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And what did he find himself doing, but the most achingly inactive job the village had to offer him at the one visited the library on Thursdays. They made it a point at this institution to hold exams in the middle of the week, so no one even studied the day after; there was no need. Organizing the tomes and scrolls was no great task; he was lucky that his Wind jutsu could expel the dust as easily as it could. It was truly a dull day....

And thus did he took a scroll for himself, to read from while he 'did his job' of assisting all zero patrons. This one happened to come from a particularly old case....what could be inside?

"...And so we can glean that a city is a prime example of civilization, and each congregation of the general public is, on the whole set up for some benevolent reason. For a clear goodwill is the spring of every human activity; it is apparent this is the rule whereupon they are each established, and this is all the more particularly valid for that which has for its protest the most ideal, and is itself the most excellent, and fathoms all the rest. Presently this is known as a city, and the general public thereof a political society; for the individuals who imagine that the standards of a political, a royal, a family, and a sovereign government are the same have been duped, while they assume that each of these contrast in the numbers to whom their energy amplifies, yet not in their constitution: so that with them a preeminent government is one made out of a small people, a local of additional, a civil and a royal of still more, as though there was no distinction between a vast family and a little city, or that a lofty government and a political one are the same, just that in the one a solitary individual is ceaselessly at the head of open issues; in the other, that every individual from the state has in his hand a share over the legislature, and is at one time an officer, at another a private individual, as indicated by the tenets of political science. However, now this is not valid, as will be obvious to anyone who will consider this question in the most endorsed manner. As, in an investigation into each other subject, it is important to isolate the diverse parts of which it is exacerbated, till we touch base at their first components, which are the most moment parts thereof; so by a similar continuing we might secure a learning of the essential parts of a city and see wherein they vary from each other, and whether the guidelines of workmanship will grant us assistance with analyzing into each of these things which are said."

This not-quite-circumlocution, the way things were being posited in the text...what era was this from? Sol could only....vaguely grasp the tenets, in a sense. The material itself was more of a barrier to the actual content, being that what he did glean was fairly solid. That was, the basics of what a city, a society, was in its most simple form.

He looked up from his text, and lo; nary a soul had entered nor exited since he'd begun. At any rate, his fervid reading and deciphering had taken up all of the time that he was hired for. At least...the archives were left in a tidy state. He was to be off.




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