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1 Senju Airi [Plot Tracker] on Mon May 22, 2017 12:06 pm

Senju Airi


The Nutritions

"Plants draw nourishment from the soil, and we draw nourishment from them.
Therefore we should take care of the soil that supports us both."

The Minerals which fuelled growth:

❀ Daremo, Sensei of Medical Ninjutsu
❀ Nayoko, Muse of the Dryad's Shinobi Road

The Sunrays that brightened the day:

❀ Shippo, Konoha-nin
❀ Hanbei, the Mystical Healer
❀ Anon Brier, Suna-nin
❀ Jamie, the Lone Cub
❀ Poe, the Book Wurm

The Labour which bore fruits:

❀ None

The Rot that spoiled everything:

❀ None


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2 Re: Senju Airi [Plot Tracker] on Mon May 22, 2017 12:15 pm

Senju Airi


Hanami of the Tree of Memories

"A moment to gather our memories as we read and listen to stories unfold."

The Sun and the Moon - A story of two healers, each living in a world as different as day and night.

Part I - Girls' day out
Part II - A new challenger appears

The Komodo and the Flower - A story that binds generations by their kindred soul.

Part I - The Road less travelled

The Dragon and the Dryad - The story of two people becoming one untameable heart.



The Trees
The Branches
The Leaves
The Blossoms
The Nutritions

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Missions: 0/2

Passive - Distinctive Scent:

Passive [Permanent cost of -10 max chakra].
Airi has a distinctive scent about her that is quickly recognised and easily lingers around. All scent-based (non-tracking/detection) jutsu against her suffer a -1 rank in effectiveness, while all scent-based tracking/detection is done with a +1 rank in effectiveness.

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