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The Usual Spot (open) 7aecb9f24d1d94355b8294c1dcdba194

     Within the shopping district, on the topmost floor of a 5 story building, hides one of the most peculiar taverns you will ever come across in the Land of Fire. Should you walk in, a delightful aroma fills the lungs; a blend of rose perfume coupled with something of a lavender detergent. Its not a strong smell,but has the scarcity which impels you to take deeper breaths just to confirm the fragrance. The sounds of complicated piano arpeggios flow and ebb with a classical style in the background. You notice it at first, but it will quickly sink to the back of your head, as the scenery unfolds.

     Candle-light hits the varnished-covered wooden stools, tables and flooring with a glossy orange finish. The ornaments, bottles and glassware reflect an aureate, shimmering light. To the left: a glass window whose width spans the entire tavern. It is black as the night outside, and reflects a soft, but prismatic light which comes from the multi-colored lit ornaments of the street view below. The passer-by appear busy but jovial, as they traverse from jewelry store to fancy restaurants in their finest threads. Back to the tavern, and on the right: features a bar stocked with an unimaginable compendium of wines, ciders and ales, as well as coffee and even tea. From Sake and Konteki Tears, to Wakatake Daiginjo and the famous Kosho, you name it, and they've got it.

     There is a solitary bartender on duty behind the counter, the well-known Sasuko. The frequents call him Sake-moto, for they mainly order the sake. Other than an eye-path over his right eye, he wears traditional uniform; a crisp white shirt, covered by a black vest and topped of with a bow-tie. His hair is a dark grey and slicked back, which makes him look much younger than his actual age of 40. He is polite, but brutally honest and can hurt your feelings if you ask him for opinions or comments.

     Asmodeus chimed in through the front door with an exhausted look on his face, eyes squinting and twitching as if he was annoyed. He walked with a slight slouch, and slid onto a stool at the counter. Finally, from his coat pocket he drew the Headband, eblazoned with the hidden leaf symbol-- then smacked it on the counter like some lesser-valued burden.

"Yo sasuko! Gimme the usual, and keep 'em coming."

"Ah, so you're officially a ninja now-- congrats!''

"Barely, I missed the train this morning and almost didn't make it. Running is so beneath me, hmph"

"Overslept again? Maybe you shouldn't come here so ofte--"

"Shush! Wine is the only thing which makes me tolerate those kids"


Sasuko scoffed, making light of the Nara's issues, then slid him a crisp glass of red wine. It was as rich as blood, for as the Genin looked down, he saw only a rippling black silhouette of his reflection.

"In any case, its time to move my plans forward. I'm gonna need some--"


"Ha! You are funny as ever, Sake-moto... More like, associates."


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