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Another time he would make to the archives. It seemed that this...'job' of his awarded him more than subsistence funds after all. The dusty tomes and scrolls that seemed uncaressed by the eye for so long...he was beginning to enjoy them. As he cleaned the rather untidy place, papers strewn about and the like, he held a singular book in midair, taut on a chakra string.

In any case, the scarcity which these primitive peoples endured would make in them a sentiment warmth and goodwill towards each other; and, also, they would have no event to squabble about their subsistence, for they would possess resources in near excess, aside from exactly at to begin with, and in some specific cases; and from that field they would acquire most of their sustenance in a primitive age, having much drink and aliment; besides this they would secure other nourishment through hunting, not to be detested either in amount or quality. They would likewise take in plenitude of dress, and bedding, and abodes, and utensils either equipped for remaining on the fire or not; for the plastic and weaving professions don't require any utilization of iron: and Providence has given these two expressions to us to give us every such thing, that, when decreased to the last furthest point, humankind may even now develop, inch forth. Following such, in those days humankind was not exceptionally poor; nor was neediness a reason for distinction among them; and rich they couldn't have been, possessing not gold nor silver:— such around then was their condition. Such being, the group which has neither destitution nor wealth will dependably have the noblest standards; in it, there is no rudeness or treachery, nor, once more, are there any conflicts or envyings. What is more, consequently they were just, and furthermore in light of the fact that they were what is called naive; and when they were told about heroism and fiendishness, they in their naivety accepted what they heard to be extremely truth and rehearsed it. Nobody had the mind to associate another with a misrepresentation, as men do now; yet that which was exposed on supposedly-Divine beings and men they accepted to be valid, and lived as needed be; and in this manner they were in all regards, for example, we have portrayed them.

...In summation, he found, one could live a life of simplicity without strife, and others could live in harmony as well.

...Furthermore, that if any one entity takes hold of an excessively awesome a power over anything, a decadent amount of sustenance to the body, a great deal much authority to the brain, and does not watch the mean, everything is ousted, and, in the wantonness of overabundance, keeps running in the one case to chaos, and in the other to iniquity, which is the offspring of abundance. I intend to state, my dear companions, that there is no spirit of man, youthful and flippant, will's identity ready to maintain the allurement of self-assertive power—nobody who won't, under such conditions, end up plainly loaded with habit, that most noticeably awful of maladies, and be abhorred by his closest and dearest companions: when this happens his kingdom is undermined, and all his clout vanishes from him. What's more, extraordinary administrators who know the mean ought to notice the risk.

He hadn't even thought so heavily on this before. Vice stemmed from power and greed....or perhaps greed alone. He may have been a child yet, seeing as how he did not so plainly state and identify with this, himself. What was it, being the case....was everybody else so mentally and ethically immature too, then? All the overbearing collectors, and the criminals that live in opulence....were they too uneducated in this sense?

Time had passed so quickly...he was to be off to a subsequent task, the next place.



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