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Alistein sat near a window within the cool library. His bright brown eyes scanned over the words within the box he was reading. As if wanting to sneak a peek, the ceiling fans above rocked back and forth as they spun slowly. Usually, when seeing this, Alistein would have a fear of sitting under such wobbly fans. However, this book-… This book had him under some sort off spell. It was a story mainly for kids, sure, but there was something…alluring about it.  On the cover of the book was a little mouse in a karate outfit. It had black hair which was tied back, that alone being nonsensical. The karate outfit was orange, and the mouse’s fur beige. The young man wouldn’t be caught reading such a title, normally. Though, the synopsis on the back had something in the description which instantly hooked him. It read,

Our heroic mouse, Martial Li, has the day off from their daily martial arts training. Instead of punching and kicking through hordes of the neko golems, Martial is…doing chores? Sweeping and mopping the floors, and dusting the furniture, the day just seemed to be a lazy one cruising by. Then, Li noticed something. The grandmaster’s sacred box of candy was open! It wasn’t Li that did it! Then, it all made sense. Being told that they have the day off, and was instructed to clean around the scene of the crime? He was obviously being set up. But by who?

“Could it be Gary the turtle? Perhaps he had enough of Martial’s constant demonstration of their dedication. Or could it have been Marily? She did always say that one day, she’d get him back for a small practical joke he pulled. However, this would be too far and personal for just a revenge prank. Just as he was pondering the who and why, the door to the room Martial was in…opened.

It was probably the sense of mystery, or the fact that such animals had the same characteristics of humans, which drew him in. The reading started off as something to past the time while on his break. Who knew stocking library shelves would require times of rest? Alistein turned the page, his eyes staring at the top-left corner. They then started to move to the right, and then jumped back to the left to repeat again. Then, they stopped as a thought entered his head. He started reading this almost as a joke. Yet, here he is, actually getting engrossed in it. Could the same be said to adults who scoff at young children novels? Not even novels, but video games and movies? If they have them a chance, would they find something that would grab and pull them into their world?

This thinking caused him to close the book for now, placing a finger to his chin. If an adult that doesn’t like children’s novels…never gave them a chance in the first place, is that a display of their personal tastes, or ignorance? Because of how it looks and reads, they refuse to give it a chance. Yet if they did, and they found something to be interesting, would they-…? How would they feel? Maybe they’d be like Alistein right now, neglecting his mission in helping out around the library in favor of pondering. Speaking of neglecting to help, the person who put in the request for such aid came over. They had their hands on their hips and a frown on their face.

I’d much appreciate it if you helped out? Like you’re supposed to?

Alistein’s eyes rose up to look at them, a bored expression on his face. That changed to a look of shock.

I-I’m so sorry!” He stood up and bowed, running over to the closest cart of books in need of being shelved.





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