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The day was passing him by as Elin awaited her arrival, he was sitting on a bench just outside the Raikage's office. He had to meet her again since the previous Raikage failed to finish the paper work for Elin's new identity as well as role within Kumogakure's shinobi forces. Knowing that they met before and that even before becoming Raikage she was meant to be put in charge of him. Then through some unforeseen events she had ended up from being that nice girl he spent some time with, to being the leader of the entire village.

He wanted to help her as a friend and he wanted to live a life free of the harsh views he got from some in relation to his past and some of the controversy in his draw for the chuunin exams. He had become chuunin, but stagnated lately due to injuries and various occurring situations that hindered his training and progress. He waited patiently, or as patiently as he could as he began swinging his feet back and forth as his legs swayed on the bench that was sadly too high for him.

None of this mattered as long as he could serve his friend and live a normal life. At least as normal as it could get for a shinobi as he was wondering what she would be like now that she was the Raikage. It still seemed like a fever dream the day it was announced as the confusion of having Sano step down from his position. Word may have spread and that was why it was also important to do this now, while all the focus was on the changes to the village leadership.

He began to think what it would be like, would she wear the kage hat in her office, was she already in her office or on her way there. Would he get to read some books from her bookshelf, or would she just be quick about everything.
He also hoped he dressed well for the occasion with his shinobi headband around his neck, having had to fix it up recently it got mixed up and it ended up a bit too big for him now. His loose t-shirt was made for comfort, but was also made so that he would not need to struggle moving around. He had his shorts on since he felt like he was getting hot and he began to wonder if it was okay to come to the Raikage's office without shoes on. He actually lost them when jumping on roof tops since he was not looking when he slipped and fell kicking the one slip slop away while the other one he simply took off since one would just be silly.

It had been a few minutes, but it felt like it was taking forever as he started counting the sheepy wolves inside his head, as he would never let people think he was dreaming of a sheep mixed with a wolf. The legendary sheep wolf and its adventures as he became more impatient resisting his urge to glomp her the moment she appears.

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Lin slid down one of the sloping rooftops, closing her eyes and letting the wind carry her where it willed, her eyes shot open as she neared the edge of the roof. Strong but delicate feet pushed off of the edge as she soared over one, two, three rooftops, landing on another and sprinting. She had just gotten a message from Elin, a boy that had hurt himself in the chuunin exams, and wondered how he was doing, what he was up to. She could heal his wounds, but he had refused her last time. Something about.... well she couldn't quite remember. She ran along the rooftop, her collar flaring out behind her, and her neck scarf hugging her body as she ran. She had opted for black leggings and had pinned the left side of her bangs behind her ear.

Continuing to run along the roofs, she looked at Kumogakure, the village that she was supposed to lead. What was she doing there? Why was she the Raikage? She sighed, kicking off of one rooftop, soaring over a street, and landing on the shingles of another roof. She ascended to the pinnacle of where the two slopes met, and continued to run. She wasn't late, but Elin liked to be early, so she would be on time.

She shot up and over the roof, landing on top of the roof of the administration building, sliding down, she caught the edge of the storm drain by her fingertips and slipped into the raikage's office. She had been at the hospital all day, and had given some people some advice on how to bandage, taught a class on how to heal using the basic hovering hands technique. Busy busy busy...

She sighed, flattening her shirt, a plain white one with buttons down the middle and blue cuffs. She was wearing a blue skirt that matched her eyes. She walked two paces and ducked out of instinct. Four hundred pounds of panther hit the opposite wall. "Do you want to see Elin too?" She asked Gora. Gora glowered and sulked. She wasn't able to sneak up on Lin anymore, no matter how quiet she made herself. It was because of the senjutsu training that she had undergone. It was quite fantastic, but it made the cat and mouse more of a one sided battle.

With a dejected look, she padded along beside Lin. She opened the door to find Elin in a T-shirt, shorts, and a flip flop. Well, that was certainly something. "I am here for your audience." She smiled, Gora flicked her ears back, looking around the room. The four hundred pound white panther made hardly a sound, even on the uneven wooden floors. The smile from Lin was genuine, and so was her curiosity. She hadn't seen Elin in... well... since before she had gone to save the people from the rock slide.

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Elin felt a bit bothered when she said she was hear for his audience, it made it sound like there was more then one person here. He was a bit careless since he did not seem to notice there was an actual panther in the room. That smile on Lin's face was really distracting and then he noticed her outfit seemed really unkagelike, as if that was even a thing or a word since the previous Kage was so much of a playboy. Though Elin only found that out afterwards since losing his status all of Sano's antics were being gossiped about more since he was no longer in a position of power they figured he lost his position because of sleeping around too much.

Elin wondered why her shirt was so white, and why they had so many buttons when it was clear they could all just pop off if Lin was not carefully, he expected her to be wearing a dress or some robes instead. She completely dashed all his ideas of what a female Kage would look like, he had once seen pictures of one from the past, but never did he expect one to be so strangely dressed. It actually looked like Lin was some kind of teacher to be honest as Elin's mind was being distracted by her appearance. Then noticed she was wearing a skirt, he was really expecting pants from her, though he finally stopped thinking his thoughts and looked to the side blushing before seeing the giant panther as he jumped up pulling out a sword pointing it at the panther.

"Railinka... Lin...Rai.." as he was a bit too surprised by the appearance of a giant panther to know what to think anymore as he stuttered a bit. "" as his eyes looked like he was dizzy trying to figure out what to call her and he really had his hair standing up since he may have seen wolves in the wild amongst other animals, but for it to have snuck into the Raikage's room meant it was maybe a shinobi animal assassin out to take the new Raikage from her position as all these thoughts were jumbled up as his body was shaking and only his weapon seemed to be steady due to his training.

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She looked to the boy, and then to the cat, and back to Elin, and back to Gora, and sighed. She forgot that Gora had this effect on some people, well, let's be honest, most people. She giggled and patted Gora's head, "This is Gora, she is my...
er... companion."
She looked at Gora and Gora gave her a pleased look, a pet was something that someone could order, and well... Lin had tried that, and it didn't work. They worked synchronously, and to be honest she didn't know what to do without her. She nodded at the pleased look that Gora gave her and tilted her head at Elin, "I can ask her to leave, if you would be more comfortable? She really has gotten to be a bit, er, big the last couple of months." Gora shot her a glare, "You know what I mean, you're not fat, you're just big!" The glare persisted.

She sighed and shrugged, there was no helping a cat that was dissatisfied with what you had just said, better to just ignore it. "I believe the last time that we had met, it was...
about a year ago, if I am correct?"
She smiled, "I was just a special Jounin then, but enough about me, how have you been progressing? I haven't had the chance to look at all of the people of Kumogakure no sato yet.
Have you been completing missions, meeting friends, seeing sights, keeping out of trouble in general?"
She offered a friendly smile. She didn't want to scare the poor boy, but apparently she had. She nodded, trying to encourage him to speak. Gora was still waiting for his answer as to whether or not she could still remain. She, for all of her bluster, didn't like scaring people.

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