: You will grandfather the changes and be allowed to be auto added to the contract library as a holder by reclaiming your contract in the summoning contract area. Old contracts are archived but still valid so no need for worry.

Q: If I have the summoning spec but dont have ninjutsu or fuuinjutsu, can I swap out specs to claim those necessary?

A: Yes the swap will be free of wc and ryo, simply head to the training section to swap it out.

~Saga Administration

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2 Re: Summoning Guidelines Questions & Concerns on Thu May 04, 2017 8:13 pm



So this has come up today. Is Summoning now a spec that can only be applied for after getting Fuuin and Ninjutsu, or just a special realm of jutsu like other dual types? [i.e. Nin-Taijutsu]


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Can I ask why lock so many animals? For example why not let the community just pick what they like like with sage mode. Why even attribute animals to clans?Sasuke and orochimaru were from different clans, naruto and jiraya, and sakura and tsunade were of different clans yet they still summoned those animals normally.


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Same question as Tsuneo. That's a lot of animals that are locked. Not only that, but what about someone who already has a pre-existing contract with one of those locked animals? My Uchiha, Yoichi, is currently contracted with Snakes. Am I supposed to retcon it so he no longer has those contracts? It was a plot point and is actually the primary fighting style he utilizes, so it majorly changes his character.


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@Harichimo: It'll simply be Ninjutsu/Fuuinjusu

@Nozomi: Your character grandfathers the changes therefore you still have rights to summoning, you just need to post on the character in the summoning contracts section to reclaim it so i can add ya to the library

@Tsueno: Canon contracts are locked because they are canon and therefore need for time and consideration instead of being handed out willy nilly. As for snakes, toads, slugs, those are not clan locked. Monkeys and ninken are because canon wise, it makes sense for the contract and practice to be handed down.

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