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1 Shinko Akemi [Plot Tracker] on Sat May 27, 2017 1:23 am

Shinko Akemi



"The irreplaceable bunch that forms the core of a single being.
Soulbound, to lose one of these, is to lose a part of your own essence."

☯ Ami Shinko, daughter


"The sort of people that know your darker secrets, yet love you all the more for it. Partly hated, mostly loved."

☯ Shinko Monastery Members

Business Partners

"The professional sort of people with whom you have a good understanding... but nothing more."

☯ None


"Some faces and names just seem to hang around.
Neither Yin nor Yang, their actions and words have yet to show the path they walk."

☯ None


"The paradox of your growth. Their presence urges you to surpass them,
but that's only offset by the amount of annoyance you're willing to tolerate."

☯ None


"Some are just great at spoiling a perfectly fine day.
Whoever they are, where our paths cross, only one may continue its road."

☯ None


Mirage of the Kami,
Seal of the Fox,
Fūin Contractor Akemi

Contractor Akemi Tools of the Trade The Nogitsune's Ways

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