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1D Rank Mission - Field Trip Empty D Rank Mission - Field Trip on Fri May 12, 2017 9:29 am

Senju Airi

Senju Airi

Mission name: Field trip to the Pool
Mission rank: D
Objective: A class of Academy students are going to the pool for a field trip - ensure that no pranks or accidents occur while they are there.
Location: Konoha
Reward: 80 Ryo
Mission description: It's swim day for the academy; and the teachers are requesting extra help as the weather is extremely nice and the kids are rowdier than normal.
Mission details: Nothing too difficult; just make sure that they do their laps and done damage any of the equipment at the facility.

2D Rank Mission - Field Trip Empty Re: D Rank Mission - Field Trip on Fri May 12, 2017 3:14 pm

Senju Airi

Senju Airi

Lovely brats, all of them. Airi smiled at the bunch of chaotic students of which she was once part of. Unlike her, they weren't exactly calm or quiet. No, they were a bunch of enlivened, noisy, inquisitive, groping, attention-demanding, rebellious bunch of kids overly excited to go swim at a lovely day like this. And seeing how the teachers were frowning, holding their head and generally pretty annoyed, they weren't used to having them be so active.

Airi herself was surrounded by a few girls, nee-san'ing her the whole road and asking for flowers to gussy them up, expecting her to spill all her secrets as a kunoichi, the boyfriends she should have for being so pretty, the gardens she had blooming for being a senju, the friends she had for being so popular... all of them! The questions just didn't stop coming, and so the answers kept flowing. All in good faith and with a smile. Hm. If she weren't so down-to-earth, Airi might have felt like a goddess here.

The whole road, however, the kids didn't tone one bit despite the teachers' several calls. Like a bunch of monkeys advertising for a circus, the people on the streets looked at the passing hoard with curiosity, amusement and mild annoyance. Luckily the kids didn't decide to pull all sorts of pranks while they were on the move, sticking to talking about the swimming, their training and perhaps attempting to pet the occasional passing dog or cat. It was nonetheless a tumult.

Once they arrived at the swimming pool, the noise seemingly rose even more. Excitement all over, added with an even bigger crowd already making good use of the swimming pool suddenly brought the whole thing into action. Students ran rampant, lost their stuff, suddenly got into a fight about cooties or refused to back down for pride's sake. Airi had her hands full as much as anyone else with a bit of given responsibility over this group.

Finally getting everyone ready for a swim and having disciplined somewhat into following orders just good enough to get them all swimming laps as they should,  some still decided it was worth a try to cross laps in the pool, bonking into other swimmers. At that point, since she had no real etiquette to hold up, Airi decided to put on her swimming suit and dived into the pool to stand on the side of the lap track as she directed the kids to swim straight. The water felt good though. Nourishing, even.

Being in the water at least somewhat inspired the girls to focus a little more, glad that they would be able to pass by 'nee-san', but boys just remained boys. If they weren't vying for compliments and pets, they were just putting up a show about how much better they were - much to Airi's amusement.

Then, after what seemed an eternity of swimming in straight lines and correcting adventurous brats, the task of swimming laps finally came to an end.  Everyone had to get dressed again, and luckily, since they had spend most of their energy in swimming, that went a little easier than before. Still, future pervs already tried to take a peek at the dressing girls, and were promptly knocked on the head for doing so. Airi sighed, wondering where the young picked up things like that at such young age.

Finally, everyone dried up and dressed in their clothes again, the road back to the academy began. Where the trip to the pool had been lively, the trip back sounded more like the low buzz of an annoyed bee. And if they were already exhausted during dressing, the students were now reaching the point where their joy would soon turn into complaints about how hungry they were, how tired they were, how their feet hurt, how girl x was being a real pest and how they didn't feel like going to school. Well, there wasn't much Airi could do aside from cheering them up as best as they could, but she did wonder if she had been like this too. She hoped not.

Finally, with the academy in sight, the kids suddenly seemed to find their second wind and ran as fast as they could towards the building, happy to finally have reached their destiny. Unfortunately for them, school wasn't over just yet. Two more sparring sessions followed to improve upon their basic combat, and then two more hours of jutsu practice before they could return home.

But hey. That wasn't Airi's concern anymore. While she had loved the day out in the warmth of the sun, she was somewhat happy to finally be done with her mission. And once everyone was back at the academy and the teachers had thanked her for her assistance, Airi decided she had earned a rest in the lush green grass of one field or another to watch the clouds as she wondered if she'd ever have kids herself.

wc: 851


851 - 600 (mission) = 251

Training Endurance E -> E-2
Dropping the rest


D Rank Mission - Field Trip Airi_b10

The Trees
The Branches
The Leaves
The Blossoms
The Nutritions

Passive - Distinctive Scent:

Passive [Permanent cost of -10 max chakra].
Airi has a distinctive scent about her that is quickly recognised and easily lingers around. All scent-based (non-tracking/detection) jutsu against her suffer a -1 rank in effectiveness, while all scent-based tracking/detection is done with a +1 rank in effectiveness.

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