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1 Noel's Plot (Plot Mover) on Mon May 29, 2017 9:19 am




Midori - She seems like an older sister, but to some degree she also seems like a teacher or his mom even though he can not remember his parents. He really likes Midori and is really worried since he felt he disappointed her greatly by failing his first mission after leaving the hospital as well as missing her Kage Coronation Ceremony


Syekren - Noel's new squad leader and captain who he met on his first mission after leaving the hospital, while it ended in failure he hopes that he did not disappoint his new captain and sensei as he really wants to impress Syekren-sensei

Daraku - Noel's Kenjutsu Sensei who taught his the Vacuum Wave technique as well as met on occasion in the Sunagakure Hospital as Daraku is also a Doctor of sorts as Noel wrote about Daraku in his note book. He really respects Daraku-sensei even though he does not realise that Daraku is not as great as his hype even though he is extremely strong in his own right.

Squad Partners

Lynn - Has not met her, but heard she is also in his squad

Lux - His current guardian as well as the first escort and guide when he left the Sunagakure Hospital. He really likes Lux though does not realise all of Lux's faults yet and did not notice how much of a nuisance he was everytime Lux wanted to have a smoke.


Ryo - Some strange kid with two dogs who was being tailed by a bunch of bandits as Noel came to his aid not sure of what kind of situation it was.


Noel Annoyed Theme

Noel Main Theme

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