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1 Homecoming. [Private.] on Sat Apr 22, 2017 1:05 am



The sand dunes, a sight for sore eyes. A genuine grin would crawl along his lip's pulling the corners up, exposing his pearly whites, cannine's and all as the sight gave a deep sense of satisfaction. His right hand would raise to his lips placing the bud of a cigarette †between them before losing his thumb and index fingers grip on the unhealthy habit, instead shifting to cover over as his other hand moved up, using the side of the pad of his thumb to strike down against the flint wheel, giving life to a flickering flame. Hunching his shoulders a touch in the movement, leaning to rest the end of his cigarette into the flame before slowly inhaling taking the first drag before leaning away, reverting back to his previous stance; slipping his left hand into his pocket with his lighter as his other remained at his side, waiting to take the cigarette from his lips as and when desired. †


Tōmei-sei correctional facility.

The sound of metal rasping against metal would cause his eyelids to flutter open, gazing out into the brief darkness of the room. Only for the darkness to be shattered by a beam of light as the protective hatch slid open. The light from the corridor outside, like a glare would impose on his vision causing his head to tilt diagonally downwards, as far as the restraint around his neck would allow. Something below the surface of his skin would ripple giving his flesh, an almost snake like sheen for a moment. His fringe would brush over the bridge of his nose before dropping forwards away from his face in the shifting of his position, blinking repeatedly. His hands would grip at the warn, chapped ends of the armrests applying enough pressure of his wrist restraints for the chains to rattle and the wood of the chair to groan in the small movement. His eyes would slowly adjust to the harsh light enough for him to squint, slowly raising his head just enough to draw his gaze up; catching the overshadowed figure through the small slit of protective glass, keeping his head tilted down as a gruff; clearly unsatisfied, voice filled the air "humph, seems like your going for a short trip in the morning. There's a new Kazekage and your worthless ass has been called back to the village. Donít worry though bug boy I'm sure you'll be back to place sooner than you know." His brow would crease as he slowly brought his head back up again resting it back against the hard back of the chair, allowing the restraints around his throat to relax causing the sound of the chain to rattle into the air, only dulling out by the sound of the hatch door closing.
'It's been a while since they played this card...' His brow would smoothen out mid thought 'there's nothing they could try with tha...' He would be coaxed from his thoughts as the hatch door halted for the gruff voice to continue "We will be in later, we cant let you go without a good play time, can we?" A simple grin would crawl along Lux's lip's exposing his sharp canines and straight pearly whites "It will be a pleasure as always doctor premitu..." His luxuriously deep, somewhat raspy voice would become louder towards the end of his unfinished sentence as the hatch door slammed shut with more force than necessary, casting the room back into its previous pitch black state.

His grin would fade into a small half hearted smirk. He could get to each and every one of them, a small victory in retrospect, knowing full well he would endure the brunt of it later on. Yet, it would come weather he spoke up or not... so why not? The sudden silence and darkness of the room would cause his tense body to relax slightly. The silence almost eerie, leaving him to ponder of what 'play time' would entail this time around, shock therapy, reopening old wounds, fresh cuts, water torture, whipping, taking chunks... the hammer? Or something else... a sigh would slip past his chapped lips, parting them a touch. His pale mint green eyes would close taking long deep breaths slowly building up the oxygen in his system, attempting to assist his parasites further out of their induced sluggish state. Progress, however small had been made over the years, he were at the maximum dose they were able to give without it being deadly and control was reverting back to him. He would send a jolt of chakra through his body enough to cause his whole body to tingle shocking the parasites enough to agitate them. Each and every one of them squirmed in unison as they writhed feasting on the chakra he supplied, only to cut his action short, to concentrate of stopping them from tending to his damaged flesh at their normal pace, suppressing his natural ability so that nothing could, or would be suspected. Sending a soothing vibe through his frame he would relax the Kyoni, waiting for his moment, It wasnít quite time to show off his new found immunity to the shot he would be force to take. He would have to wait to the perfect opportunity to use it in hopes of getting away, he did after all have somewhere to be, and mentally being there simply wasn't enough. For the time being however he would relax as far as his restrained would allow.

Whilst Lux attempted to relax even just a little he would allow his mind to wonder to a land far past the frozen land of snow, to a place of searing sun and storms of sand, granting his mind a wonder through silent contemplation and questioning.
'Would it still be the same?' Though it had been years since his last set his pale gaze on the slums. 'Would they still remember me?' Even in his thought's he dearn't utter the names of his friends, just in case of slipping up now that he had come so far. 'Will I find them again?' A longing that had taken up residency in the pit of his stomach from waking up on the road as they carted him away for his behavior to be 'corrected' and information extracted. 'With this being what became of me, what became of them?' A repeated thought set deep in his mind as he worried not for himself and what he knew would come to †him, but a simple fear for those that he left behind in the village. 'Did I warn them in time?... did they get away?... I could have... no I should have...' As his thought's wandered into a more stressed thought path his Kyoni would chatter from within his flesh, like a shiver, the surface of his skin would seem to vibrate, expelling a few of the Kyoni only for them to seek out the solitude within. Burrowing back into his body, digging around once more.

Calm, thatís what he needed and for the time being, all's he wanted right then, attempting to hold onto whatever form of composure he had left in his short outburst having been left alone with his thought's. The calm would slowly set in making him sluggish, his centered and inward 'outburst' having taken more from him mentally than physically easily stripped him of his waking state, casting him into a lucid state of half sleep. Following his thoughts into this place before wondering into an almost peaceful sleep.

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The sounds of metal scraping against metal, ending in a small clang would fill the air of the small room before sounding again, only for the sound of lock's being undone with latches and chains being removed. The door? Lux's frame would automatically tense at the sound as though it were ready and waiting for the torturous session that were undoubtedly be coming. 'will this be the day?' A shiver would run up along his spine at the thought, otherwise remaining in place. The door opening would allow the synthetic light of the corridor to swamp the room filling it to nere capacity, bright even with his eyes remaining closed. Through the lids of his eyes he would note, counting silently the mount of bodies that entered the room as they disrupted the hallways light, ' one... two... three.. Four... five.. Six... seven..' The rooms own spotlight would flicker a few times before turning on properly, midway through his count 'there's never this many usually... what's goi...' His thought would be disrupted by a heavy few pat's to the face before a harsh slap immediately forcing his head to turn keeping his eyes closed, only for his jaw to be grasped, forcing him to tilt his head up. His brow would pull together at the contact, only remaining limp in the hand of the assaulter as a few that entered giggled. "Wakie wakie, rise and shine bug boy. It's playtime." The male's voice rung out filling the small room, easily able to give a sense of claustrophobia to most that had been in his situation as the room itself had filled to its capacity giving only a small space around Lux, attached and restrained to the single chair that furnished the room. "You didnít think we would be letting you out of the facility without a proper ceremony did you?" Feeling a set of small hand's graze over his shoulder and down his chest to his stomach as another pressed their chest against his shoulders giving the full extension of their arms, stroking their fingers against his abdomen, easily felt through the thin fabric of his shirt. Feeling warm breath against his ear briefly before the females voice slithered in "Yeah... we couldnít let you go without a show." Followed by a hash laughter as she retreated digging her nails in through the soft material before dragging them up his abdomen and chest in her movement, causing his muscles to tense under the treatment rippling his skin before relaxing, hard enough to form mark's drawing small speckles of blood to the surface, quickly flooding into the loose white shirt. He would swallow refusing to allow any sound to pass from his lips, just the sound of calm breathing. Repressing his natural healing ability, forcing the Kyoni to remain still in his flesh, not yet wanting it to let slip he were again able to do such. †

The air supply to his lung's would shorten to the point his breaths were but thin whip's causing his chest to stammer, shaking as more pressure were applied to his throat feeling the strong grip of a hand around it as his restraint were tightened, causing the material to dig deeper into his flesh coming, ever so close to breaking the soft skin beneath it. "Let's get to work." His brow would creese further at the males words, hearing a small clang off to one side, still refusing to open his pale mint green eyes only to have his hair gripped as the hands removed themselves from his throat and jaw leaving him gasping for air. Using his hair they would tilt his head down as far as the restraints aloud, in way of movement. Feeling pressure against his left thigh he would grit his teeth, still breathing heavily. "Open your eye's otherwise you'll lose something you wish you hadn't." A female voice this time, fermillair like the others, and in an ordinary situation such voice could have been considered alluring, yet this time around it were laced with a sedistic venom. His eyes would slowly open setting his place green hue's gaze on the female kneeled before him; a metal tray on wheels stationed beside her with an assortment of tools from scalpels to pliers including a needle set ready. A low rumbled growl would enter his throat, vibrating his chest as he eyed the needle before shifting his gaze back to the female, that simply smirked up at him. Leaning forwards she would take the needle in one hand using her other to raise his shirt, placing the very tip of the needle against the center of his chest before dragging it downwards, grazing his abdomen as the scratch mark's from previously knitted themselves back together extremely slowly. He watched her as she picked where she would go, causing him to shudder the lower and slower her movement became, speaking as she gripped at his elasticated trouser line, "I donít appreciate being growled at like that." With that she would tug his trouser line down just enough to jab the needle into the crease of his groin where his left thigh joined close. A sharp pain followed by the spreading sensation from its entry, like a fire had been set beneath the surface of his skin, moving like wild fire.

The serum created by his family, at its strongest does, and they had added to it... extensively, inhumanely. A clear intent to wound as well as incapacitate him. His Kyoni would writhe digging deeper, away from the surface of his skin, awaiting for it before fighting back against the serum. The healthy glow his skin usually had would dull making him look almost grey in comparison. Swapping the needle for the scalpel she would release his trousers standing and passing the scalpel over to the next, a handsome yet generic looking young man, who's grin could easily make many weak at the knees. Settling himself in front of Lux he would press the scalpel's sharp blade against one of the scars on his chest through the thin t-shirt. Quickly shifting the male would slice the blade across Lux's cheek causing it to immediately open, suppressing his natural ability the blood would bubble immediately to the surface of the wound before oozing over the edge to spill down his cheek. The blood would create a path along his jaw to his chin before dripping off onto his white shirt, leaving the shirt to discolour, soaking up the blood quickly. Flinching back due to the quick paced movement rather than the actual wound Lux would blink a couple of times, holding back a growl as the male spoke "you know, when you come back thing's are going to be far worse for you. Youíve had it easy up until now. But making us wait is unacceptable." Looking the male in the eye's Lux's trade mark grin would crawl long his lips drawing his pearly whites into view as he spoke, the rasp more evident in his luxuriously deep voice due to the lack of fluid he had received in the past few days alongside the ill treatment and restraints to his throat, "When I get out of here, handsome I donít plan on coming back..." Pausing only to take a harsh hit to the face splitting his lip causing part of it to puff up slightly. "I didnít say you could talk." The males voice were spat like venom, only causing Lux to chuckle before grazing his tongue over the wound, removing the blood that had already started to accumulate there, before finishing his sentence "Unless, I return to kill you all."

A laughter would raise from the crowd at his word's, muffling to allow the male to †speak again "Return to kill us... ha, that will be the day." Sarcasm dripped from his tone as he continued "let's see now..." The male would place the handle of the scalpel into his mouth before grasping the collar of Lux's t-shirt before tearing it open, exposing his toned frame along with the scar's. Dragging the scalpel back to the scars, the male would slowly, carefully taking his time, pushing for a maximum feel as he calved through Lux's flesh giving the same marks that had been made previously "I remember when your skin were flawless... how proud you were of that. Now look at you, youíre a mess, disgusting. Repulsive." As he spoke the scalpel would only slip deeper into Lux's flesh. Calving out the scared tissue and damaged cells would take more than the scalpel, yet the male simply moved to the other side to repeat the process. Lux would grip at the arms of the chair biting back a choked whimper. Feeling the male wiggle the scalpel as it stuck in deeper would bring him out in a cold sweat forcing a whimper to slip from him through gritted teeth. "I think he need's a bit more of a push, donít you?" A voice would come from off in the corner turning Lux's blood cold. A voice he knew from long before he came to the institution, falling right back to his clan's compound. Kin. Just as the voice made his blood run cold a pure white hot anger leaked from his heart to fill him eradicating the chill. "You." Through gritted teeth hate dripped into Lux's voice. Lux's body would tense as he forced himself forwards only to be dragged back as his restraints automatically tightened only pressing him further into the chair. Lux's movements enevitably jolted the male that had been working against his chest. "Tch, you beast. It were so neat before you ruined it" †the scalpel remained sticking out of the wound yet had trespassed from the scars edge into its center. The lad would grasp the scalpel yanking it out with enough force to cause Lux to cry out before coughing, choking on the unexpected action and reaction his body gave involuntary.

The lad would stand taking a step back before turning his back on Lux tossing the scalpel onto the trey only splattering the blood across it. The sound and sight drawing his attention to the table, only to feel the harsh boot of the male against his chest feeling a couple of his ribs protest before giving way under the pressure, fracturing them. The action forcefully winding him with ease, chair would jolt under the attach groaning just as much as Lux himself did, yet the restraints would hold him in place. The Kyoni would as quick as their sluggish state would allow move to repair his damaged ribs only leaving the bruising to come up, leaving the crowd to think the fractures remained. Coughing he would splutter up blood causing it to disperse in the air around him, speckling his face and chest only for the blood to dribble out over his lips and down his chin in a thick vein, coughing a few more times causing him to wince. With bearly enough time to recover his hair would again be taken in a harsh grip and forced back as far as his restraints would allow them to force the movement, such movement making the restraints dig in more causing the soft flesh of his neck to break giving way to the pressure allowing blood to slowly seep into the restraint. His pale mint green eyes would however remain on the male as he grasped a set of pliers from the tray. A shudder would caress along his spine as the male came close again.

The male would settle back into his chair placing his hand over one of the wounds to painfully hold Lux's chest down and in place, before pressing the edge of the plier against the open wound of the scar, digging it in before extending it's reach to so that the other part of the plier met the top part of the scar's open wound, repeating the motion of digging it in. Pausing there the male would speak having noticed Lux's grim expression twisted with pain "You know, I look forwards when you return to us, our toy." With that not even bothering to wait and see if his words would get a ruse from Lux, instead clamping the pliers down allowing them to tear along the already damaged flesh peeling the slice marks together and away from the attached skin leaving only the base keeping the solid chunk of flesh in place. Lux's scream would drown out the laughter of the crowd, forcing his eyes to squeeze shut as his body shuck violently as pain rippled through him, feeling the warm stream of blood ooze from his chest trailing down his abdomen. The male would pause to watch for a moment reveling in it as he waited for the moment to calm, as soon as it did he would give one harsh yank forcing the flesh to peel away leaving behind a jagged mess. A loud ominous ring would get louder and louder in :ux's ear's blocking and muffling the sound of the male and the crowd, feeling as though his ear's were going to pop. The colour drained from his skin more and more as the blood gushed from the fresh hole in his chest. Still gripping the wedge of flesh in the pliers the males hand would grasp Lux's jaw, forcing his mouth open before dipping the pliers and flesh inside almost choking him before releasing the flesh and dragging out the pliers. As soon as the pliers were out of Lux's mouth the male would hold Lux's mouth closed forcing him to swallow his own flesh. The sound would filter in as the scent out hot metal nulled out the scent of his own blood. Taking deep heavy breaths Lux would slowly raise his head setting his eyes on a heated iron rod. The old voice from his past would speak up "For the wound, we donít want you bleeding out." A female would step closer wielding the hot iron. With the contact the blood would boil crusting the edges of the wound, to stop the bleeding. †

What a mess he looked. Blood littering not only his body but the ground around him. Each in turn the member's of the crowd stepped up to partake in a range of brutal acts. Quite easily safe to say, by the end of this 'play time' he looked far worse.



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'Cold...' An odd trickling sensation traveled down his chest, abdomen and back, causing a shiver to crawl along his spine. Aching, subtle little shots of pain, piercing along piercing along his muscles with even the slightest of movement's. 'The ground?' Hard and unforgiving, frozen over, another shiver would violently shake his frame. Pain, yet not as he ever remembered it to be... or had he simply forgotten it? 'Where am I?' His body shook as the small flakes of snow connected with his bare skin, immediately melting before dribbling down through the terraformation of his defined upper frame. Pain, not so much from the first few layers of flesh that peeled from his clad upper frame, but a dull throbbing sensation, enough as to make his chest heavy as his body were dragged along the ground. 'Outside?' The bitter cold air would raise the finest of hair's, goose pimpling his exposed flesh, as a light but frozen breeze attempted to chatter his teeth. †Pain, rippling through his frame as his legs were dropped once more. 'voices?..' The sounds muffled, yet slowly becoming clear as though moving through water towards it's surface. Pain, like a thousand needle's penetrating not only the skin but the muscle down to his core. "...leaving him out like this will only cause problems later on, just because his surface doesnít look all too beat up doesnít mean we healed from the inside out. The wounds are still there, we couldnít send him back looking that much of a mess, how would we explain tha..." The voice would pause 'I know that voice' his mind would drift as the voice continued "Is he waking up.... what the.." Pain, harsh and strong as his throat were taken in hand raising his upper half from the ground unto an almost sitting position. 'No sight...' Struggling his eyes would open to find nothing but darkness. Pain, tugging at both the shorter dark brown hair and the longer strands of a golden yellow as the cloth were removed from his head, taking with it a few scabs that had managed to form over the damages still littering his facial features, giving back site to the male. 'Migotona...?' That which filled his vision as his eyes fluttered struggling against the harsh light even with it being blocked by the figure were Migotona, such a handsome image of the male; as the cold white and pale blue hue of the sky backed him with the soft flurry of snow fall, such an image could easily be considered angelic at the very least, yet one that couldn't again ever give him pleasure, especially as it once had. Pain, again filtering his frame with the harsh reality of the present as he crashed back to the ground, no strength nor movement enough to catch himself as Migotona released his grip, allowing him to fall only after admiring his own working's on Lux's chest.

The contact with the ground would cause his eyes to close once more, but only briefly. Slowly opening his pale mint green orbs, he would slowly cast his gaze back to the male, Migotona. Watching Migotona turn away from him reaching a hand up before speaking "Give me the damned coat, you imbicels." Snatching the dull sand coloured coat with what would be assumed to be a rabbit fur collar from someone just outside of Lux's vision as he continued to speak with venom lacing his tone, "Gods can't you two do anything right, I swear I'm surrounded by fools." Watching the male turn back to him, his pale gaze would shift to remain on the males face, unmoving from there even as his throat were taken again, raising him from the ground. Their faces would come close without the care for personal space as Migotona smirked "You would tell me, if either of these twits even so much as attempted to touch my art..." Migotona's slender fingers of his hand holding the coat would graze over the wounds he had created, continuing along his chest as he continued, "Wouldn't you?" Waiting for a moment, Lux's lips would part slightly only for his voice to remain silent, catching only the crisp air of the sent of Migotona himself. Migotona would sign heavily in frustration, such seeming as though he had far more to say to Lux, hoping he were more cognitive. "awake but so very uncognitive. How displeasing." Raising the coat into the air he would speak his voice no longer seeming like a coo as he commanded the others "Get over here and put this on him. Ill keep him up. Move." Within hi perhibital vision he would catch two scrambling around Migotona, taking the coat before slipping around him. Blinking as he flesh a few more hand's on his cold flesh as he were manhandled into the coat, yet his gaze never moved from the most prominent threat, though there wouldn't be a thing he could do to save himself at the moment. Even trying to shift his Kyoni, both himself and they were far too sluggish, like awaking from a deep slumber.

Dropping back to the ground once the coat had been applied with clumsy hands, he would take a moment to try and concentrate on his breathing, the impact of his head hitting the ground at the unexpected angle caused his vision to blur. His gaze would eventually move back to Migotona and the other two as they spoke "Just remember he's to look unhurt in your travels. You won't be making it all the way to the village of Sunagakure. Do you both understand?" The two wound nod quickly before he continued "Now the most important thing. You touch my masterpiece and I will kill both of you."
'I'm outside...there's snow...' The vision of Migotona grasping the two by their shirts would fade as he slowly cast his gaze along the ground willing his hand to move spreading his fingers through the snow to a dead plant sticking out from the ground 'The land of Iron?... all this time.' Blinking another shiver would violate his frame, not quite catching the threats Migotona continued to give to the other's his mind would continue,'Ive been so far away from home... all this time, the sun's heat replaced by a frozen gust and the warm sands replaced by a dusting of snow...' Migotona would turn back as one of the others attempted to direct his rage anywhere else choking out the words "He's moving..." Pointing in his direction. As he slowly turned to look back up at Migotona, Migotona's boot would connect harshly with his temple blacking out his vision, losing consciousness once again.



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