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Anger, rage, they all started to boil within the young woman's mind and soul, thoughts on how she'd be taking don these two annoying pests and end their interference with her plans. Yet somehow she could not yet move, there was too much at stake, too much to be lost if she engaged these two without knowing the true extend of their capacities.

Even if she thought that she could perhaps escape if necessary, it went against her goal, it would mean foregoing her mission, yet when her remark on how she was toying with the idea of using the two of them as scapegoats for her actions backfired, Lamya quietly took a step back towards the doors behind her when Tsuyo spoke up again.

Indeed he was correct, she had probably not been smart in handling the negotiation, what was worse, she had actually made the mistake of foregoing all options she had had in a balanced negotiation by foolishly claiming and truthfully stating that she was not the one he needed to gain the information he needed. Silently cursing herself, she noticed that the Hyuga still made no attempt to launch an attack at her, rather apparently deciding to now use her faux bargaining as a way to pressure her into submission, yet he made a single demand which she could not comply to: handing over her weapons, weapons that were not to be sullied by the hands of those not of Ouroboros blood.

Taking another step back, her hand reached for the ancient scalpel which she kept at her right side, the Kirinketsu Ryouga, which was probably her most prized possession. Her eyes shifting from tsuyo to the other guy, the former Anbu captain could feel her blood boil, her heartrate rise rapidly, while she started to analyze the situation.

Alas, her mind was too focused with keeping up a guard towards Tsuyo, that she did not have the time nor the capacity to react in time to what happened next. Just as she noticed the movement coming from her side, she wanted to slam her hands together, only to see a handful of twisted dark chains fly through the air towards her, the killing intent behind that single jutsu making her stumble backwards and losing focus on both her chakra and her hand seals.

In less than an instant, in less that the time it took to bat a single eyelid, Lamya could suddenly feel the killing intent vanish, replaced by the cold feeling of something piercing her hands and legs, pinning her to the ground with brute force.

She started breathing sharply, when her pain and heightened senses made her perceive time much slower than it was, not just feeling, but actually seeing the nameless person's fingers dig into her eyesocket, popping out one of her eyes under the guise of it being payment to her recent transgressions and as a personal satisfaction to the nameless man who had managed to surprise her so quickly.

In pain and agony, she let out a haunting scream, in fear and despair she cried out, sliding backwards as she left behind a trail of blood on the floor, probably to Tsuneo's surprise, it also appeared that her other eye seemed to turn dull, as if she had lost consciousness for a brief moment, but despite this she managed to stand up, heavily bleeding from where her eye used to be, while her hands and legs already seemed to start and heal by themselves, the use of medical chakra now apparent.

For a moment, she looked at Tsuneo and Tsuyo with her dull, soulless eye and turned around, slowly staggering towards the doors behind her and opening them, making it look she was practically working on cruise control, forced to continue her mission and to reach her goal even if she was seriously injured and beyond the point of fainting.


As the doors opened, the corridor in which Tsuyo and Tsuneo had been standing seemed to become much colder, the temperature seemingly dropping a few degrees in an instant, a pressure could be felt and it did not come from the staggering, stumbling Lamya, it was something else, something much more sinister and far more imposing than anything the former Anbu captain herself would be able to muster.

There was no doubt that beyond those doors, the thing they all sought seemed to reside. Information for Tsuyo, salvation for Lamya and truth for Tsuneo. Like Lamya, Tsuyo had felt the sickening chakra which could be felt once before, but it seemed that unlike then, this time the sense of dread was much, much more palpable and perhaps for Tsuneo's psyche it might've even been too much for his beast-like self to withstand.

The real threat was beyond those doors and into the shadows of the deepest dungeon of the prison...


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A new era, a new Snake to slither [Nukenin thread/plot/NK] - Page 2 BIgWlMn:8

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Tsuyo would watch her closely for a moment with his silver eyes. Studying her like one might study a science project. She felt so much like him and yet she didn't seem to notice it. In a way each chakra signature held a flavor. Like a taste in the air one never forgets. It wasn't actually done with his tastebuds thankfully. Just a sense of things. A feeling of the combined senses. She was a dark one with a moist sensation to her. Like water just beneath the skin. He could almost hear her tongue hissing behind her lips. Her dark eyes filled with confidence and looking to manipulate the situation. She was very much like Enaka. He had met the man once and knew at the time he should have ended him. He knew at the time the man was too dangerous but had done nothing to keep the peace between Konoha and Iwa. However the fact that the man was in the deepest part of this prison was shocking. Tsuyo couldn't help but wonder if he wanted to be here. If her murdering her way to him was just another one of his could wonder.

However her reaction to his suggestion of peaceful resolution surprised him. It was a way for her to survive. An instinct any good warrior had. The fact that she had made it this deep suggested she was more a predator and not prey. Perhaps they were too much of a combination. So close to her goal only to face insurmountable odds. A snake backed into a corner would of course rattle its tail. Preparing its fangs. She drew an item filled with a dark power even Tsuyo felt a need to avoid. He needed to get it away from her though with out doing to much harm. He doubted the truth of the lack of files. She was ANBU and ANBU prided themselves on information retrieval and protection. No politician could surround himself with much power and not be on their books. Perhaps some part of chivalry within him simply drove him to wish to be merciful. Or happen stance would have it he was closer to avenging his brother than he had ever been. He wanted something from her for personal reasons. His organization and will to protect be damned. Someone had taken something precious from him.

Still even as he debated his next move black chains shot passed him and crucified the poor woman to the floor. In an instant before anyone could react Tsuneo had loosed his power and was attacking. For a moment Tsuyo feared the boy had intentions to rip her apart. His silver gaze shifted to the boy as anger flashed within those orbs. Blood splattered on the walls as Tsuneo made his way to her and plucked out one of her eyes. Her screams echoing across the hall. Tsuyo watching as his own eye suddenly hurt from the memory. He was watching it all happening again and this time he understood her pain. Even as Tsuneo withdrew his chains and returned to him Tsuyo felt his rage building. In a split moment of blurred motion Tsuyo would shift a step and attempt to pick Tsuneo up by the collar of his shirt. Slamming him against the wall as he glared into his eyes and held him there. His teeth gritting.

"How dare you...My options for avenging my dead family own little brother by blood may have lain with her. Instead of trusting me, believing I knew what I was doing you had to act. Giving into your impulses once again. HOW MANY CHANCES?! How many have I given you? Leave now. I will clean this up. Do not return before me again until you control that madness because I swear to you young king, I, will, handle you myself."

With that he would release Tsuneo as Lamya rose to her feet. Shifting away from the boy with his lips in a frown and his eyes glaring to the woman. She didn't seem concious. Just filling a role now. Moving to the door and opening it. It was as if she had been reprogrammed as a child just for such an occassion. What torment her mind must have endured. However as the doors opened he could feel it. Enaka was waiting and held no fear in his chakra. He wanted this to come about. Regardless of what Enaka could offer, it came at too great a price. No deal with a devil was to be made today. Instead Tsuyo let out an angry breath as veins stretched from his eyes. A green fire like aura shifting around him as chakra coated his hands. In a step he was upon Lamya from behind and in a flurry of movements it would happen. Unless she broke free of her mindless state her chakra points, every last one of them would become sliced. Cutting her access to her chakra or to move it. With that done he would tap her head on the side with a loud clapping slap to try and bounce it off the door with measured enough force to attempt to knock her out.

Only if that succeeded would he remove her armor and weapons. Shifting along her like a medical professional for any hidden keys or items. Removing them with chakra scalpels if he had to. As he did her flesh would begin to turn black from the blood spilling about inside. Only once he was satisfied that she was fully unarmed would he press his hand to her and using a small B rank medical jutsu stop the internal bleeding and the bleeding in the empty socket. He could do nothing for the crushed body part though. Unhappy with how things had turned out he would drag her into a cell and close the door. Moving to the doors she opened and closing them as well. Neatly he would stack her things in a pile and turn on his heel as he carried them up the stairs. It wasn't until the first floor when he found the guards keeping order now. He would hand one of them her things and simply walk out. He was done with this place. His brother torn from him again in a way. He had no idea of Tsuneo's alternative idea. No idea of the spy network the boy had maybe mentioned to him once vaguely. He just wanted to be gone from this place.

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Having been scolded by his brother Tsuneo simply looked back into his brother's eyes before saying his piece “Then you **** tell the daughter of this man you **** let her father's murderer go because you're crazed about revenge. We both seek revenge. However, not at the cost of the justice that we deliver. Had he been here, he'd have burned you back to consciousness. Fine, I'll stop annoying you and the rest of you with my madness. Farewell. Tsuyo.”

Tsuneo having said that moved his brother's arm away before dissapearing into the night. His senjutsu would let his memory remain for merely few more seconds.

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A new era, a new Snake to slither [Nukenin thread/plot/NK] - Page 2 Red_la10




A few minutes had passed, with Tsuyo destroying Lamya's or rather Orochi Risu's ability to use any of her jutsu with the use of his byakugan, completely removing her from the equation. The Hyuga and Tsuneo had left already and the lingering chakra in the corridor was slowly dissipating. Silent and bereft of her power, Lamya sat on the cold ground in a dark and damp cell, simply awaiting her fate, cold and almost lifeless both within and without, in silence she waited and came to witness something she had not expected and perhaps not a single person had expected besides the one man she was seeking and hoping to confront.

The door which she had opened, moved ever so slightly and she could hear the sound of bodies falling to the floor. Even without her chakra, even devout of all of her powers and the loss of some of her perception due to losing an eye, she could feel the pressure that envelloped her room and probably the entire prison.

The wounded and broken woman rose silently from the ground, walking nearly naked save for her undergarments towards the door of her cell, looking through the bars near the top of it, only to see two ANBU operatives laying on the ground motionless, each with a gaping hole in their chest and as her single eye trailed towards the door that should've lead her towards the floor below, she could see the shadow, she could hear the sound of boots ressonating beyond the shadows, coming ever closer.

Until she saw it, a man dressed in a simple black attire, a black haori and black pants, eyes devout of any emotion and lips curled into a gleeful smirk came through the opening of the door, calmly rubbing his wrists as he had been freed from his shackles or rather he had freed himself. It was almost as if he had awaited for this moment to come to pass and as the man stopped walking, he turned towards the celldoor behind which Risu was looking at him. "You always were my best creation, my dear Risu. The perfect puppet until the very end."

The young woman fell down to the ground and scurried to the back of her cell, feeling powerless and affraid as now without any power, she couldn't do a single thing against the very force of nature which stood on the other side of the door. "Thanks to your brazen actions, you'll be branded an S rank criminal, you'll be blamed for the deaths of the guards and the escaped prisoners...while I, I'll roam free again. It's sad that it could not have gone differently, but don't despair...I will fulfill your dream as well as my own."

After that, the pressure vanished and only silence could be found outside the cell and inside it, bar for the soft whimpering of the broken girl inside it..."Just you wait, just wait...I'll be free again and when I am... I'll kill you all."



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A new era, a new Snake to slither [Nukenin thread/plot/NK] - Page 2 BIgWlMn:8

A new era, a new Snake to slither [Nukenin thread/plot/NK] - Page 2 7A6C685406E029D697EB98BD412D3B627562E402

Not the monster you need, but the monster you deserve

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