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1Senju Airi [Plot Tracker] Empty Senju Airi [Plot Tracker] on Mon May 22, 2017 5:06 am

Senju Airi

Senju Airi

The Nutritions
Senju Airi [Plot Tracker] The20n10

"Plants draw nourishment from the soil, and we draw nourishment from them.
Therefore we should take care of the soil that supports us both."

The Minerals which fuelled growth:

❀ Nanashi, Sensei of Medical Ninjutsu
❀ Nayoko, Muse of the Dryad's Shinobi Road

The Sunrays that brightened the day:

❀ Shippo, Konoha-nin
❀ Hanbei, the Mystical Healer
❀ Anon Brier, Suna-nin
Jamie, the Lone Cub Miku, the Lost Feline

The Labour which bore fruits:

❀ None

The Rot that spoiled everything:

❀ None


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Senju Airi

Senju Airi

Hanami of the Tree of Memories

"A moment to gather our memories as we read and listen to stories unfold."

The Moon and the Sun - A story of two healers, each living in a world as different as day and night.

Part I - Girls' day out
Part II - A new challenger appears

The Cat and the Herb - A story of two friends finding their own way.

Jamie and the Green Fairy
The Cat and the Herb

The Uchiha and the Senju - A story told in the past, and bound to change the future.

[x] Rank Tracker


Senju Airi [Plot Tracker] Airi_b10

The Trees
The Branches
The Leaves
The Blossoms
The Nutritions

Passive - Distinctive Scent:

Passive [Permanent cost of -10 max chakra].
Airi has a distinctive scent about her that is quickly recognised and easily lingers around. All scent-based (non-tracking/detection) jutsu against her suffer a -1 rank in effectiveness, while all scent-based tracking/detection is done with a +1 rank in effectiveness.

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