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Rokumaru wanted an easy mission, and he was going to get it today. When he had walked into the administration building to ask for a mission it was at the same time a hunched over old man arrived, his hand carved wooden cane poking the stone floor rhythmically as he walked slowly through the same building. He was the owner of a small-scale merchant company that dealt precious and life sustaining goods to the settlements that dotted the landscape around Suna; things like bottles of water as well as parts to repair wells and springs, fresh vegetables and grains to supplement the meat that most people hunted for their own. Common medicines like painkillers and antibiotics were hot sells as everyone had a use for them, from powerful shinobi to humble moisture farmers. The man made a rather tidy sum from the business he was in, only never really making a fortune due to only dealing with locals.

The old man often came to the Suna military for protection as Sand-nin, while a bit more expensive, were much more trustworthy than most bodyguards and mercenaries. If a merc ran off with a shipment of goods and sold them somewhere other than Suna, he was likely to get away with it. If a Suna-nin stole something, however, it would be easy to track who did it and hold that person accountable. The old man was likely spending a small amount compared to what he could have been losing to opportunistic ruffians, and was getting more capable protection at the same time. Any shrewd businessman could see the benefits of doing everything as official as possible.

As soon as a mission scroll was written up by a stern Chuunin it was in Rokumaru's hands, the boy offering to help the old man with making his deliveries and protecting him. If the old man was unimpressed he didn't show it; it was more than likely he had gotten less capable help than Roku in the past, or he wasn't expecting there to be much trouble. As the journey wouldn't take them further than a few miles from the walls of Suna there was little threat of more than snakes or the occasional wolf pack. Rokumaru had experience dealing with both in the past, although his strategy with wolves was to disorient them with a quick jutsu and make an escape, he felt capable of handling the mission that was assigned to him.

The old man made a quick introduction: his name was Ichirou, the same as Roku's oldest brother who lived a quiet life as a glass-smith, using his Sabaton to aid him in turning the ever present sand into beautiful pieces of pottery and jewelry. The old man was at the extremely old age of 85, almost unheard of in shinobi besides from the long living Uzumaki. Ichirou was surprisingly spry for his age, despite having a very deep slouch and needing a cane for balance, and as they left the admin building the old man politely asked Rokumaru questions about himself.

They spoke together as Ichirou led the way out of the village, Roku talking about his recent missions while the old man told of the lands he visited in the past. The old man was actually rather world-weary, which was why he rarely left Kaze no Kuni in his old age and just dealt him light business. Rokumaru had many questions to ask; he wanted to learn about how big the forests in Hi no Kuni were, and Ichirou told him they were practically endless. The boy asked about the landscape of Kumo, and the old man said it was so mountainous and elevated you could see the clouds below you as you climbed. Roku asked about the types of fish that swam through the waters of Kiri, and was rather frightened when the old man spoke of enormous sharks and just how unexplored the ocean was. The old man started to talk about Iwa, but when Roku made it clear he had no wish to learn about those cavemen Ichirou laughed and just shook his head.

They reached a cart outside the gates that was packed with boxes and strapped down under a tarp. There was a single animal Roku had never encountered before harnessed to the frond, a large beast that looked like a hairy cow. The old man said it was an ox, bred in Kumo to withstand the heat of the desert despite its thick fur. The old man climbed onto the cart and whipped the reins as Roku walked alongside, impressed by how strong the is was to carry all of that weight.

Roku's job was to keep an eye out for predators and other critters that could harm the ox, mostly seeing snakes that he peppered with shuriken if they didn't run away. The old man wasn't going to let the animal carcasses go to waste and made Roku collect them for their meat and skins. It was during this time that the two traded recipes that used the tough and tangy snake meat, Roku giving out his process and ingredients used to make the delicious and tender snake jerky while the old man gave him the recipe for a snake stew, seasoned with spices and vegetables served over bread. The two got along amicably, the old man happy the younger one was so willing to learn what he could from a man over half a century older than him.

They went from Suna to homestead to homestead, small village to small village, keeping on schedule as the old man traded individual boxes of goods for ryo as well as bartering for precious goods, often precious stones people found out in the desert and animal skins. Ichirou took orders in a large brown pocketbook, keeping track of all the requested items and naming a price based on how much trouble they were to procure. Each box had the previously requested supplies in them labeled neatly by name, medicine and food for a camel farm while having candies and toys for a couple who ran an orphanage out in the country.

It warmed Roku's heart to see commerce thriving in his village. After making deliveries well into the evening the two stopped for dinner using the meat from the snakes Roku killed, the old man showing off the stew that he gave Roku the recipe of, tender strips of meat with garlic and onion as well as herbs that gave the water a thick consistency. Wolfing down the food between them, Ichirou thanked the boy for his help and went on his way, Rokumaru heading back to the village to let his superiors know the mission was complete.

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