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Anon Brier

Anon Brier

It was time. Anon sighed and pulled himself up from his sitting position upon his bed. Soon the landlord would be at his apartment to begin cleaning it up and getting it ready to be rented out to the next person. Ms. Akihiko had left Anon a few parcels of food for his trip and given him a bit of ryo for a bed at an inn when he got to where he was going. He'd recently decided that Sunagakure no Sato was not the place for him to grow as a ninja and had made up his mind to travel the five great nations, finding his own way and his own path to become precious to someone. Either that, or he'd grip power in his hands and find it in any way he could. His life was all laid out before him and it was time to go. He quietly slipped into his shinobi clothing, leaving the hitai-ate upon his nightstand. It would be there for someone who wanted it or for the village to collect it. Anon would have nothing of it now.

After tightening his cloth arm guards and making sure everything else was in place, he pulled his purple mask over his face, covering the lower half. The color of this violet mask matched his own hair color which had been dyed again recently. The hazel eyed male grabbed his tool pouch and attached it to a place on his right thigh, trying a new position for it. He then pushed the sheathes of his two swords into the loops on the back of his belt, following through with pushing the swords into the sheathes for use whenever he needed them. He was finally ready and gathered the rest of his supplies, making his way out of the apartment and the building. He waved goodbye to a few as he left, making his way to the gates. Once they were opened, the young Mitarashi left the village and went towards the border.

It was time, he'd become a wanderer now and he was aiming straight for a place he'd heard of: the village hidden in the leaves. Konohagakure no sato. The place where the leaves danced in the shadows. There had to be something there for him and he would not stop in his journey until he made it within their gates to find his way. Breathing deeply, he walked on, passing desert dunes and cacti, the sand turning to dirt and gravel. It took hours, and night was coming, this was probably not a journey one would make in one day. So when night fell, Anon rested, but only for as long as he needed to get his strength back. At the crack of dawn he was on again, the dirt giving way to clean roads lined with grass and trees on either side of the walk. He could smell the cherry blossoms and see the beauty in the greenery. Hours later, he'd arrive at the gates, handing his info card to the guards and arrived in the village hidden in the leaves. It was time to start anew. There was little that could stand in his way now that he'd made the choice and the journey. The newly made wanderer would test his skills against any and all who would have him as a duelist. He'd show others the might of Anon Brier of Mitarashi, an unknown clan with exceptional members. At least, that's what he hoped to accomplish. It was all up in the air at the moment and no one would know what the future held.

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Travel Complete, Exit Thread


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