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1 Hattori Kiyoshi [Plot] on Mon May 08, 2017 5:54 pm

Hattori Kiyoshi


The Road to the Underworld

It's said that true power comes with a price. Those who have the guts to venture forth in a world where others fear to thread often walk a path that will leave them forever changed. A path to the Underworld. To Yomi-no-kuni. To the Realm of the Dead. No matter its name, all of them are the same: a world where the living must die first before they can be reborn with new limits and new insights, as only those who experienced both worlds will understand the secrets of Life and Death, and have the possibility to keep them in balance.


['yoshi] - [Stats] - [Specs] - [Elems] - [Jutsu] - [Items]

STR E-0 (+1) SPD E-0 END E-0 (+2) PER E-0 REA E-0 (+1)

Taijutsu - Hybrid: S - Bukijutsu - Onojutsu: C
Katon: S - Doton: C

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