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1 For those who have forgotten, I have returned on Sat May 27, 2017 4:03 pm



Some of you may know me as the helpless winner of the last chuunin exams, Elin
while others may know me as one of the seven swordsmen of Kirigakure and foster child of both Gin and Sanosuke... Yuzu Ren... though being the only Yuzu left of his clan his pretty much just called Yuzu anyways...

Either way just for fun Elin is simply cause I thought it would sound cute
Yuzu means small fruit and since my clan was originally small fruit farmers with a history in Sunagakure not that anyone would know that this was just random trivia

And in the famous words of Illidan Stormrage

"You are not prepared!!"

For those wondering about absence, WORK AND LIFE, it exists



Welcome back!! Hope to see you around :)


"I've made a deal with the devil in me. Pray you don't see the product of that deal."

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go away

Welcome back dude man


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Good to have you back.



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welcome back mate





Welcome back to saga Elin glad to see you again don't know if you remember or not my old alt Ruvaak that was in the exam with you but its me. Lol

Again welcome back and i hope we can do a thread together down the road.



I see Ryo.. But welcome back man.


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Welcome back, Elin


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And some people simply don't know you.

It's a pleasure to meet you and welcome back I suppose. I always love meeting people who have an ego so big that if I jumped from on top of it, I'd be jumping to my death.

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I do not know you, but regardless WELCOME BACK!

Uzumaki Ilya


Ola Elim, or should I say Yuzu??


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Uh.. kay? Welcome back?


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Oookay, then. Welcome back~


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