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1 This Time [Mission] on Sat May 06, 2017 4:48 am

Yuki K


The Mission: Stray Dogs:
Mission name: Stray dogs.
Mission rank: D
Objective: Capture the stray dogs and bring them to the pound to be trained and be given homes.
Location: Waterfall point
Reward: 70 ryo
Mission description: Bring at least one stray dog unharmed into the pound.
Mission details: The dogs have gathered around the lake at the bottom of the waterfalls for water. Almost like a dog park. Upon detection the dogs will scatter. It's up to you to catch at least one.

2 Re: This Time [Mission] on Sun Aug 06, 2017 2:57 am

Yuki K


As the water cascaded down the side of the rock face Yuki calmly waited. This time he waited until there was only a large mastiff floating in the large pool. Yuki was sure that the dog must have been at least as tall as he was and probably had 50 or so pounds on him. The last time he was here a couple of months ago it had found a chunin's flak jacket, and now here it was still wearing it. Yuki watched carefully as the dog enjoyed the water misting down on her from the above, watched as it lulled itself into a comfortable and complacent mindset. His chakra began making its way to his feet as he prepared to go in for the large creature. The mists of the waterfall were all he had as cover as his eyes focused in on his mark, his will resolute as stone. This time he would succeed in his mission. His breath grew heavy and his heart began to race as he eyed down his foe. She had discovered stick in the water and it was obvious that with each gnaw on its end she was converting it into some sort of arm. Sweat began to drip down Yuki's face.

  "That flak jacket," the whisper came out heavy, breathy, and dampened with fear, "If even a chunin couldn't." No he couldn't think like that. There's no way a dog could do such a thing, right. Light caught the canine's eyes as her head perked up, and they glistened with a new keen understanding of her environment. She must have heard him. She must have sensed his presence. Foolish. He never should have chosen to hide behind a set of rocks. As her vision found its way to his location he held his hands together pleading with the universe. Clenching his eyes and teeth, he hoped that she wouldn't find him now, but with his luck he couldn't be so certain. Seconds, minutes or hours passed and it seemed his wish was granted and his presence had been totally concealed. As he opened his eyes though the large canine was in front of him her large mawed face propelling itself towards him.

Before he even had time to react the oversized dogs tongue licked the fear from his face going back for second and then thirds. Yuki, momentarily stunned just accepted it first confused by the gesture.

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3 Re: This Time [Mission] on Sun Aug 06, 2017 10:33 pm

Yuki K


 The building that Yuki was to bring the dog t was not particularly remarkable. It was fairly hard to pick it out from the rest of the shops outside if not for the large, fabric sign draped beside of its door. The inside smelled faintly of the animals that were kept here, but there was another mildly floral scent that also lingered in the room and cleansed any foulness from the air. Yuki, almost dragging the dog, pulled an unrelenting dog into the building. As he entered into the threshold the dog's head perked up and it began pulling Yuki into the room with the makeshift collar he had been using to pull her. Yuki pressed his heels into the ground to resist, but after a few seconds of dragging his bare feet over the rug he gave in to her and followed her down the hallway and into a room where a tall gentleman sat at the desk that filled the back wall of the room. His large stature and thickly matted chest hair identified him as a member of the Kuma clan.

"Well, what do we have here?" As the large man stood from his chair, the dog found a large bowl of meats in the room soaked in some sort of brown liquid which she ferociously began to empty. Yuki looked at the dog with a hint of worry before letting go of his makeshift leash and approaching the desk.
"I would like to turn this mission in, um, please." Yuki reached into his kunai pouch and pulled out the small mission scroll he received when he took the mission a month ago.

"This is old." The Kuma man took a minute to take in the scroll. It wasn't hard to tell that Yuki had been holding onto this scroll for some time now: the edges were slightly softer, the binding showed signs of repeated use, and the wooden base that the paper was attached to had chips in it. "That being said you did well kid." The man walked over to the end of the counter where it had a hinged gate that he swung open. He knelt down and scrunched the dog behind its ears as she continued to eat not minding. "Good job kid. It looks like you finished your mission."

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4 Re: This Time [Mission] on Sun Aug 06, 2017 10:47 pm

Yuki K


Exit Thread!

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