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1C Rank Mission - Charting: The Sand's Domain Empty C Rank Mission - Charting: The Sand's Domain on Sun May 07, 2017 5:11 am

Mission name: Charting: The Sand's Domain.
Mission rank: C.
Objective: Map the ruins on the outskirts of the Land of Wind.
Location: Sand's Domain - Kaze no Kuni Wilderness.
Reward: 130 or 170 Ryo.

Mission description: Ah, thought that the sea of sand was too boring, eh? Try this on for size. Bit of a trek, and the storms are brutal. But we need info on that area. No one's been able to get in there much. If we, the natives, can't, then surely someone from the Cloud or Leaf couldn't have, yet. Tactical info, kid. Tactical info.

Mission details: Requires having done the D-rank "Charting" mission, otherwise you have less of a grasp on cartography than this more complicated area calls for, reducing your payout.

There isn't any sort of enemy or predator here, but the ruins can crumble at the slightest touch, and the near-constant sandstorms in the area reduce visibility to about 3 meters unless you prepped and bought some special gear like goggles. A Wind Release user would help right about now...

Reward: Better Payment!
[x] Kyoshi's Charting Experience

WC required: 1000

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A new day, a new mission. Kiyoshi had found himself back at the camp where he had successfully fled the crazed ninken, delivered the goods and continued to chart the environment. He had picked up a few more pointers before he returned back home, and, rather impressed by his work, had offered him a new mission that was more up to his challenge.

Naturally, Kiyoshi couldn't refuse. If people considered him that good, who was he to deny such an opportunity? The payment would prove better, but was still dependent on the quality he'd bring in, and the perils were... bigger. Not exactly life-threatening, but he'd need a good sense of direction if he wanted to find his way back. The incessant sand storms here diminished visibility, and he was no Fuuton user, so he'd be stuck to relying on the wanderer's instinct he had build up through the years with his father. Kiyoshi was confident he'd bring this to a good end.

Like last time, the expectations were to take notes of uncharted territory and map as much visible clues for orientation as possible. Battering sun aside, the sand storms would make things difficult and considering the perilous environment, any ruins were to be explored with utmost caution.

Starting at the camp, Kiyoshi set off through a now familiar part of the desert and wrapped his scarf around his face to protect himself against the sand, just like he had learned from his father. After a brief trek, the seemingly save parts of the desert had made place for a devilish sea of sand.

The wind swept over the land with urging strokes, whipping up sand and throwing it into the face of anyone foolish enough to walk against the wind. His visibility drastically lowered the deeper Kiyoshi wandered, diminishing from an almost perfect clear sight to nothing more than a few meters. Sound was just as traitorous, as nothing else than the howl of the wind was to be heared. Sure, there was tracking by scent, but he wasn't exactly a dog... and tracing back his footsteps was a no-no as well. Weren't it for his wandering lessons with his father, he'd be so much as lost already.

For hours straight, Kiyoshi wandered in the desert, his focus undisturbed by the devilish winds that howled around him. He was home here. A single grain delivered to the games of the wind, but experienced enough to have faith in its trickery.

"Allow the wind its game, and it'll bring you safely home for being a good sport."

Kiyoshi remembered the words of his father, who had an unwavering faith in the winds of Sunagakure. While this was his old man's insight, Kiyoshi wasn't as eager to put such a blind fate in it, preferring to hold his feet solidly on the ground, but he couldn't exactly say his father was a fool. If anything, the two of them had always succeeded in getting back home safely. This would be nothing different.

For the next few hours, nothing really changed, however. All there was to see was sand without any sight of a stone pillar or a forlorn building. The sun was passed its zenith and was slowly working its way to a sunset, but the winds had yet to cease their games. Kiyoshi cursed softly between his teeth. At this rate, he'd have nothing to show for. The only information to share would be nothingness. How disappointing. But not quite unexpected.

As the sun inched to disappear behind the horizon, Kiyoshi finally stumbled upon a sorry excuse of a pillar that did little more than to stand there, not even bothering to shelter visitors against the winds. Solemnly sulking in the middle of the sand of sea, there was really nothing else to be seen in the vicinity.

Kiyoshi shrugged, glad to finally have found something and flopped down at the feet of the pillar. Even if he couldn't see the sun disappear with the raging winds, he looked into its direction nonetheless and waited for darkness to cloak the area. Tonight, he'd sleep here, head resting on his knees and facing the direction he had come from. His exhausted body quickly embraced sleep.

Waking with the morning sun and the sand having heaped up against his body during the night, Kiyoshi stretched as he spat out the sand sticking to his lips. He took a good swallow of his water gourd and quietly nibbled on the hard tack, ignoring the scraping texture of the few sand grains that had decided to cling to it, which he rinced with yet another sip of his gourd.

Standing up, he turned around the quiet watcher of stone. Now that light had returned to the lands, he inspected the stone once more and decided to etch Sunagakure's name subtly at the base. Strangers would most likely not see it, as it would end up being covered by the sand, but a Suna-nin would not be fooled as they knew what they'd be searching for. Kiyoshi smiled, proud of himself. It wasn't much, but at least he'd have something to tell his employers.

With that done, Kiyoshi started his trek back towards camp. The winds seemed to be less fierce than yesterday, but considering the area he was in, that didn't say much - half a meter more sight wasn't exactly an overwhelming morale boost. No matter. Feet solidly on the floor and determination being his guide, Kiyoshi wandered another day through the sands before he arrived at the camp just before sunset.

Relieved to finally be back, he was given a gourd of water and a solid pat on the back as he exchanged the measly few notes he had for this welcome gift. It was what it was. There was little to be found in that direction, despite having received a clue about ruins, but that information could be just as important.

wc 1015


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