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Mission name: Charting: The Sand's Domain.
Mission rank: C.
Objective: Map the ruins on the outskirts of the Land of Wind.
Location: Sand's Domain - Kaze no Kuni Wilderness.
Reward: 130 or 170 Ryo.

Mission description: Ah, thought that the sea of sand was too boring, eh? Try this on for size. Bit of a trek, and the storms are brutal. But we need info on that area. No one's been able to get in there much. If we, the natives, can't, then surely someone from the Cloud or Leaf couldn't have, yet. Tactical info, kid. Tactical info.

Mission details: Requires having done the D-rank "Charting" mission, otherwise you have less of a grasp on cartography than this more complicated area calls for, reducing your payout.

There isn't any sort of enemy or predator here, but the ruins can crumble at the slightest touch, and the near-constant sandstorms in the area reduce visibility to about 3 meters unless you prepped and bought some special gear like goggles. A Wind Release user would help right about now...

Reward: Better Payment!
[x] Kyoshi's Charting Experience

WC required: 1000


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