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The temperature and the endless expanse of rocky terrain of the Land of Rock was wretched to Kui by this time. He had taken it upon himself to leave. The caves and strange people were of no interest to him any longer. Even the asylum, as wretched and confining as it was, had more entertainment value than what was essentially a desert without the sand. With a bit of manic pep in his step, Kui followed a trail and some really worn, wooden road signs to seek out a cloudy place. Kumogakure no Sato sounded fine and dandy to him. Would the taste of the people there be sweet and fluffy like a large tuft of blue and pink cotton candy? There would be only one solid way to find out.

As he traveled along, at least through the heated landscape of the border, he knew to keep hydrated. He may be off his head, but Kui was not stupid. He was actually quite an educated young man behind the illness he suffered. He picked the fruit from cacti he passed, drinking the water within to sustain himself. He committed to some rather unwanted, deep daydreaming and pondering as he walked. Introspection was never good for Kui, as mad as he was, one would be wise to remember it was of no fault of his own that he had lost his mind.

Kui was thinking about his life before he was institutionalized. How his family had taught him to do the eating of his fellow man, only to agree to have him sent away for it. He hoped they had suffered poor fates for what they did to him. The abuse he sustained at the asylum promoted his now more murderous behavior. The keepers of the mentally sick rarely ever pay heed to proper procedure, for there is nobody to judge the quality of their work and be taken seriously.

They only fed him normal food, and even that was disgusting in it's own right. Kui did not find it appetizing whatsoever. The first time he was fitted with a mouth guard occurred in response to a severe facial mauling sustained by one of the more cruel guards. The man boldly entered Kui's chamber without realizing, and Kui had undone his restraints. Pissing on a sick persons food as a prank was wrong.

As he looked up from his daydreaming, and justification of his own actions, Kui noticed that the barren landscape seemed to trail off into a much nicer area. There was far more vegetation here, it was grassy and there were even...there were large, grazing animals the likes of which Kui had never seen before. In excitement, Kui rushed toward what were, unknown to him, Buffalo. They were only slightly skittish as Kui patted and petted the large furry cattle. They just munched and munched on the grass, now realizing Kui was not a threat to them. He laid down in the grass and smiled, looking up at the sky. It was extremely clear, and he was surrounded by friends.

"Sir, I'm going to need you to stop meddling with my livestock here. They need to reach a certain weight before I can put them down for winter harvest."

Kui raised an eyebrow and stood up carefully, brushing the grass from his robes and turning to stare at the man who was speaking. He was unhappy already, just from that little spiel.

"Why do you think it is okay to kill these big happy friends? Why do you raise them only to kill them? They have done nothing to you. You are cruel and I do not like you. Leave me, and these big fluffs alone or I will make you."

Kui ended up eating that man, in the middle of the field, surrounded by buffalo. His next stop, Kumogakure No Sato.

[648/600] Travel Complete


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