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The mild winds of spring afternoon blew across the open terrain of Iwagakure. The time of change was coming to the land of stone and the village felt it. Harichimo could feel it as well. His internal struggles over the past couple of months had driven him from home in order to find the answers he sought. But the deserts of Sunagakure had proved yet again fruitless. The need to help others had called him their and he hoped to find some sort of sign of what to do. But all that ended up happening was a couple of trips to the bar in the bad part of the village. Maybe it was all he needed to send him back as he now was riding in the back of a merchant buggy. He had offered his services free of charge for the trip home. The merchants seemed more then happy to have a decorated shinobi come and grant them safe passage into the land. You're a Lizard Harry laid back on top of the boxes of goods with his now empty looking messenger bag thrown to the side. He was ready to head home and start to build the foundation of his own life. He knew now what he was missing and figured out what was going to stop him from accomplishing his goals.

The merchant cart had now pulled to a halt which jolted him up into an upright position. He would lean forward and peak through the folds of the cart to see the familiar sight of the Iwagakure gates. He grew a smile on his face and climbed out through the back of the cart and waved off the merchants who entered through the gates. He would take a side entrance through which solo visitors would take. He would stop at a checkpoint area with some seats that served as a hold point for some merchants and visitors. He sat down and laid his bag along his chair and sat with his head in his hands. He knew it was going to not be long at all before he would have to confront the demons that drove him away the second time. He knew he wasn't going to be able to return back to the clinic this time and resume to work. Some of the elders were beginning to harbor ill feelings towards him and would surely put him out to work the lowest possible tasks they could. He began to think of the students he left behind and if they were still working together to accomplish their goals of training. He could not dwell for to long. He would have to go on the fast track and train harder then he ever had before in order to prepare for what was to come.

Harichimo would pick up his bags and head for a cheap hotel he could stay at for a little while until he could get a meeting with Karumo lined up. His plan would be to meet with Karumo in order to set up a new permanent residence at the university and start teaching there. He felt he would be more useful as a teacher to the next generation of medic ninja as well as keeping his role as a Monolith. Once he had secured a job with teaching he could find time to train and surpass his current standings. And once he could reach the next level he can make plans to deal with his clan elders that had made it their mission to cast him down. The winds of change began to blow even harder as he came upon the hotel and entered into his new temporary home.

Travel 600/600
Remaining WC 14


Futon: S-Rank | Doton: C-Rank | Katon: C-Rank
Medical Ninjutsu: S-Rank | Taijutsu: S-Rank | Ninjutsu C-Rank
Mission Counter: D:4 C:4 B:5 A:0 S:0 SS:0
Active Passives: +2 tier to Speed (Specialization)

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