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1 City Brawl [C Rank Mission/NK] on Tue May 02, 2017 4:00 pm

Raiu Mizuki


Mission name: City Brawl
Mission rank: C-rank (1000 words)
Objective: Stop the Brawl
Location: Kumogakure
Reward: 160 ryo
Mission description: There has been a brawl reported somewhere in the village, your job is too put a stop to it, either peacefully, or by force.
Mission details: There is going to be 5 people in an all out fist fight all with D-rank strength. They can be talked down, although it won't be easy, or you can simply knock them all out. However you can not do any serious damage to them what so ever, or you fail the mission. (serious damage is anything like maiming, killing, sending to the hospital, ECT)

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2 Re: City Brawl [C Rank Mission/NK] on Tue May 02, 2017 4:47 pm

Raiu Mizuki


A quiet day. Not too many people on the streets, not too warm. The looming darkness of thunderous clouds lurked low, rumbling in annoyance as it slowly rolled over the Village. There was an oppressive warmth, strangely countered by the fresh humidity that heralded the arrival of a summer pour down. Just not yet.

At times like this, people left the streets to seek cover for a rain yet to come, but some thought otherwise. An excellent moment for a handful of thugs to pick on a few poor people lost in the slums, harass tourists and ultimately go visit their favourite bar. Unlike commonly expected, not the favourite as in, the place they wish to be, but rather as in, the rival place they love to trash down due to some old street gang feud everyone forgot about but feels like keeping up for principle's sake.

Itching to see how she had improved after her latest training sessions, Mizuki had requested a C rank mission and was given one: there was a new group of people that had joined the Backwater Bar and whom decided that they should 'bring back the old times' by being a little more radical in their taunts and a bit loose with their fists. The new gang had beaten up quite a few of their rivals, some of them forced to visit the hospital, others having chosen not to return to the bar for a while.

While Mizuki didn't mind such hostilities would run dry eventually, the bar owner had complained and therefore actions had to be undertaken. The genin had been assigned this task now, and she was currently making her way towards the bar in hopes to settle the dispute. As she walked over to the bar, her mind was already thinking about the most ideal way to settle this. Diplomacy was her favourite, but with folks as these she wasn't too sure it would work. Yes, they'd avoid combat... once, but would probably return at later date. While the other option was to beat them up and teach them the hard way there were limits. It would all be up to them.

As she arrived at the agreed spot, the group was already there causing problems with the clientele of the bar. Mockery, sneers and physical contact of the non-lethal sort... typical bully behaviour itching to break the line between endurable and going over top.

As Mizuki approached, the gang had already set eyes on her and the katana on her hips. Most likely instinctively, they were slightly reluctant to harass her right away, merely eyeing her suspiciously until she wanted to enter the bar.

"Hey, what do you think you're doing?", one called out to her. Mizuki turned her gaze to the guy and smiled as she made her intentions clear. "I was just about to enter this bar. I heard a gang of ruffians were causing trouble. Surely you wouldn't have an idea who they are?"
"And what if we do? What's a girl like you going to do about it?"

Mizuki patted the katana resting on her hips.
"It would be most unfortunate if something bad happened to them, but since it's my task to persuade them to cease their troublesome activity, I'm afraid I may have to resort to less peaceful options depending how they are willing to receive my suggestions. I'm hoping they we'll come to an agreement in which they understand such behaviour is unacceptable."
"Yeah, well, I don't think they will. This bar had it coming for a long time."
"You seem to know the troublemakers I am talking about?"
"Oh. Oh, yes. We're the ones you are looking for, in fact.", he grinned.
"Naturally. And you have no inclination to tone down on the hostilities, I presume?"
"No. In fact, we were thinking about increasing it."

Putting the deeds to his word, the spokesperson raised his fist and aimed to punch Mizuki. She dodged it nimbly, upon which she saw the others join in the fight. Avoiding their slow blows, her primary aim was to lure the group away from the tables and chairs that made the bar's terrace in an attempt to avoid most damage.

While one of them remained with the tables, observing the fight and grabbing hold of a chair that could serve him as a weapon, the others weren't thinking this through like their friend was. Still, with four against one, Mizuki was at a disadvantage. Even if she was clearly faster then they were, defending against several attacks at once was no easy feat.

She'd have to distract them to give herself some breathing space. Seafoam. Molding the chakra for the jutsu, she proceeded to form a dozen of baseball sized globules and allowed them to explode all around them at about the same time. Though the sound was lacking, it had the same startling effect as firecrackers suddenly exploding near an unsuspecting target. Not missing its effect, the four of them jumped up looking around bewildered at what was happening, and one of them eventually ran away to hide as he frantically searched for the origin of this most foul trick.

Not about to drop the moment, Mizuki stepped in between two of the guys and slammed the pommel of her katana in the stomach of the guy in front of him, making him double over as the distraction did not allow him to deflect the blow. Almost at the same time, she smacked the sheathe of her weapon in the face of the other, leaving a humiliating red stripe across his cheek. Rather startled than hurt, he tumbled over the feet of his friend behind him, and dropped on his behind, scuttling away from whatever chaos was currently overwhelming him. That left just one of them to deal with.

Mizuki sheathed her weapon again and eyed the last standing guy with an almost disarming smile. With two of his friends running and one of them doubled over in pain, he was not too sure about this fight anymore. Slowly, more a bluff than anything else, Mizuki started to form a few fake hand seals in front of him. Having molded ranton chakra to create nothing more than a bulb of light, the light that suddenly emanated from her hands was enough to turn the thug's eyes into the size of saucers, upon which he promptly decided this fight was not his.

With just one of them remaining, watching it all unfold as he still held a chair in his hands, Mizuki confidently walked over to him.

"Since you are the only one remaining, would you be so kind as to tell your friends that you will cease harassment on this bar? I would hate it if another Kumo-nin would have to show up with a... less diplomatic demeanour."

The last man nodded cautiously and carefully moved away to gather his friends, upon which they left the area. As Mizuki eyed them walk away, she wondered if they'd truly stay away this time.

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