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Symbol:Gaka(Under Construction) V339g1  Gaka(Under Construction) V339g1.

Gaka(Under Construction) FAHfQ33
Clan Name:Gaka
Location: Scattered
Elements: Suiton, Sumiton

Gaka(Under Construction) HhU72Pp
Clan History: First most noticeable in one 'Sai' of Team Seven from the village hidden in the leaves, this bloodline was found among many others, and spread around as far as the land of Iron.  Sai is thought to be the progenitor of this clan's Kekkei Tōta, being the first known user of Ink Style in his unique way of fighting. He would use a scroll and brush to draw out beasts of different species and functions and push his chakra into the pages to make them come to life.

Since the time of Sai this bloodline has become more than a rare whisper and has spread to many different nations, where once it was a rare commodity, it is known a more widespread, albeit mostly rare, practice. There are plenty of users of Sumiton around the world, but hardly ever do you find more than one or two of them within the same village or setting. While the bloodline itself has become more widespread, the kekkei tota itself is not as strong inherently as others, it is for that fact that unless birthed by two parents of the Gaka bloodline, it is very unlikely the child will carry on the bloodline. This is not saying that it is impossible, but very few children born of a Sumiton user and someone of a different Kekkei Genkai end up having the gift of artistry.

Sai was known to use a large scroll and a double-edge tipless tanto as his weapon, which had a brush hidden in the hilt for easy use of his special jutsu. He would take the brush from the bottom of the hilt and dip it in an inkwell stored there, then would quickly draw out what he wanted and cause it to come to life. Modern members of this clan are able to use the same weapon style he did, preferring their own tanto without a tip. While their are not able to pierce, the clan's traditional weapon is deadly nonetheless.

Members: Sai ~Deceased

Gaka(Under Construction) Y4syLuV
Kekkei Genkai Name:芸術Geijutsu(Artistry)
Kekkei Genkai Description:Members of this clan are able to use their Suiton element in conjunction with non-elemental chakra to use unique, ink based abilities of Sumiton.  When writing on scrolls with their brushes they are able to make the creatures upon the pages literally come to life and leap out at their targets. The strength of these creatures or any other jutsu involving Sumiton are based on the lowest rank of their Suiton element and their Ninjutsu Specialization. IE: S-Rank Suiton and D-Rank Ninjutsu, Can only use D-Rank Sumiton.

Each member of this clan is able to app a free D-Rank large scroll and C-Rank Double-Edged Tipless Tanto. The Tanto itself will have an unscrewable part on the bottom of the hilt, where a brush and ink are stored, allowing them to
Drawbacks: (What is your clan bad at?)


Ninjutsu: S | Fuuinjutsu: C | Katon: S | Raiton: C

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