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The mission was rather simple in fact due to the fact he was something that the new generation probably aspired to be a shinobi who loved their country, came back from countless missions, and cared for the people. But they didn’t know what monster truly awakened on the battlefield the smiles went away and the skills were shown off knowing was half the battle in a battle to the death. Which brought him here on this fateful day gaining a report of a young adolescent going rogue he was about the age of 14 his name Mako but his sister seemed worried about him alot when she reported in the situation that was going on. To Burittsu there was a chance he could still be saved the description of this young male was simple he about five foot six with baby blue eyes sporting the usual shinobi clothing of the mist. His skin was a brown pigment something that would be a rare site to see in this village other than Burittsu. His sister reported in that his backpack and clothing was missing from his room so the best place to wait for him was on the path or by the gate.
Scratching behind his head it was easier to cut him off at the gate and talk to the kid if he had any sense he would understand he has someone that cares about him so much. Unlike Burittsu he was alone until he met a friend well hopefully today would be the day he could save this boy's life and remind him of what it means to be a shinobi so he sat and waited on top of a rooftop. Motionless as a statue with gaze focused down below onto the street as incoming travelers walked in and out but not a sign of the boy Burittsu hid behind his Anbu mask and gear making it known that he was ready to simply return the boy home. Even if it meant hurting him slightly he sighed as he continued to watch the young and old walk into the village and out heading back home.
In a quick glimpse there it was the ideal target heading down to the gate he walked slow trying to blend in with crowd of ongoing merchants he was smart so no way he could have been a genin. Leaping down off the rooftop landing on the ground level only to catch some of the attention of the villagers everyone else kept minding their business it wouldn’t be hard to miss him. Looking at the boy from behind his mask the so called Mako seemed to pick up that he was being looked at stopping dead in his tracks his facial expression didn’t seem to happy to find out someone was waiting for him at the end of the road. Looking at him was a mess indeed but a mess that could be easily fixed with the right words cracking his neck Burittsu slowly began to take his heavy steps towards the male each step was anticipation if he was willing to run.
“Turn around they didn’t tell me I had to be nice too you but I can tell you this Mako you have a sister that cares deeply for you enough to inform us of your troubles. Leaving the village won’t make you man, stronger, or even the ultimate shinobi it makes you a coward you're leaving your people to go follow a selfish goal. Do you want your sister to remember you like that till she dies the only people you’re hurting here is her and yourself you wanna be useful stay in the village and listen to the elders. Not just them listen to everyone and hear what they gotta say before you try to turn your back on such intelligence plus when you go out into the world no one is going to be nice too you out there. You’ll get killed Mako and when we find your body there will not be a funeral I will personally turn your corpse into nothing but ash that will be carried by your family members in an urn if they even want it. Worse part you might just get scattered around like dust in the wind.”

Yeah it was cold but someone had to tell him the truth even Burittsu knew he wasn’t ready for the world his own words and actions would never match if anyone else saw him committing such acts. But as for now if he could stop one shinobi from following him into darkness unknowingly the next generation after his will have a better and peaceful future if they remember that they only have each other. Looking at Mako the boy was already crying not tears of pity or fear but the tears of knowing when he was in the wrong turning his back on Burittsu he only headed back to the village. There was only hope that he would go back to the academy and to his sister and apologize for his actions if not the worst would simply be he decides to not be a shinobi anymore and lives a normal and quiet life from within the village. As long as he knew his place was in this very village helping it grow and prosper nothing else mattered as Burittsu gave out a chuckle and began to walk down the street also to report in an easy well done mission was completed.

“Child’s play..”

End Mission
Turning in mission for D-Rank Jutsu


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