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Kuno Uchiha stood in the middle of the large building that housed the bank of Sunagakure no Sato. Glancing about the now vacant main room, he sighed loudly and began talking to himself, as he was prone to do when he ended up alone. “So, how is it that I get stuck with all of the impossible missions." Just one day earlier, Kuno had been tasked with fighting an official from the Capital of the Land of Wind in order to show him how strong the Genin of the Village Hidden in the Sands were. Needless to say, in a fit of proud rage, the young Uchiha managed only to prove that he had a lot to learn, and was very good at recovering from broken ribs. The man had beaten his with a single punch, and Kuno could still feel the weight of humiliation on his shoulders after that one. No he had one week to train himself up to a better standard before the man left. “But instead of spending all day training and bettering myself, I’m stuck trying to solve a nearly unsolvable crime.”

Kuno had received this mission the moment he walked through the doors into the Administration Building of Suna. The briefing had explained that an older man with little to no skill as a ninja had robbed the back in which Kuno was standing before taking off into the slums of the city. It also described the man is five feet, ten inches tall and with long grey hair. When Kuno had finally arrived on the scene, the perpetrator was long gone and there were no leads other than a physical description and the testimony of a bystander that claimed to have seen the man in question head toward the village slums. Not that Kuno did not think he could handle himself in such an environment, but he certainly had no desire to wander into the underbelly of his village and search for some old man; it was too dangerous for too little reward. Regardless, as Kuno strode through the crime scene one last time, he concluded what he had hoped would not be true, that there was no evidence to be found here. “Well, looks like I’m heading back to the administration building. That paperwork will certainly not search itself.”

The young shinobi of Suna soon found himself inside of a small, white room with a single brown table and a single white chair. Sitting on that table and piled around him on the floor to the point where almost every inch of the floor was covered were boxes upon boxes of old case files and criminal mugshots. Kuno had been searching though all of the old files for something, anything that could link a man of the similar description to what was given by witnesses, to any particular location Sunagakure no Sato. He hoped that the run to the slums was not just some man stereotyping another thief as someone from that neighborhood, and the witness did seem reliable enough. Kuno closed the lid of another box of reports and pushed it to the far left side of the table, grabbing the next box in line. He poppe off the lid of the box and flipped through three or four reports before he stopped cold in his tracks. “Now what do we have here?” Pulling the file in question from the box on the table, Kuno splayed it out to get a better look at the man in the image. He looked nearly exactly the same as the man that the witness had described the Kuno, and the file had an address on record as to where to find the alleged thief in the slums. “Jackpot,” he whispered under his breath.

Wanting to waste no time more time with the investigation, Kuno soon found himself wandering through the slums of the Village Hidden in the Sands. “I hate it here…” the young Uchiha muttered to himself as he stepped through the darkened streets of the more run down part of his home. He tried to spend as little amount of time here as was possible, given the types of people that tended to hang around. The buildings were all crumbling and in almost every shadow Kuno could swear that someone was waiting to rob the next helpless stranger. Straightening his forehead protector, Kuno theorized that it was the only thing stopping him from being jumped at that moment. The careful walk from the edge of the slums to the home where the bank robber was supposedly staying took about a quarter of an hour to get to, each step of the way holding onto the hilt of his miao dao, prepared for anything. Finally, he approached the door of the home in question, and pushed his hand against it, hoping it would be unlocked. He grunted in disappointment as he found it was not. Looking up, the young Uchiha was able to see a window about three floors up from his position. Glancing about to ensure that nobody was watching, he jumped up and ran up the wall using the Supernatural Walking Practice.

Kuno deftly stepped into the shadows of the unlit third floor of the building, slowly drawing his sword and pulling his hood over his head. Holding his breath, he listened. He stood there, still and silent in the darkness, only his sword showing any sign of his presence when the light reflected off of it. His position remained the same for what seemed like an eternity, with nothing at all peaking his interest, until finally he heard something; a cough. It was a simple sound, but it was all he needed. Moving silently through the building in the direction of the noise, he stopped suddenly as he came to the second floor landing after running down some stairs. Peering around the corner he saw a man sitting at a table, counting money silently. Got ya. Wasting no time on stealth, Kuno through a kunai into the man’s shoulder, catching him off guard. His movements betrayed inexperience as he fell from his chair, shuffling backwards on all fours. It took nearly no effort for Kuno to step up to him and crack him over the head with the hilt of his miao dao, Sheathing the blade, he smiled to himself. “Another job well done.”

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