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1 Eyeballs at a Well [private/Teru] on Tue Apr 18, 2017 9:17 pm

Yuudai Uchiha


Yuudai would have returned to his trying to relax and power through his grieving process for his master. Without much to focus on anymore, he figured that a small exploration of the village would be useful for when he had fully returned to duty, which could prove to seemingly be soon enough. Honestly, after having helped Aura, he had remained within the village itself, not even seeing a point in going too far out from it again. It was just too much effort to return and, honestly, he already camped out in it and had been involved in enough to hold his curiosity over in that part of the land. Perhaps he could go to another island? He does have a boat now. It could prove useful if he wanted to see what exactly was on the other islands of the land, as he had only ever remained on the mainland. Yeah, it was certainly a possibility that he could do that and probably even end up finding something useful as well, like some ruins to explore or an item to examine and cool around with.

Nonetheless however, that would be for later. For now, he was in the near-swampy outskirts of the village, where one could clearly see a swamp around the area and the ever present mist would be slightly thicker and the trees more overgrown, and the reason why he was here? He hadn't a clue, this was all apart of his exploration, his taking in the sights of the village and getting a look of talked about places. Ironically enough one of these places would be something called the "forgotten well", a forgotten landmark that seemingly wasn't forgotten enough for people to talk about it on occasion, about how it looked like something out of the horror genre. Looking at it now, he could agree with those observations himself. It looked like a place where bodies would be dumped and, frankly, the fact there wasn't much more around it only made it seem all the more odd.

Approaching the well, he would withdraw his kunai as he examined the old stone that made it what it was, scraping away at the material that was wasting away with age, taking notice at how in some parts held fungi while others an apparent cocktail between weeds and mold, the sickly green color revealed as it was matted upon the edge of the weapon. He would make a sound of disgust, a "eugh" as he would scrap the contents against the overgrown grass, getting most of it off of his weapon. He would then examine the moldy rope itself, with such a thing making him wonder how it held anything up for this long. Honestly, this thing was a dump, a run down, semi-useless well, and as he looked at the rotted out bucket that would be attached to the rope, he wondered how it even carries water anymore. Of course, there was the dark abyss of a well itself, one of which he could not see the bottom of, almost appearing as though it was an endless pit, looking to swallow the clumsy and the unsuspecting.

With this, he would take a step away from the well itself, crossing his hands together, with the thick green cloth covering his forearms overlapping as he would shake his head a little in order to remove the red bangs that came from his black head of hair out of his eyes. His light frown and partially lidded black eyes explained a feeling of being unimpressed by what he is seeing, and it would be correct. There wasn't anything extraordinary about this well at all, not even a ghost or anything of the sort that would help retain the creepy atmosphere it gave off. All in all, this may have been a waste of a trip.

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2 Re: Eyeballs at a Well [private/Teru] on Wed Apr 19, 2017 8:03 pm

Uchiha Teru


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Rumors had floated about through the village. All of them seemed to revolve around the old, forgotten well outside the swamps. It was a curious subject that encouraged Teru Uchiha to investigate these rumors to see if they were true. If so, then it would certainly be quite the adventure. But, what exactly were these rumors that the youth of Kirigakure shared? Not just the youth did it, but even some of the older residents. Regardless of who said what, it was very interesting to hear about. They said that, just past the forested areas and swamps, an evil spirit lingered and haunted all of those who wandered near it. It was a creature known as a Yōkai, and it went by the name of Jaakuna Hinshu. Sinister Breed. There was not one person in the village who was able to describe its identity. Simply, they talked about the treacherous acts it committed towards those who peered within the well. With its hundreds of eyes, the creature ripped into the souls of unsuspecting individuals, absorbing every ounce of their life force. After it did that, apparently it dragged their lifeless bodies into the depths of the well to feast on their flesh. 

It was probably because of this rumor that only the daring ventured out to go and test their courage. That led to the well being regarded as forgotten, she assumed. She supposed that she too was one of those brave souls, having gone out to see what might be out there. Now walking along a muddy path, Teru wandered through the swampy lands with her arms folded across her chest. Crickets and birds were all that she could hear, other than the sound of her own footsteps as she walked through puddles. The fog was relatively thin during her exploration. That was good for what she planned on doing. It would be rather unfortunate if she was not able to see where she was going, or what was there around her. 

Further down the road she went, Teru finally made it to where the well was located. She expected it to be broken down or closed off by barriers, but that was not the case. It stood as any other well would. To her surprise, there was another person there, too. Through the mist, she could see that it was a young man, but he did not look like someone she had ever met before. His attention was not on Teru, but the well instead. Had he come to do an investigation on it? If not, then what business did he have in these parts? It was a curious thought, and one that she had to find out. Because he did not look so much like an enemy, Teru approached him with a more friendly air. Not yet would she grant him her name, for she needed to be certain of his intentions. Ah, perhaps she could start with the rumors that she had heard so much of. But no, that would likely be an awkward start. Somehow, she would get to the introductions. "Hello there," Teru started, closing in on the well and the young man until she was a couple meters away from them. "Are you here to investigate the well, too?"

Pausing a moment, Teru shifted her gaze from the well to the new face. She would not yet wait for him to respond to her. First, she would go on to elaborate on the entire investigation bit. "You know, they say that there is a monster that lurks around these parts," she went on to say. "I hope you haven't run into any trouble related to it. Well, if its even a real thing." Now, Teru quieted down to allow him a chance to speak. She was quite interested in becoming acquainted with this new fellow. If it even came down to it, she would even take on a brand new friendship. Only if he would second it with a mutual standing. Hopefully, getting to know more about who this person was and why they roamed around these parts would not take an unfortunate turn. If it were to, what a tragedy it would be for something that had not yet come to be. 

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