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Mission Details:
Mission name: Eradicate the smugglers (Repeatable)
Mission rank: B
Objective: “With the new customs protocols, and the limited entry into the country, smugglers trade have been spotted making illegal ports across kiri… this presents an opportunity. Kill the smugglers, secure the goods.”
Location: Kiri
Reward: 300 ryo
Mission description: Small smuggler’s ships have been trying to slip in under our noses. Root them out, kill their captain and secure their illegal weapons/ cargo for kiri. They will resist.
Mission details: The ninja will find a small unmarked vessel with ten vanguard men who will be trying to look inconspicuous. Kill them. They have C rank Katon, ninjutsu and C rank Bukijutsu, with C rank katana and broadswords.

Name: Smugglers
Age: 16-40
General Appearance: Pirates
Personality: Mongrels of all shapes and sizes, usually wearing silks and distinguishing colours
Motivations: money, power, position, anarchy
Fears: Death, pain, loss, superior enemies
Other: B rank Pirates who each have 10 D rank throwing knives which can penetrate 2” deep. C rank Ninjutsu And C rank Bukijutsu, with C rank Katon. They each have a C rank sword which is able to cut or penetrate 4” deep but not through bone. And possess all academy jutsu and C rank and lower fire jutsu from the library.
There was a flash of lightning and a peal of thunder overhead as Nayoko made his way down the road toward the Kirigakure no Sato Administration Building, The rain was pouring down so hard hat even in the short walk from his hotel to the building where he would pick up his mission for the day had left him completely drenched with rainwater. He was soaked all the way down to his hair which was normally spiked upwards at the front of his head was drooping down into his eyes, forcing him to push it out of the way time and time again.  Looking up from the road ahead that he was been staring at for most of his journey, he was finally able to see the building at the end of the street up ahead. Breaking into a jog, he quickened his pace in order to get out of the rain a little bit sooner rather than later.

As he opened the front doors to the building, he could not help but smile at the burst of warm air that flooded out from the structure, flowing over his body and working to slightly counteract the freezing cold temperature had set into his body from the rain outside. Rushing inside and closing the door behind him, he let out a sigh as he glanced around the warmly lit interior of the administration building. He had been here a few times already, picking up some mission in order to make some money while he was away from home, and now knew his way around the place fairly well. Glancing about at the other people around him, he took in that there were not many others in the building today. Perhaps they decided to take a day off because of the rain, the twenty two year old speculated, unsure of the actual reason, but not overly concerned by it overall. Finally, the young Hattori began to head over to the mission board in order to find something he could do for the village that day. He perused the options for a while before his eyes fell onto a very familiar mission; it was one that he had already completely a few other times. Obviously, his work had not been enough.

Nayoko reached up and pulled off the notice from the board and proceeded to carry I over to the desk where they would officially assign him the mission. The woman sitting at the desk smiled at him when he approached. “Hey there Nayoko. Are you back to do more for your village’s allies?” Nayoko smiled in return. “Yup, that’s the plan. It looks like I haven’t done enough yet, considering this mission is still being posted on the board.” The woman took the notice and looked it over, frowning. “Ya, there are still smugglers out there. And if I’m honest, I’m beginning to think there always will be. Especially since Burittsu has made it know that he won’t be taking on that mission anymore.” Nayoko furrowed his brow as he remembered the extremely violent special jonin that had joined him the fist couple of times that he had taken this mission. It was said that he had racked up the most smuggler kills out of anyone in the village, and Nayoko believed it judging by how ruthless and cold he had been, both literally and figuratively, when they had worked together. Shaking his head from the thought, he extended his hand toward the woman to take the official mission scroll that she was offering him. “Well,” he said, stoically. “I guess that means there will be more work for me. I’ll be back tonight to turn this in. Thanks.”

With that, Nayoko turned and headed toward the exit, pausing only for a moment to tuck the scroll away inside of a pouch and to pull his collar up over his face and he ventured back outside into the storm that continued to ravage the Village Hidden in the Mists. The journey to the shore side was not a very long one, but the endless downpour made if feel a lot longer to the young Hattori. As we walked he took the time to read the mission scroll, being careful to ensure that it stayed relatively dry while he did so. According to the village intelligence, a boat of smugglers was due to arrive on the shore near one of Kirigakure no Sato’s official docks to unload a fairly large and illegal shipment of weapons to be used by the local gangs and sold on the black market to missing ninja. The village, of course, could not allow this to happen, so thy had sent a group to try to stop these smugglers at the source. In the meantime, however, the groups that had already traveled into the Land of Water’s boarders needed to be killed, which is where Nayoko came into the picture. During the trip, Nayoko thought up multiple strategies for taking out the group, including both all out attacks and more stealthy approaches, but in the end, as he stepped up to the stop of the bluffs that overlooked where the boat was to land, he decided it would be best to wait and see how many people he would have to take on exactly.

Glancing about, Nayoko was able to find a tree large enough for him to hide in while also keeping out of the rain and being able to see the area where the smugglers’ boat was supposed to be docking. He then sat down and propped his back up against the trunk while extended his legs out onto the large branch that he had sat on. He then stretched his arms up into the air before folding them behind his head with a sigh. He made sure to keep one eye on the shoreline while he let his mind wander. The position he was in brought his memory back to the events of the first mission he had taken for the Village Hidden in the Mists. It had been the same mission as this one, eradicating smugglers that had made their way into the Land of Water, but he had been partnered up with Burittsu, a special jonin of Kirigakure who had led him into the woods instead of to the shore of the country like Nayoko had expected. There, Nayoko had ben shown the area where the young Kirigakure shinobi had been slaughtering numerous smugglers for weeks on end at the behest of his village. The ground there had been soaked with so much blood that the air had tasted of iron. It was there that Nayoko had realized that some of the rumours about the ruthlessness of the Village Hidden in the Mists may be more than just stories told to scare their enemies away. He had sat in a tree much like this one on that mission, waiting for the night to fall before the duo had attacked the smuggler camp, swiftly killing them and freeing the human cargo that the thugs had been moving. He would not fall asleep on this watch, that much was certain.

The young Hattori man had been sitting there for about two hours before he finally saw it; a small, unmarked vessel with about ten men on the lookout for any interference. Nayoko debated going after them right away, but thought better of it when he saw that they were unloading their cargo onto the shore. Saves me the trouble, he thought to himself and he dropped down from the tree and headed over to the edge of the bluffs, ensuring that he was out of sight for the duration of their unloading. As soon as they finished Nayoko wasted no time in making his move. He had already gone with a stealthy approach last time, so this time he decided to change things up a little bit. Leaping from the top of the bluff, Nayoko quickly produced six water clones before the seven Nayokos landed on the beach, all in battle stances. Nayoko could not stop himself from smirking. “Alright boys, let’s clean these thugs up.”

“Right!” was the resounding response form his six clones as they launched into action, moving as quickly as Nayoko was able to and overwhelming a few of the smugglers right off of the get go. The proper Nayoko did not waste any time either, drawing his kunai and launching himself at the closest smuggler, launching into a flurry of taijutsu combos that left the criminals reeling before they were killed. Thanks to Nayoko’s element of surprise, the group of clones and Nayoko were able to thin the herd down to two men before too long. Dissipating his two clones that did not end up destroyed, Nayoko channeled all of his remaining energy into his Tearing Torrent Technique, not only crushing the internal organs of the two men before they had a change to react, but also punching a hole through the boat, causing it to sink in the shallows as Nayoko picked up the retrieved contraband from the shore where it had been left. He did not bother looking back at the carnage that he had left in his wake, for he knew he would probably regret it if he did.

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