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Sanosuke walked along the steep inclining mountain trail of Kumogakure. The mountain trail would have led up towards the Tower of Heaven. The mountain trail seemed slightly steeper than usual in the morning for some reason. Sanosuke yawned, it was early in the morning and he really didn't feel like cleaning the kumogakure library. He's done it so many times that he felt as though he could memorize every single nook and cranny of the library from memory. Its no surprise because Sanosuke cleaned said "nook and cranny" before.

But hell he couldn't complain, it was easy ryo. He was the only active shinobi in Kumogakure because all his fellow kumo shinobi were at Konoha because of the chunin exams. The exams ended a while ago but many other shinobi were still shifting around Konoha doing other things. He even heard his old classmate Karōshi became the apprentice of the Kazekage in order to learn kenjutsu.

Bottom line was it was because of this short hand in kumo shinoni that almost every mission available was left to him and him alone until other shinobi came to the village. Sanosuke walked towards the library's closed solid oak door. He took a deep breath to calm himself down. Its okay man, you have to make money for training somehow. Sanosuke thought to himself to calm himself down. Sanosuke, once he was calmed down, pushed the door open and walked into the library.

The scent of juniper incense filled the library as Sanosuke walked inside the library room. The smell told him that old lady Aoi was once again stationed in the front desk of the library where she can see anyone entering the library and can greet them as she sees fit. Upon seeing Sanosuke, she let out a big smile and waved at the gening before returning to the book she was previously reading before she heard the door chimes alerting her of any new arrivals to her library.

Sanosuke knew where everything he needed to clean the library was located. It was now just a matter of how to get started, Sanosuke walked towards the back of the library in order to get supplies. He decided to start off small and work his way up. He pulled on violet latex gloves on his hands and got a cloth and cleaning solution spray. He walked out of the closet and towards the tables.

In Kumogakure's library, there are about 7 tables and 4 chairs for eah table. Sanosuke turned each chair upside down so he may be able to pull out the gum that was crustily stuck on the bottom of the chair. Some of the gum chipped off, but others were pulled along in a long stale string of bubble gum. Although the gum was likely to be ages old, he could still smell the stank of pepermint, mint and an assortment of other bubble gum flavors. Sanosuke placed all the gum in a small trash bag to hold it.

Sanosuke continues this process of gum removal until all the gum was scrapped off and removed from the chairs of the library and the tables. Once he was done, he got the dish rag and began wiping the tables down. First he would spray the tables with the disinfectant, then he would wipe it down with the towel to give the tables a good shine. Sanosuke then traveled to the back of the library once again to get a broom stick in order to finish sweeping up dirt from the library floor. He kept sweeping until all of the dirt and grime was collected. Once he was done, he put all of his supplies back in the supply closet.

Sanosuke walked towards the front desk and told Aoi he was finished. Aoi smiled at Sanosuke and gave the genin a cookie for a job well done, Sanosuke smiled at that and ate the cookie as he left the library


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