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1 Flower delivery [D-Rank Mission] on Tue Apr 18, 2017 10:48 pm



Mission Briefing:

Mission name: Deliver the Flowers
Mission rank: D
Objective: Deliver flowers from the local shop to the Kiri villagers who ordered them.
Location: Kirigakure
Reward: 60 Ryo
Mission description: Someone has placed an order for a large bouquet of flowers. It's your job to do the delivery.
Mission details: The person has sent in a letter containing their order and their location within Kiri, but it isn't an exact address and is in fact very vague. The only useful information on the letter aside from the order is their name, so it will be a bit of a challenge to find them.

"Out of the billion things they can make me do as a shinobi, they decide to utilize my talent by reducing me to a simple delivery boy?!", Akimoto gasped in terror, clutching the note in his fist. "But that's just unacceptable! What have I done to really deserve this?"
It was a casual rainy afternoon in the Village Hidden by Mist. Dull clouds covered the scene, dripping from the heavens like tears of maddened sages with drivel soaked beards. Most of the buildings were closed and even the Mizukage office worked half-time.
"The others are calling it a day and yet I am to be a matchmaker? Come on! There's only one person who can think of such a disgrace and I'm sure he gladly took part in my public shaming. Why does he hate me so much? Why? And who does he think he is anyway, promising to keep tabs on my work like that?! He probably...wait, am I being too paranoid all of a sudden? Perhaps that's exactly what he aims for - to make me overthink my life, force me to open in front of somebody, let my guard down, become vulnerable...yes, yes, well, no, not on my watch, no...but yes!"
The genin cackled hellishly, scaring the crap out of the flower salesman who's patiently been waiting to take the boy's order through this entire monologue, inner or not.
"Ok, then. We'll have it your way. I'll transport the product and...what was that? Ah, yes, mister, you should've kept some flora in here...a large batch, if I am correct? Yes, a bouquet of...what?! It's that big?!


Twenty minutes later Akimoto was jumping from rooftop to rooftop, searching for the right address. He was holding an unbelievably large nosegay with both hands, almost hugging it tightly, desperately trying to navigate the place. A plethora of endless, colorful ribbons was chaotically attached to this unnecessarily imposing display of romantic affection, turning even the simplest of steps into a really complicated matter. "And to make things worse", thought the ninja, "this crazy fellow didn't even leave a proper house address or apartment number. How am I supposed to know where this Oshi something lives? Is it a he or a she? Is it a real name? Perhaps a pseudonim to mask the identity of a prosperious lord? Or just a mask to...SNAP!
A careless spin lead to a mishap that plunged the imaginative teenager into the gushing river below the living quarters. And since fate had a good sense of humor that day, the stream was particularly overwhelming - enough to take the sharky by surprise and completely envelop him in its murky embrace.


Gills twitching. Wet trail drawing a shaky route on the pavement. People turning and pointing, some of them barely holding a laughter.
"The flowers are ruined. They smell of slob and regret. And I...I reek of defeat."
"Excuse me! Can I help you with something, mister?"
"Get lost."
Akimoto was in the worst possible mood imaginable. He was walking down the street with a grimace of utter desperation, holding something that resembled a handful of grass. What's worse, he was covered in sticky mire and his hair was almost ruined by the accident.
"And I don't even know where to go. Based on the vague description on the card that I lost, it should be somewhere around the living quarters, but...I guess I'll have to check every flat and hope for the best. Oh, gods, please end my misery..."


Two hours later
Room 713

"Hel-lo...have you...ordered...some flowers, ma'am?"
Door closing.
A quiet sigh.
"Well, just one more..."
The boy knocked on the last door. And waited. And waited. And waited...
"Who is iiiit?", answered a genteel voice from the other side.
"Flower delivery."
The latch rang out, followed by the gliding sound of heavy metals. It was as if dozens of keys were being used to open the entrance to this home.
The genin stood there speechless, his eyes bulging out from the bizarre sight they were exposed to. A geezer, dressed as a toad-eating cougar in pink dress, was smiling in front of him, his shaggy hands making provocative gestures that signalized an underlined hunger for romance.
"I...think I've got the wrong number. Sorry!"
"Aren't you a Kirigakure no Sato ninja that was sent to deliver a large bouquet?", asked the weirdo, smiling weirdly.
"Y-yes...and I already don't like where this is going."
"Well then, well then! Come in! I've been waiting for you!"
"But...", the Hoshigaki representative panicked. "I ruined the flowers. See? Failed my mission! Now I have to report and get punished."
"Oh, don't worry about that, my friend! I don't like flowers anyway; ordered them just because I couldn't think of anything different. As for your are about to get some..."


Akimoto was hobbling slowly, applying a constant pressure to his shoulder with his left hand. His nose was bleeding and his cheek was swollen, but other than that, the shinobi was fine.
"Blasted pervert. Had to beat some sense into him. And here I thought that I'll avoid fighting for once. Unlike the thugs I previously encountered, pops was a beast. It never occurred to me how lucky I was that first time. Snap! Oh well, at least he won't fire a complaint...or else..."

WC: 931

Endurance from E-Rank to D-Rank (300 words)

931 - 300 = 631/600 => mission complete


Mission count: [D-2], [C-0], [B-0], [A-0], [S-0]

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