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1 Train The Academy! (D-rank) on Mon May 22, 2017 11:46 am



The academy; everyone had to go through it, everyone had a history with it. And not all of those histories were positive ones. Take mine for example. I was in a class of predominately orphans and civilian children, a class that few teachers cared about. It was always about the clan born children, they held 'promise' and 'ability' while we were just seen as weak and unwanted.

So no the academy was not in my top 10 places to spend a D-Rank mission. Which is why, as I looked up at the academy gate, I felt a wave of nervousness sweep through me. Today I had lost track of time reading Icha Icha: Hotel Heat in the library and had no other choice but to help out with a class while their teacher recovered from a training accident.

The Academy entrance was just as I remembered it, rather bland, with a few signs that pointed in the direction of different rooms and a small reception area out the front. I walked over to the reception and was greeted by a somewhat familiar face.

"Hello miss how can I assist you today?" the receptionist asked in an overly perky tone.

"Oh I was just sent here to cover for... Imani Naro?"

"Oh, of course you must be the genin we hired. let's see here," the lady said flipping through a few piles of paper, "Imani-san looked after class C, oh the civilian class, it's such a shame you won't be seeing the... more promising students."

Biting my tongue I took a few sheets of paper from the lady as she pointed me towards the classroom I'd be working in. Though I wasn't a student at the academy anymore I still felt a connection to the civilian class. You can bet your arse that if I wasn't on a mission that lady would have received an earful. Instead I chose to curse her under my breath as I left for class C.

Taking the directions the receptionist gave me, I arrived at my old classroom shuddered before knocked on the door. Hearing nothing but muffled chattering, I gingerly opened the door and walked inside and sat at the desk. In front of me was a full class of students all looking able and ready to learn.

"Alright class!" I said in my most commanding voice. "Everyone sit down before I call roll. Obviously your sensei is not here today but I want all of you on your best behaviour. Now let's see here: Amani, Kirin..." I continued with the role while also taking in the kids faces; it never hurt to know who you were calling on for answers.

As I finished my gazed rested on the class of somewhat sceptical students. "Awesome! So can anybody give me a brief outline of what you've covered before today?" I asked give a small smile and waiting for someone to raise their hand. After what felt like hours but were really a few seconds of waiting a little girl in the back with glasses, Aricho, raised her hand.

"Yes, Aricho?" her eyes widened at being recognised before she went over the class work they had covered. As I thought; they had done very little history and almost no taijutsu or ninjutsu training. I sighed, thanking Aricho for the information, this was going to be a very long day. Taking a piece of chalk I began writing up a lesson/training plan on the board.

"Alright kids, this is what I'll be covering today and this is what I want you to work at on your own after school. You'll can find me in the library or in training ground 14 if you need help with anything. NOW GET READY TO LEARN!!"


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