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When it boiled down to its essence, everything could be tracked back to Guanyin Marise, his mother.

The woman who gave birth to him in a geisha house; a fancy way of saying a high-class whore house. She did her best to shield him from the harshness of the world, at least till he could walk, talk, and wiped his own ass without leaving stains in his undergarments. Afterward, she threw him into the world where the predatory and prey reside. She didn't ease him in, no, she threw him in the deep in and said 'Swim!'. Like ripping out a bandage without warning or care, he was forced to feel the full blunt of the world around him.

It fucking sucked.

Sure, he had seen his sisters disappear for hours with clients with the latter coming out with a satisfied expression as if they just had the best cake in their lives. Even the same sex came out positively glowing like a megawatt bulb. And his sisters? Many had trouble walking, their legs suddenly not working. Some even had cream on their clothing, like they got into a fight with a thing of tinkles and lost. At the time he didn't know that his siblings were just prostitutes, cum dumpsters, or gloried sex toys that could actually move around, and had an opinion on rather they wanted to be fucked or not.

Personally speaking, at the time, he rather made friends with his hand, at least they couldn't talk back or get pregnant. Aside from that tidbit of information, the truth of what his sisters actually did came to life a few months later.

Whoever said sex is beautiful is a fucking liar.

The act of copulating was anything but beautiful to him at the time. The room stunk, smelling like a sweat shop lacking air conditioning in the middle of the summer. The noises of the occupants were nightmarish, his sister sounding like some ghastly banshee, and the male sounding like some tortoise doing the mating season. Watching the act was horrifying, and possibly mentally scarring, as he couldn't comprehend the idea of two hairy body parts slapping together. Kami, he wanted to run out of the room back then. But, couldn't, his mother's vice-like grip on his shoulder prevented him. So, he was forced to watch the train wreck from start to finish. He puked his guts out seconds after the act. He would never do that. . .

Yeah, his mother didn't get the memo on that, and he had his first sexual encounter with a woman, thankfully. Akari, the daughter of a wealthy businessman was his first. Nineteen years old, and your stereotypical blonde bombshell, she was a nice woman, if one ignored her small large obsession with him from day one: since he was a baby. Apparently, she had already made it known that she would be the one to screw him. Needless to say, she kept that promise, riding him like there was no tomorrow; like it was going to be her last dick. She abused him like stepfather does his stepchildren, with him losing conscious a few times throughout the whole deal. Afterward, she left him like a used tissue on the floor, the only difference being she came back for him multiple times. And he took it like the slut he was.

It's her that he thanks for his perverted nature.

Now though, things have changed dramatically, with him no longer being her walking dildo with legs. He made something of his life, but she seems not to get the memo.

"So, you going to go through with this?", Guanyin Jōkichi asked his grandson, receiving a nod in affirmation. "About time.", sipping on the cup of sake, reveling in the throat burn, "You man now. Just like I told your mother, my daughter. Go handle your shit, damn the consequences."

Guanyin, Kido sitting across of one his last parental figures didn't speak at first, collecting his thoughts while sipping on the sake. His saucer being generously more fuller than his grandfathers. Not because the beavage wasn't good, but rather, he needed a clean mind for the upcoming undertaking. A good minute passed between the pair of warriors, the new generation and old staring at each other with the only sound coming from the crackling of the fire in the background before he spoke, "I will. Everything has been put into place. She even had the courtesy to send me an invitation. Something about wanting to relive our younger years.", the two men chuckling at such a notion, "So, who am I to turn down such an opportunity? She doesn't know how truly fucked she really is, both figuratively and literally."

Before anything else could be said, an elderly lady who despite being around the same age as Jōkichi, still held an elegance in her gaunt, butted into the conversation, having taken a seat on her husband's knee, "We will take care everything on this end. The girls will be watched over and looked after. The monarch even agreed to allow the renovation to happen. So, you don't have to worry about things on this end."

Downing the rest of the shake, Nanashi got up from the chair, crossing the distance separating him from his grandparents. "Thank you.", a kiss was placed on the grandmother cheek who simply smiled at the rare instant of love from her grandson.

Looking at his grandfather no words were spoken between the two. There wasn't any need for words, the two already knowing what the other was to say. A few seconds passed before the grandfather nodded in acknowledgment.

Afterward, Nanashi dressed in a typical dark blue kimono, left the residences, trekking to a nearby town before entering a carriage that was waiting for him. The driver of the carriage would take him to the hotel on the outskirts of Kaze no Kuni, where the mistress was waiting for him.


"You came.", those were the first words Akari spoke as her cyan blue eyes looked over the adonis man before her, soaking in as much as possible about the body hidden underneath the kimono.

Stepping fully into the room, Nanashi's eyes swept across its confines. It was like one would expect someone of high standing to stay out, lavish, over the top, and full with every comfort imaginable. However, the room wasn't the main attraction, no, Akari was. Sprawl on the bed, she wore a simple sheer nightgown that left nothing to the imagination, and it caused a stir within the Sannin's groin.

"Of course, I did. You wanted to see me, right?", clothing was already being removed as he spoke. "Yes, I did. It has been so long.", whatever Akari was going to say was silent with a soft kiss. No more words were spoken, as the two gave into what their bodies desired. It had been a long time for either since they laid hands on one another. Since they were able to copulate. Now though, they were finally able to, and they were going to waste a single minute of it.

The next hour and a half were feeling with the passionate sounds of the couple going at it like rabbits. Reliving some of their more passionate and twisted moments together, revisiting positions that shouldn't be possible considering their ages. They lost themselves in love.

Well, at least Akari did. No sooner after the woman passed out, laid sprayed out on the bed, did Nanashi acted. Slipping out of the room, into the empty hallways, he aimlessly walked around, dressed in his previous attire, before circling back to the room shared. Knowing an employee coming in his general direction, he waited to make his move. A single arm reached out and snatched the employee, covering their mouth, before dragging them into the room. Getting them with a chokehold, it took a few minutes before the male employee pass out.

"Nothing personal.", he mused, stripping out of his clothing, and went about during the same to the unconscious man. Putting on the man's clothing, Nanashi used a small application of chakra to henge into a perfect replica of the down employee. With that done, Nanashi lifted the man up and carried him to the bed where Akari was still passed out. With a single swipe of a kunai, Nanashi cut open the woman's throat, hand immediately going over her mouth to keep her silent. Cold brown eyes looked down at the shocked woman, watching as the life bled from her eyes. Nanashi would repeat the same process on the man beside her, watching impassively as his life bled away.

Plucking a single hair from his own body, and placing it on the male cavadar, Nanashi rapidly began to go through hand-signs. A faint glow wrapped itself around the deceased body as a single thread of hair was absorbed, No soon afterward, the body began to transform into a perfect replica of the Sannin with the only difference being a large gash across the neck. Job done, Nanashi left the room and the building entirely, leaving behind all of his possession, including his headband. By the time the bodies were found, and news reached Iwagakure no Sato of his death, he would long be gone, disappearing into Kaze no Kuni as he trekked to his next destination. The tale of Guanyin Nanashi might have ended, but a new tale is about to be told.



Name: Fracture Reflection  
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: A 
Type: Supplementary 
Element: None 
Range: - 
Specialty: Medical Ninjutsu
Duration: Permanent 
Cooldown: Once Per Thread
Requiring a corpse with flesh still partly intact, and a source of physical DNA(such as hair, blood, or tissue) either from a target or one's self, is needed to perform this jutsu. Implanting the genetic material onto the cadaver, the caster goes through the hand signs [ Ox- Hare - Boar - Hare - Dragon], assimilating the sample into the corpse, and causing it to transform into an exact copy of the target.

Discerning the clone from the original is incredibly difficult. For the transformation is one in the purest sense of the word. From the skeletal structure all the way down to chakra signature and nature, and any pre-existing alignments, and genetics, the replica has it. Even doing an autopsy will reveal very little as only a medical scanning jutsu S-rank or higher would be able to discern the corpse's origins, making this jutsu a primary technique to fake one’s death or a form of psychological warfare.  This transformation is permanent.

Name: Transformation Technique (変化の術 ~ Henge no Jutsu)
Canon/Custom: Canon.
Rank: E.
Type: Supplementary.
Element: None.
Range: Self.
Specialty: Ninjutsu.
Duration: -5 every other post.
Cooldown: Duration +1 post.
Description: Given all the missions ninja are assigned to--battle, intelligence gathering, diversions--this is a priceless ninjutsu. It is typically used to change into people other than oneself, but one also has the ability to change into animals, plants, and even inanimate objects like weapons; however, the object can be no smaller than 1 foot long in at least one dimension. Despite this, this technique has an abundance of uses. The transformation of a master of this technique (which is generally an Academy graduation requirement) makes the user physically and visually the same as the transformed person or object in question, giving the user the exact mass and physical qualities of whatever they transformed into. This is one of the most basic ninjutsu, as such most shinobi know how to perform it. This technique does not give a ninja the abilities or jutsu of a person they transform into, nor can give the user the damaging ability of a weapon (however, this can be used as a bluff). Sensory techniques can easily pick out someone transformed using this jutsu: the user's chakra would be active, as well as the fact that their biological functions and scent are not masked by this jutsu. Costs 5 chakra on activation, and an additional 5 chakra every other post after that.

WC: 1607
Travel Requirement: 600/600
Training[Senjutsu D -> C]: 6834/6000


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