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Special Jounin
Is this what love is? Something that makes you feel happy, scared, excited and so many other things at once? Something that feels as though it slows down your heart while simultaneously speeding it up, and that bends the rules of time, freezing a moment in time forever? Shinji Ikina wasn’t quite sure what to think, as he sat at the foot of his bed, staring at the picture in his hand. He had been looking at it for hours, trying to figure out what it was about the person on it that made him feel this way. Nowaki Iwahashi was a handsome man to be sure, his strong chin, well defined cheek bones and his beautiful mid length blue hair that fell just below his sky blue eyes which were hidden behind a pair of glasses could definitely be seen as attractive. His strong hand was resting on his chin and cheek and he was smiling at the camera, teasing Shinji with his eyes.

Shinji wanted to find out what exactly it was about him that made his heart flutter and his body feel as though it was on fire at his touch, what about this sweet man was making him lose sleep when he wasn’t around. He stood up briefly and wiped the long blond hair from his eyes with one of his slender hands, his face been softer and a little rounder, emerald green eyes situated in the middle below thin eyebrows with lips with the barest hint of pout. He smiled at himself in the mirror and tried to figure out why Nowaki liked him, or if he even did. He hoped that Nowaki returned the feelings in the same way that he did, and he thought that it was possible, as he had told him so the last time they were together. Maybe that was it.

Aishiteiru. I love you. The word was racing through his head, the only thing he could focus on. He could hear Nowaki’s voice saying it over and over again and it made him weak in the knees. He looked into the mirror once more and realized he was blushing a deep crimson as he reflected on this…


Atsuhiro sucked on the back of his pen, glancing over his writing and sighing slightly. He was such a sap, and honestly always had been. All he could think of at pretty much any time was Hiroyuki, but he was far behind him in his past in a place where he simply couldn't go. He knew that there was a pretty good chance that he would never see that boy again, and it crushed him as he thought about it. There was a certain sadness that only came from knowing love and being forced to leave it behind, and it was a big part of why he still wrote the way that he did. As he sat at his desk in the village hidden in the sands and looked at the paper he couldn't help but feel sad at what he had lost, that perfect feeling that you only ever really got to feel once in a lifetime. He had given that thing up in order to move forward with his life, but it was extremely painful to think on now, and of course he thought of it every day.

He put the pen down, standing up and walking over towards his dresser instead, taking a look in the mirror at his reflection. There was only one problem with doing that, and it was something that Atsuhiro had to live with every single day; that reflection wasn't him. He didn't have the long white hair, the silver eyes, the fair face. His physique was even different than it used to be when he was known as Hisaki Hyuga. He had given up so much in order to leave the village, and his identity was simply the icing on the cake of all of that. He ran a finger through the red hair on the top of his head, it still feeling wrong even after the five years he had worn it. A particularly skilled medical ninja had rewritten his DNA so that he would be able to look differently than he had, and if the leaf ever came looking for him they would never recognize the man. He had been a prolific squad leader back in the day, but he had decided to give all of that up after a mission had gone terribly wrong. He had decided that leaving the village was his only option, and so he had fled. He burned everything that could tie the village to him, and parted ways with Hisaki Hyuga, never to be the man he was again. It was something that haunted him to this day.

At first it had been quite difficult for Atsuhiro to fit in here, the fact that he had taken on a completely different identity often messing with him and not seeing himself in the mirror was difficult to deal with. He would sometimes forget his name and when he was asked who he was he would have to pause for a second, always making him look suspicious. When asked about his fighting style, Atsuhiro would never let on that he was a member of the prolific Hyuga clan, as they were never seen outside of Konoha, and would instead tell them that he was a simple Martial artist and a master of Fuuinjutsu, which to be fair neither of those were lies. He could still remember his hours upon hours of training every day with his father, hours of his life that still came back to him in his memories quite often whenever he would think of where he had come from, and likely things that he simply wished that he could forget, as the memories were quite difficult for him to deal with these days...


It was early, too early for the liking of the young hyuga boy who was stirring in his bed as his father had come to awaken him. He didn't know why they had to start training at five in the morning every single day, as they could get the same amount finished if they started just a little bit later and finished later. It wasn't like his father didn't like to be done training at around six in the evening anyway, which would allow for a simple shift of a few hours before it would ever become an issue of staying up too late. He supposed that his father was simply stuck in his ways, and it frustrated him to no end. He climbed out of bed, walked over to the desk to pick up a hair tie and tied the long white hair away from his face so that his golden eyes were in full view. He looked down at the picture of the young boy sitting on top of his desk, touching the face of the perfect person that was Hiroyuki Inuzuka, someone whom Hisaki held very dear to his heart. He would smile before walking out of his room and down into the kitchen, resolve in his heart as he remembered why he did this, as it was to protect the person he loved most. Hiro was the spring in his step and the fire in his heart as he went through the journey of life, preparing to take on the world as a member of the famous Hyuga clan, one of the most well known and revered clans in the entire shinobi world.

His mother was waiting for him in the kitchen with breakfast on the table. It was good of her to wake up so early with them, as it meant that there would never be a time where Hisaki would ever go hungry during his training. She knew how his father was and she knew that getting an early start was important to them. She spoke to him, asking him how his sleep was to which he didn't say too much. He wasn't a very talkative person in general, but at such an early time in the morning he tended to be even less so. He answered in very short sentences, eating his breakfast quickly and drinking the fruit juice that his mother had put in front of him, which was fresh as always as she was quite particular about that, and then he walked up to her and hugged her, kissing her on the cheek and thanking her for the breakfast. She smiled and said of course dear, before watching him walk out the door. He never exactly knew what she was doing after that, but he liked to imagine she was watching out the window, seeing how the two of them were doing and preparing to step in and give them a hand.

He walked out towards his father, the two of them wearing simple traditional robes that their clan always wore for training, and his father had his Byakugan activated. Hisaki bowed to him and his father nodded his head towards his son. His father took an offensive stance and the young Hyuuga matched him, not wanting to get caught off guard by the older and much more powerful shinobi. That, of course, was not likely to happen and the young Hyuga knew that he was not going to be able to stop him, but he was absolutely determined to try to block the advances of the older Hyuga. His father would come at him with lightning quick speed, instantly putting Hisaki off balance as he would strike him in the shoulder, his chakra being forced under Hisaki’s skin as he felt his arm go limp. His father always did this, disarming the younger Hyuga early and ensuring that it would be far more difficult for him to fight back. He hated this training, but he knew that it was important...or at least that’s what he would always tell himself…


Atsuhiro sighed as he made his way down the stairs. It had been so long since he had seen his family, and it was something that bothered him greatly. His father was a difficult person to deal with, but he had truly pushed him to become the man that he was today. Last he had heard, his father had fallen ill. It was unusual for a shinobi to die of illness, but of course there were always exceptions to every rule. He wondered often if his father was well, but there was no way he could make his way back to the village hidden in the leaves, as to do so would be suicide. That didn’t stop him for longing after what he had lost however, and he still missed his home and his family every single day. He understood why his father had pushed him so hard, for theirs was the main lien of the Hyuga clan, and one of legendary blood. Two of the greatest heroes in the history of the Hidden Leaf were his ancestors, and Atsuhiro knew that it was important to live up to that legacy.

As he made his way into the kitchen, he took a look at the food that he had to work with today. It was never quite as fresh as what he had to deal with in the village of Konoha, but he always managed to make due with what he had here. He would grab several of oranges, carefully cutting each of them in half before retrieving a juicer and pressing each of them to it, circling them in order to get as much of the juice from each of them as he possibly could. He did this over a small jug, draining the juice into it as he did. There was a bag of sugar nearby, which he reached for and took a couple of scoops out of, mixing the sugar in with the fresh fruit juice in order to make a jug of home made orange juice. Once this process was complete, he would walk over to another cupboard and pull out a bottle of Vodka, pouring some of that into a glass before mixing the juice in with it. Alcohol had become an unfortunate coping mechanism for the Hyuga, but it was one that he loved. It was a fantastic escape from reality for short periods of time, along with some of the other things that he used to achieve the same effect, which of course were easy to get in a village that was so ripe with crime.

He took a sip of the probably slightly too strong alcoholic beverage and sat back in his chair, elbows down on the table and the palms of his hands pressed to his forehead. He didn’t like living life in hiding, but he did actually enjoy his time here. He loved how warm it was and he enjoyed the feeling of sand between his toes as he walked. He was also a huge fan of the fact that he wasn’t always forced to wear his Hyuga robes anymore, as he much prefered wearing pretty much anything else. His father had always insisted that he wear those dreadful things, and it wasn’t something Atsuhiro enjoyed doing. He prefered to wear nice pants with button up collared shirts generally as opposed to the more laid back robes that his clan was famous for. Those made him look like a monk, and he certainly wasn’t one of those. He took another large drink from the glass, draining it completely before moving to fill it once more and downing that as well. He had plans of doing some training and making the rounds about town, but a little bit of liquid courage certainly wouldn’t hurt with those things.

Atsuhiro would make his way into the main room of his house, which was a large training area with a pell in the center of it that he could work over with his strikes. The unfortunate disadvantage to training on something like this for him, as opposed to another human, was the fact that he would be unable to train using his Byakugan since the target had no chakra to see anyway. He could feel the drink start to go to his head, smiling softly as it did this before taking his stance. He stood with his left hand forward, palm extended, and his right hand palm up by his waist. His left foot was ahead of the right one and both of his knees were bent into a horse stance. This stance was the base for most martial arts, and Atsuhiro had learned it well from his father, who had drilled it into his head. He would twist his body, quickly striking out with his right palm as his left hand came to his waist instead, his torso and shoulders shifting in order to put more force behind the blow. The martial arts pel would spin when struck, and Atsuhiro would strike once again with the other hand, trying to not allow it to gain a full rotation.

There was something tremendously relaxing about the repetitive nature of the training that Atsuhiro was currently going through. It was an extremely familiar practice that, while it may look impressive to the untrained eye, was actually extremely simple. Atsuhiro had been doing this since he was a small child, and he had never found any issue going through the motions, although he had tried to teach it to others and they had all struggled with it. Atsuhiro knew that as a Hyuga he was simply gifted, and that nobody could ever really live up to their standards, nor pick things up as quickly as the genius clan members of the Hyuga could. There were none in the world who even came close to the prowess of the members of the Hyuga clan, and Atsuhiro was proud of his heritage for that reason. If the people of this village knew what he was he was sure he would have people lined up to the door to beg him to train them, but of course that wasn’t something that he wanted. He was a man who prefered his privacy after all.

When he was working the pell like this, it made many of the bad memories fade away, replaced by the simple drive to focus on the task at hand and to keep in mind that nothing else mattered. His strikes all hit their mark with no issue, as it was something he had been doing for his entire life every single day. Even when he had left Konoha, he took his time to practice when he left the village. It was something that had been so ingrained in him from such a young age that were he to skip a day of his training it simply felt wrong. It was because of his dedication to his craft that he had become as strong as he was, and he would only continue to get stronger. He was proud of what he had become, and he would work even harder to ensure that he would never again have to face a loss as devastating as the one that he had faced in Konoha, the loss of his entire squad. His resolve was far too great for such a thing to possibly occur, and he would make sure of that.


Hisaki Hyuga stepped out of the door to his compound, waving goodbye to his mother and father as he did. He had become far more powerful from the time that he was a small child, and he was quite happy with his accomplishments, having been named a special jounin of the village and having been given a squad as well to train and take on missions. This squad was made up of a unique blend of people, each using a good selection of elements and with a variety of paths that they had specialized into. The first of the three was a young Sarutobi named Sasuke, after his clan’s most famous member. He was a strong practitioner of Ninjutsu and Fuuinjutsu, and was able to summon members of the monkey clan, who had been the legendary protectors of the clan. He used the element of Katon flawlessly and was quite prolific with doton as well, using it to change the battlefield to his needs.

The second of his students was a small girl named Temaki Senju. This girl, being a member of the famous Senju clan, also used Ninjutsu quite well, and was also a quite prolific medical ninja. Her mastery of the Mokuton element was quite amazing, as she was able to use the plant aspects of the element to achieve some pretty fantastic things, releasing spores that could stun or heal, and all sorts of fascinating stuff. Hisaki was sure that she would have made the legendary founder of her clan, Hashirama Senju, quite proud. The third and final member of the group was a prideful little bastard named Aneki Uchiha. Aneki was a member of the Uchiha clan who had never unlocked the use of his Sharingan, which honestly Hisaki considered him blessed for. This meant that he had never gone through a traumatic event such as most members of his clan did. He was fantastic with a blade and his mastery of Genjutsu was far above any that Hisaki had ever seen from a genin. He assumed his pride and boastfulness was in order to cover up the fact that he hadn’t unlocked his clan’s legendary dojutsu, but Hisaki never played too far into that.

On paper, this trio was quite an impressive gathering of shinobi. With a Hyuga as their leader, they represented the four pillar clans of the Village Hidden in the Leaves, which was why the Hokage, Mitsuo Sarutobi, had assigned them to him. He was proud that they had been put under his charge, and he was determined to get the absolute best out of the lot of them. Their training was coming along extremely well, and for the most part they worked fairly well as a team, so Hisaki had decided that he would take the three of them on a mission with him. This mission was classified as a C Rank mission, and was supposed to be fairly easy, simply dealing with a handful of bandits. Hisaki could have handled such a chore himself, but he wanted to give his squad a chance to prove themselves in such a situation, and so he signed them up for what would be the worst mission of his entire life, and the thing that had caused him to leave the village and stop being a shinobi all together.

As the squad assembled and made their way towards the place where they were supposed to be clearing out the bandits, the rain picked up considerably. Hisaki personally loved the rain, and so id didn’t put a damper on his spirits at all as he made his way out, though the other three seemed a little bit less thrilled. The Sarutobi and the Uchiha were both complaining about how rain would mess with their katon abilities, to which Hisaki reminded the Uchiha that he was also able to use the Raiton element if he had too and channel that down his blade. He pointed out to the young Sarutobi that it wouldn’t matter to him, as he could bring forth a summon, or use his doton jutsus to shift the now slick terrain. The two of them seemed fairly happy about that, or somewhat reassured in the very least. The senju, however, seemed to love the rain. As the group walked the young Senju skipped along happily, Hisaki simply shaking his head at the ludicrous implications of such a thing, someone skilling into one of the most dangerous situations they had ever encountered.

As the four of them got closer to where their intel had told them the bandit camp should be, Atsuhiro activated his Byakugan and used it to take a look around. There were about ten people who he could see, which was about what he was expecting, and he motioned to his squad that this was the case. The four of them would begin to advance, Hisaki moving towards the one with the strongest chakra signature, and having his three students take the rest. He would try to quickly dispose of the strongest of them and then move back to help his squad as needed, but he trusted in each of their abilities and he was sure that they would have no issues. He moved quickly towards the man, sticking to the shadows and not striking until it was absolutely ensured that he would be able to do the maximum damage without the man being able to react. He would strike him with one of his Clan techniques, closing several of his tenketsu and making it so that the man couldn’t access his chakra, essentially disarming him. He would then strike the man in the side of the head, dropping him unconscious and dragging hi around to where he could be collected by the village ANBU later on.

As he finished this, he looked towards his students, each of them engaging in their own combat. The Sarutobi was flanked by a pair of monkeys, each of the three of them taking on an opponent in a one on one situation. The monkeys were engaging in close combat while the young Sarutobi himself was encasing the third of them in earth and pummeling him with jutsus. It was an impressive thing to behold from a young genin, but he had come to expect that from his students. The Uchiha was holding the three of the bandits who he was fighting off with his sword, keeping them at bay and getting quite a few strikes in himself. He would charge his blade with his raiton to strike, and Hisaki noticed that their reactions seemed to be off time, which he assumed was one of the boy’s genjutsu techniques. The Senju’s area was absolute carnage. He could see chutes of bamboo that had pierced through each of her opponents, causing the three of them to be bleeding as she was pummeling them with Mokuton and he just watched on in amazement at this. He had told the three of them that the goal was to be able to bring all of these bandits in to stand trial, and so he could tell they were holding back a little bit. It seemed as though everything was going smoothly, but that was when things started to go horribly wrong…

Hisaki hadn’t seen them, and he wasn’t sure how, but figures began to appear, unshrouding themselves and stepping into Hisaki’s view, but not that of his students. He couldn’t see their chakra, as though they were somehow blocking the powers of his Byakugan, which wasn’t something that the young Hyuga thought was possible. It was like being completely cut off from something that you had known your entire life, as though he had been blinded, and it wasn’t a good experience. He saw as one of the men pulled out a blade and plunged it through the young Sarutobi, Hisaki running forward as he watched in horror as the scene played out in front of him. When he got to the man he focused chakra in his palm, slamming it through the man and smashing his ribs as he would collapse behind the Sarutobi, who would fall as well. Hisaki checked his breathing, which wasn’t stable, but he knew that currently he had to save his other students, so he couldn’t do anything at this moment.

He looked towards where the senju stood, where she was still using her wood release to great effect, skewering one of the men before another showed up to take his place. This one would manage to get the better of her, a great wave of fire enveloping her, after which Hisaki could no longer see her, nor sense her chakra. He screamed out, before moving towards the Uchiha boy, who was on the ground kneeling with his face in his hands. Hisaki could see the bandit standing above him, holding two red glowing orbs in his hands. Hisaki knew what they were and what the men had come here for, and he ran towards that man as quickly as he could, before another man severed the head of his Uchiha student, it rolling along the ground towards the Hyuga. His unenhanced sight was blurred with tears, but the sight of the Byakugan, his true sight, was as clear as ever as he ran into the man with the eyes, punching a hole clear through his chest. The man had a look of shock on his face as he collapsed, Hisaki screaming as he tore his arm out of his chest and ran to the next man, sending a kick at the side of his head that crunched his skull. There was no more noise, no more chakra signatures, no more life in the area, save for Hisaki Hyuga, who fell to the ground as he wept for his fallen students…


The memories of that terrible day were vivid in his mind. It was the reason that he had fled, and the reason why he still trained to be stronger. He carried a lot of guilt in his heart, and he was completely tarnished by that moment in his life. As he thought of it, he clenched his teeth and sent a strike towards the pell that wildly missed, something that he hadn’t done in the past. He stopped, sighed, and made his way back into the house. There was no point in training like this when he was upset, as it was something that he needed absolute calm to be able to do. He knew where he had to go to work if he was angry or upset, and he felt bad for the people who got thrown at him today, as they certainly wouldn’t be prepared for him. He grabbed a cut off shirt and a pair of jeans and combat boots with steel toes, pulling each of them on before wrapping tape around his knuckles, hands and wrists. He needed to go and blow off some steam, and he figured he may as well make some money while he was doing it, so he would head to one of the underground fighting rings that he knew of. There were a few different ones that operated at different times of the day, and he had been starting to gain a reputation, even gaining the nickname of Beast Hunter, which he was somewhat proud of. He picked up a light coat and threw it over his shoulder, making his way out the door and heading towards the grounds.

There were several people about today, making their ways to go about their mundane lives, the illusion of happiness keeping them active when in reality they certainly were not a happy bunch. It was an interesting part of human nature to wish to trick yourself into believing that you were happy when it was clear that the world was a terrible place and there was literally never anything to actually be happy about. You would find the little things in life that made it seem more bearable and focus on those, but they were only a temporary reprieve from the reality that was the shit storm we called life. There was nothing actually good about life or the world, and we all simply lived until we died. Atsuhiro had grown to accept this fact, but he still was going to carry on and do his best to leave an impression, even if that impression was of his knuckles in every thug in the village’s foreheads through illegal cage fights that people would bet money on.

He made his way towards the slums of the village, a place that he only really ever visited for this purpose. It wasn’t exactly his favorite place to be, as it was fairly rundown and could certainly be depressing at times, but it was a place where he was able to go to make money and escape the prison that was his mind. It was a completely different vibe here; while the people who lived in the main area of the village would either ignore you completely or politely smile and wave at you, the people here had a tendency to watch you. They wouldn’t acknowledge you and you might not even notice it at first, but to a person like Atsuhiro their eyes might as well have been burning a hole into the back of his head. He knew that when he was here it never went unnoticed, and of course a handful of the people here also knew who he was from his reputation. It was difficult to go unrecognized when you had a reputation as a fairly small fighter who was known for taking on and defeating much larger men in generally very decisive fashion. There was the odd person who would give him a nod, which he would always reciprocate as those people were usually either people who made money off of him, or whom he had fought in the ring and whose respect he had gained; respect was everything in this game after all.

He went towards an inconspicuous looking building, a simple tavern from the looks of things, and walked through the doors to see the bartender inside. He was an older man who didn’t look like much, but Atsuhiro knew that he was a seasoned veteran of the fighting rings, and there was a good chance he could give him a run for his money. He smiled at Atsuhiro when he entered and spoke to him. “Ah, mister Mitsuhada, a pleasure to see you again. I take it you want a seat in the private area?” Atsuhiro nodded and responded. “Akiro, you know me too well.” The man would simply nod him through as Atsuhiro walked towards a door in the back. There was a larger man standing in front of the door who moved out of the way when Atsuhiro approached, allowing him entry. The door led to a staircase, and you could hear the noise from down below as soon as that door was opened. Atsuhiro made his way down and he could instantly smell the stench of sweat and blood, which felt right at home for him. He was looking forward to seeing who would be brave enough to step up to the Beast Hunter, which monster he would get the privilege of slaying on this day.

He stepped up to the ring, which had just finished clearing out. They were pulling the body of a smaller man out of the ring, an extremely large muscular fighter standing in the middle of the cage with his arms raised above his head and blood on his knuckles. The “booker” stood with a microphone in his hand and began speaking. “Ooh and another one downed by Goliath. Is there nobody who can stand up to this monster of a man?” He began scanning around the crowd and saw Atsuhiro approaching and a smile stretched across his moustached face, looking towards him and pointing him out. “Well look here. If there is anyone who can defeat this beast, is it the man known as the Beast Hunter? Will he step up to the challenge?” Atsuhiro walked into the cage and looked towards the behemoth of a man. He must have been close to seven feet tall and Atsuhiro was pretty sure that there was no part of his body that wasn’t covered in muscles. He was the kind of opponent whom he had made his name against, and when he saw this man he walked up to the booker and said, “Give me one more.” The booker laughed, the man in the ring looked annoyed, but Atsuhiro wasn’t backing down and the booker smiled once more and said. “Well well well, the Beast Hunter doesn’t think Goliath is enough. Is there anyone else who wants to step into the cage against the mighty Hunter?”

Another man stepped up, one whom Atsuhiro had beaten before. He assumed that he was stepping up because he figured that a two on one fight was better odds for him to get some payback on the smaller fighter, but Atsuhiro didn’t particularly care. The outcome would be the same no matter who was across from him in the ring. He was a member of the famous Hyuga clan after all, and even without the use of his Byakugan, his body was a weapon that had been hardened in the fires of battle. The announcer did his thing, hyping up the crowd and then coming in to tell them the rules. All three men had heard them over and over again and they each nodded and got into their positions. The roar of the crowd would have been deafening and completely distracting to almost anyone, but Atsuhiro had learned to tune them out, as he was sure his opponents had as well. They were all seasoned fighters who knew their craft, and they wouldn’t let something like spectators distract them from the task at hand. Everything seemed to go in slow motion as soon as they were told to fight, the bell ringing and the other two men advancing towards him, Goliath on the right coming with a boxing stance and “The Crippler” as he was known, advancing in a Muay Thai stance. Atsuhiro had fought both of these style in the past, and knew how to do deal with them, having decisively defeated The Crippler in their last fight. Goliath would be the wild card, and the fact that there was two of them would certainly complicate things a little bit.

He decided that his strategy would be to work on the bigger of the two first. He was already tired from having fought and he would naturally be slower, his style not being one of great speed. Atsuhiro would dodge off to his right, getting onto Goliath’s side, who would naturally take a swing at Atsuhiros head. Atsuhiro being much smaller and quicker would dodge around this and send a low strike just below the man’s ribs into his solar plexus with his right palm, taking some of the wind out of his sails. The strike easily hit, and the crippler would have difficulty moving around the much larger man in order to strike at Atsuhiro. He was in a position where he would have at least a few seconds to put shots into the larger man without issue, and so that was what he did, striking him in the stomach, ribs, and right shoulder to take power from future strikes. The man grunted at each and Atsuhiro was satisfied with the result, but it had taken him just a little longer than he had expected as he felt a running knee strike him in the side of the head, causing him  to fall to the ground momentarily dazed.

The larger man would rally when he saw Atsuhiro fall, putting a foot into his side as payback for the earlier blows, which would cause the smaller man to wince in pain. This was not a good place for him to be at all, and as the man tried to go for another kick, Atsuhiro would swing his legs, sweeping out the unsteady single leg that was supporting all of the man’s weight and causing him to fall to his back. Atsuhiro would go to springboard up, but the other man would be there to stomp him back down, causing a loud thud as Atsuhiro hit the ground once more.He felt the foot crushing his ribs and he went to push it off of him, which was a surprisingly difficult feat to accomplish. He could hear the larger man beginning to get up and he started to panic slightly, deciding that he should do something that he had tried not to ever do in the cage before. Under his breath he would whisper the word “Byakugan,” activating the legendary power of his clan, his eyes changing from their genetically modified golden brown to the purply silver of legend. The veins around his eyes would puff out as well, and he knew that once he had activated this, there was no way he was going to be able to pretend that it hadn’t happened. He was able to view the tenketsu in his opponent, aiming a strike at the one just above the man’s knee and causing his leg to sieze up, allowing Atsuhiro to sweep him to the ground on top of Goliath, after which he would then springboard back up to his feet.

The larger man shoved the smaller one off of him, tossing him aside like he was a ragdoll as he would scramble to his feet, looking at Atsuhiro and briefly taking a step back when he saw his eyes. The hidden technique of the Hyuga clan, the Byakugan Dojutsu, was a thing of legend and the majority of the people in this village had never seen it before, but had heard stories of its power. It made it so that both men would be more cautious when dealing with him, and likely everyone in the future as well that he would encounter in the ring would do the same. He didn’t want that, but at this point he knew that there was nothing that could be done about it, as the act had already been performed. The tales would spread across the underground about the silver eyed Beast Hunter, which was not something he wanted to have to deal with at all. The only thing that was fortunate was the fact that the people in this area were pretty good at keeping quiet about things, as they didn’t want to draw attention to any of what was going on, so it likely wouldn’t cause Atsuhiro issues with the rest of the village.

Atsuhiro shook his head, taking the famous stance of the Hyuga clan’s Juken style taijutsu, the Byakugan giving him a better view of the battle, including a good radius around him. He was able to see two hundred and eighty degrees around himself, making it so that there was nowhere that these men would be able to go that he couldn’t see them, unless one managed to get around him which he didn’t see happening.As the large man cautiously approached Atsuhiro, he struck out with his right palm, pushing chakra into the man’s shoulder and disabling the tenketsu in his strong arm, causing the arm to drop uselessly to his side. A look of shock was on the man’s face as Atsuhiro simply stood there calmly, preparing his next strike. Goliath would go to swing a left instead, which Atsuhiro would palm away at the elbow, cutting off the tenketsu there before putting two more strikes up his arm and into the shoulder again, making his second arm useless. The man would back off just as the other man was going towards Atsuhiro with another knee, which this time he was ready for as he shifted his body slightly to get out of the way of the attack, bringing his hands up to move the man’s momentum and throw him into the side of the cage. He would smash into the cage, Atsuhiro pummeling into him with strikes, cutting off several of the tenketsu in the man’s body, including his arms and legs so that he was unable to stand again. He would then strike the man in the side of the head and render him unconscious.

Goliath would once again move to Atsuhiro, which he was impressed with the man’s resolve; he must have really wanted whatever was in the prize purse for the night. He ran head first towards Atsuhiro, which was an extremely foolish move to which Atsuhiro was able to appropriately and very easily counter by, again, stepping out of the way and using the man’s momentum to drive him to the ground on his stomach, pulling one of his arms into a painful hold and placing a finger towards the man’s back where the tenketsu in his heart was. He would whisper into his ear. “Do you know what I am?” to which the man would respond with a shaky “You….you’re one of those Silver Eyed Devils from’re a Hyuga.” A wicked grin would cross Atsuhiro’s face at this answer. That made this much better, as hopefully the man had heard a little bit more about what the Hyuga clan members could do. “Good, so that means you know what I can do, and that without moving anymore I can stop your heart. I suggest you do the right thing, and tap out.” The man laid under Atsuhiro, struggling slightly as it seemed that he was contemplating trying to escape. The man was much stronger than Atsuhiro, and it was unlikely that he would be able to hold him if he tried, but the threat should have been more than enough. When he did this, Atsuhiro torqued on his arm a little bit more and pressed his finger into his back, causing the man to slam his hand onto the mat several times, signaling that he had forfeited the match.

Atsuhiro would stand up, the crowd absolutely silent as he did so. Even the booker looked shocked, but he walked into the ring anyway, looking at Atsuhiro’s eyes. Atsuhiro would blink and deactivate the Byakugan, hopefully taking away some of the cause for concern as he looked upon the stunned booker’s face. He would take a second before taking ahold of Atsuhiro’s hand and raising up in the air. “Well there you have it folks. You winner, The Silver Eyed Beast Hunter! Not only did he slay Goliath, but he took out the Crippler as well, and he barely took any bumps. I dare any man to step up to him, and wish them the best of luck in the beating that will ensue.” The crowd stayed silent for a second before erupting in cheers and applause, clearly finally accepting the fact that what they had just seen was some kind of superhuman feat that never should have occurred. Atsuhiro just smiled. It seemed like his legend had grown that day, and it was something he would be able to use again to his benefit in the future, of that he was sure...

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