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1 When the Clocks Strike Thirteen. on Mon May 29, 2017 3:34 pm



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It was a bright cold day in April...

Hanbei had felt what he considered the warmth of the nation of fire, everything seemed to be going the girl's way thus far, although, she had attempted to be kidnapped by those who had held her for 2 years earlier on in the week... however the kidnappers had quickly regretted their decision to do so. Hanbei was certain that the Jounin of the nation would have hunted most of them down by now, each of them would be likely rotting in a jail cell for the rest of their natural lives... Hanbei didn't like the idea of locking something in a cage until it withered away, but even she found it difficult and bordering the impossible to bring herself to care for her former captors.

Waking up in the morning for Hanbei was not the easiest of experiences, she would get up before the sun rose every morning and face the direction of the sun, preparing an offering of incense and tea as she would salute the sunrise. As the zenith of the sun cracked the horizon with a fiery plume, Hanbei could feel the gaze of something infinite bearing down on her, but even this being through all her insight, the light whatever the being emanated was far too grand for the child to attempt to penetrate with mortal eyes. Finishing her tea at the Inuzuka compound Hanbei would do her duty to earn her keep by cleaning the floors int he Inuzuka mansion while the others slept, building up a sweat as she did so and feeding the puppies their breakfast and get dressed, placing lotion on her pale marble like skin where she was instructed to help her scarring recover.

Before long it was finally time to get out of here, taking her ninja equipment Hanbei thought that it was about time that she begin her path of ascention in the ways of the ninja once again. After all, she was in konoha, of all the nations that likely needed a helping hand from a diverse source, it would be this nation of oddities that strung itself together with the founding belief that love, was the tool that would lead to a lasting peace.

if only it were so easy.

At the recruiting office, it seemed that many of the missions in the nation had been taken, but there was one at the Hyuga compount for a training session with some of their aspiring Genin. They were looking for someone to teach them practical skills, but in a very specific theme due to the hope that they would awaken their eyes and learn the foundations for the Juken. While Hanbei seemed apprehensive, she knew that the Hyuga Juken was effectively acupressure used for combat, which was something that she was well learned in. Telling the cleark at the office that she would accept the job Hanbei found herself moving through a process of exceedingly thorough checks to ensure that she was fine to conduct the mission, some more invasive than others...

Leaving the office Hanbei didn't know how to feel... straightening her silken layered robes in a huff she seemed to now be in a bad mood, her cheeks puffed out as she would storm for the Hyuga Compound to be led to a training room. Once again it seemed the Guanyin was early, the three students had yet to arrive but in the mean-time she was subjected to likely the most condescending patriarch that could have possibly welcomed her into the home. Taking a single glance at the Guanyin Hanbei could tell that this man had doubts about her training their aspiring ninja... with a sly look he spoke plainly. 'And you're sure that you meet all of the qualifications for the assignment?'

Hanbei nodded, she wanted to give him a piece of her mind, but found herself biting her tongue... not wanting to say something she would regret and make an enemy of one of the most powerful ninja families not only in this country... but in the world.

Some battles were just not worth fighting.

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Supaku arose early that morning as was her usual routine, the sun not quite having risen and the room still lit with the silvery glow of predawn. It was the obviously logical choice of course. One did not achieve greatness by lying in bed all day and expecting phenomenal achievements to simply fall into one’s lap. She swung her legs over the side of the bed and they landed inside her slippers, precisely as they always did thanks to careful planning and preparation on her part the night before. And every night before. Supaku stood and stretched out her arms and legs slowly and methodically, letting the nights lethargy burn it’s way out of her muscles. The light from the rising sun gradually lit up the room as she went through her Wing Chun forms, the shadows from her graceful movements making an intricate puppet show on the far wall. With a satisfied sigh she completed her final form and drew a deep breath before reaching, without looking, to her desk and gathering her clothes that she had laid out the night before. “Well Supaku, today will be a good day. Everything so far has gone perfectly. Because how could it not?”

Her days were planned out like clockwork, they had to be, she didn’t have forever to achieve her goal of becoming Hokage. Ever since that abysmal failure at the Harvest Festival where she had been granted Second Place on her art piece she had been obsessed with absolute perfection. So without fail she had stuck to a strict daily routine, that she had designed herself with the assistance of a few of the more knowledgeable elders at the Hyuga compound and Sensei in Konohagakure. She looked over at her nightstand and picked up her handwritten list again to review its contents. She knew it by heart, but it gave her a thrill to see the words written and mentally check them off the list.

Supaku’s Secret to Success

Wake up and Stretch.  *No one got better by sleeping.
Perform all of the Wing Chun forms in order and without errors. *Failure is not who you are
Bathe, Dress and Put Away Nightclothes. *Dress like you want to be seen. Respected.
Make Bed, Set Out Next Day’s Clothing. *Always be prepared. There’s never enough time.
Eat Breakfast. *Don’t Forget!
Train. *You are born to lead.
Eat Lunch. *Don’t Forget!
Train. *You will never come in Second again.
Eat Dinner. *Don’t Forget!
Study. *Achieving greatness is the most important thing. Always More.
Dress For Bed. Put Away the Day’s Clothing. Sleep. *Tomorrow will come soon enough.

In her opinion it was elegant in its simplicity. Perfection was a word that could not have been applied more fittingly. As she set the list back down on the night stand she looked with mild annoyance at the tattered red ribbon that said “Second Place” in faded gold letters beside the paper. “I’ll show them. It won’t be long now, they’ll see.” She gave her head a quick nod, in affirmation of her own words and then headed to the bathroom. She showered quickly and efficiently, having the process timed so that not a moment was wasted searching for soap or shampoo, or singing or any other such trivial nonsense. When she was done she toweled herself off, and pulled on a long red tunic style dress that buttoned up the front over a short sleeved white blouse. She left the buttons on the front of the dress undone all the way up to her knees, to aid with her movements. While wing chun did allow her more flexibility in terms of unusual movements, this dress always tugged at her legs at just the wrong times otherwise. The bright red of the dress made her pale white skin look all the paler, and with her long hair wet, the lavender hue appeared to be quite dark. She stood for just a moment and looked into her own violet eyes in the bathroom mirror, drew her shoulders back and gave her reflection a winning smile. “You are Supaku Hyuga. You will be the 20th Hokage. It is in your blood. You were born to do this.” Supaku took her yellow scarf and tied back her hair in a high ponytail, hung up her towel, and then went to her room to finish her morning routine.

Today she was to participate in some special training at the Hyuga compound with some other students and she was practically bursting with excitement. Despite this inner elation she kept a stoic face as she walked, nodding curtly to anyone who caught her eye. She was feeling energetic, and she didn’t have time to waste on petty small talk with less relevant people. She had important things to do. As she arrived at the compound itself she flat out ignored anyone who was busy cleaning up walkways or trimming hedges, but upon being admitted to the house she was all smiles and sweetness to anyone who would pay attention to her.

After being directed to a training room, she walked with purpose towards the hallway and paused as she saw two other young people walking in the same direction as her. Raising an eyebrow she moved faster, meaning to put herself just a pace ahead of the pair and addressed them with no small amount of cold friendliness. “I am Supaku Hyuga. I assume you are the other two that I’m supposed to be training with today?” The two, a young blonde boy about 17 and a younger girl about 15 who looked strikingly similar to him stopped and stared. Both were dressed modestly in traditional Hyuga clothing. The boy spoke first, cheerful and outgoing “Yes, hi there! I’m Yori, and this is my sister Ko. Nice to meet you Supaku.” He held out his hand to shake hers as he spoke, to which she merely raised an eyebrow and smiled. “Nice to meet you as well.”

She was not fond of friends, they were hindrances to her goals, tying up her time, always needing something from her. So she spun on her heel and kept marching herself down the hall to the training room. She could hear the surprised gasps from behind her from the siblings but she just grinned and kept moving. Let them think I’m rude, when I’m Hokage and they’re still Genin maybe then I’ll consider making friends with them. She stepped up to the training room door just a few paces ahead of the other two Hyuga, and with a quick rap she opened the door without waiting for a response.


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If time flies, how would one land?


Name: Hyuga, Kotomine
Age: 61
General Appearance: An old bearded man with a marble like appearance and disapproving eye. Standing at around 6'7 in height he is a tower of a man with broad shoulders and chiseled features.which has given him the title of 'the paragon.' The thought of seeing this man smile is borderline insanity. He often wears a long grey and white Gi with a long coat folded neatly over-top with the Hyuga symbol on the back. Coupling these with a black belt around his waist and basic Geta increasing his height to nearly 7'.
Personality: A serious man who has no time for humor or joking, though his seriousness often comes down to the many harsh duties that he holds within overseeing the training of many Hyuga children within the clan. He's serious and overbearing due to the fact that his time is precious, with almost every second of his day to day life accounted for planned and prepared practically and pragmatically, anything that would be considered a waste or impractical are grave insults to his importance and station.
Motivations: While many would think that his one goal in life is to sap the enjoyment and fun out of everyday life and replace them with nothing but work and misery. He only takes his job so seriously due to a deep seeded care for those under his wing. He is not cruel nor heartless, but quite the opposite, having sacrificed most of his adult years in training the young, he only wishes his sacrifice be appreciated and respected duefully.
Fears: He fears that those he trains, should they neglect their study or his teachings will not learn the lessons they need to when they grow into adulthood. Such ignorance could get them killed one day, and having lost many before and seen war. He thus dedicated himself into ensuring that does not happen.
Abilities: Kotomine is an A rank ninja with A-2 stats across the board. He's Trained in S rank in Taijutsu, Ninjutsu and Medical Ninjutsu as well as S rank in Doton and Fuuton with A rank Suiton. He has all library abilities as well as advanced Hyuuga jutsu and has unlocked his A rank Byakugan. He wears arm and leg weights that reduce his speed and reaction time by -2 tiers, but when removed increase them by +2 for 5 turns.
Other: N/A

Name: Hyuga, Yori
Age: 17
General Appearance: Silver haired and white eyed, Yori is an interesting looking Hyuga, often wearing his basic Hyuga Gi and black Haori over-top with the Hyuga Symbol on it, though, when he uses many of his techniques he appears to have stitches running in many places through his body which he uses for bizarre techniques.
Personality: Yori is an introvert who is odd to say the least, he seems to have an interesting and abstract take on most things that many would assume to be standard. While not a philosophical kind he often states things of his own imagining as a matter of fact that has given him the name of a bit of a lier.
Motivations: Motivated by exploration and discovery of new and interesting things and perspectives, Yori is interested in anything new and shiny. Whether it be a new person, or a new place or simply learning something new... though he doesn't often listen, rather, he creates his own reality as he goes along.
Fears: Yori doesn't like Genjutsu users in the slightest, illusions and fake realities and experiences mess with his head on a whole other level and make him question the nature of the world as a whole. The fear runs so deep that occasionally mentioning them in a too serious light can make him paranoid.
Abilities: Yori is a D rank ninja with D-1 Stats across the board. He has C rank Taijutsu and Fuuinjutsu in which he uses the thread looped in stitches across his skin to create symbols on his body or even on surfaces and even other people. The strange techniques that he calls 'threading' is noted to be effective, however, due its macabre  nature, many doubt it catching on. Yori is trained in both C rank Katon and Raiton as well as all academy / library techniques as well as D rank variants of Hyuga techniques. Yori has awakened the basic C rank byakugan.
Other: Yori comes with a heck of a load of sewing needles for his chakra threads as well as basic weapons of C rank.

Name: Hyuga, Ko
Age: 15
General Appearance: Ko under her Hyuga Kimono wears a white bodysuit with red symbols across it, not bearing the hyuga insignia at all. She has long silver hair and the customary white eyes soft skin and often seen with a cheerful smile. Though unlike many hyuga she also has white eyebrows and even eyelashes, making many believe that unlike many hyuga, she's actually albino.
Personality: Happy and bubbly to a fault, Ko is a sight to behold, happy even to her enemies she's a loving and caring individual who has absolutely no issue with slaying those who would harm her family or friends with the same carefree smile she wears everywhere else. Many consider her to be what is referred to as an emotional 'null' meaning that she seems to have one default personality, but it was learned, while in actuality, she is emotionally numb, and the happiness is merely a learned mannerism, much like an accent or habit.
Motivations: She's motivated to be the strongest of them all, and seems to be on her way to doing it. Having breezed through the academy with startling speed, Ko was one of the younger genin to be admitted. A hand picked shoe-in for the next chuunin exams at the bequest of leadership in hope that she would bring great pride to the nation.
Fears: Failure.
Abilities: An exceedingly capable Genin with D-2 stats across the board but D-3 strength. Ko is a known medical ninja who supplements her lack of Taijutsu with medical ninjutsu to perform the same Hyuuga techniques, but to an even more devastating extreme. She has medical ninjutsu and Bukijutsu trained to C rank as well as Fuuton and Katon trained to C rank also.
Other:Ko has 2 C rank bladed war-fans that she uses to fight that when thrown act as a boomerang if unimpeded.

Hanbei had been talking to the patriarch for some time now, having learned the mans' name to be as Hyuga Kotomine. The stalwart man seemed to be the resident carer and head teacher of a lot of the students and Hyuga children, in this compound at the very least. Hanbei had bowed respectfully to the man upon their introductions and had been asking him questions about the three ninja he was expected to meet. Without so much as the slightest of hesitations, Kotomine would begin to explain the histories of the three that was coming their way in an objective fashion. One of them, was somewhat of an outsider, though she still had experience as a Genin, while the other two, Ko and Yori were brother and sister, and among some of the more talented Hyuga Genin in the compound, Ko especially so. Kotomine believed that being trained by ninja from other nations practically, would be a powerful means of teaching young Hyuga about the outside world, as well as perhaps give them insight into the kinds of ninja and techniques that existed in the wide world.

Hanbei found herself agreeing with the notions wholeheartedly, it seemed though, that there was another more specific reason that Kotomine had called her here personally. It seemed that the Guanyin clan, had somewhat of a history with teaching Hyuga children, their wondering nature some time ago bought a few of them to their doorstep, their fine healing arts and knowledge of acupuncture and acupressure synnergized with the Hyuga so thoroughly with their gentle fist, that the two clans traded many secrets which led to them both growing stronger over the years that they were together. Kotomine seemed to still respect that alliance, and sought out a Guanyin, someone that he felt he would be able to trust with clan secrets and the training of their youth. Hanbei honestly felt honored, even though she was young, she was still a ninja who had come third in one of the most competitive chuunin exams to date. Although she had been beaten, it was only done so at the hand of the person who had ultimately won that exam.

It would not have been long until the three ninja walked into the room, each of them looking unique in appearance, one of them seemed to have red hems interlacing in and out of his skin, while the girl amongst them all seemed to have bleached her hair and eyelids, or perhaps was simply albino. These two, with their white hair appeared to be similar, meaning that they were likely the brother and sister that Kotomine had told him about. Each of them seemed to share his features somewhat, especially the silver hair trait. Hanbei had thought Kotomine's hair was merely a sign of age, but now that he looked closer, the elderly gentleman seemed extraordinarily youthful, so he doubted his hair had whitened through nature. That meant that the two before him were likely relatives of his in some way, maybe grand-children or some other distant denomination. Which bought Hanbei's attention to the final member of the group...

The outsider...

Hyuga Supaku seemed a more serious sort than the other two, Ko seemed to be bright and bubbly while her brother seemed to be awaiting, but had an air of mystery around him. Supaku however seemed somewhat intense, she stood up straight with nearly perfect posture, she seemed to have been training herself well enough, and she seemed to have a fire in her eye that burned brightly with determination. Eyes that Hanbei had seen in other people who had been to konoha before. It was a sign of greatness but it was also a sign of a potentially troubled future. Hanbei would wait for them all to line up as Sensei Kotomine would look over the three of them and expect them to gather before them. The brother and sister immediately fell in line and stood ad-ease while Hanbei folded her hands one over the other in her lap. Addressing the three of them Kotomine would begin an introduction.

"Okay, the three of you have come to the point in your training where you are expected to undergo missions representing the Hyuga in the ninja world. As Genin, you form the backbone of the future of this nation, and I would expect you to perform as such. This is Guanyin Hanbei, a Chuunin from Kumogakure who has graciously offered to dedicate his time and service to walking you through the training mission I have chosen for you. You're all to head north-west past the Hokage mountain, at the Yuurei mine, there is a hostage situation you are to work together to resolve. Guanyin Hanbei will be providing tutelage and guiding you but this is ultimately your mission and there have been obstacles set up for you to overcome while you attempt to perform it... Hanbei will be reporting your progress to me upon your return. Do you understand?" Hanbei would almost have a chill running up her spine, the fact that the man before him was able to assert that Hanbei was a boy, was not something she came across often, but it meant that whoever he was, he was a capable medical ninja as well as a respected Hyuga of high status.

Waiting a moment for the responses of the three, Ko would reply in the affirmative, reaching up and punching the sky on one leg she would shout her exception and simultaneous excitement of the mission. Yori bowed slightly in response, looking to Hanbei and expressing that he looked forward to learning about her and what she had to teach. Finally, Hanbei would await any response from Supaku before looking to the group, thanking Kotomine for his introduction and giving him a slight bow before turning once again to the three and beginning to speak herself. "Like Sensei Kotomine has said, I'll be the person taking you on this mission, I'll be assigning a leadership role to one of you based on my observations of your talents on the way to our destination. On the way, if there is anything you'd like to know or learn, don't hesitate to ask, but, once we get to the destination, you can devise and enact a plan to rescue the VIP. If you have any questions, shoot."

With a finish, Hanbei would watch the reactions of the Genin, looking over the three of them for any sign of inquiry, the siblings seemed to be content with how things were going and were motivated to get this show on the road. So, he would await a response were one coming. However, if the group were content, Hanbei would rally them to begin to head towards their destination, which was the better part of a day to the mine where the mock 'target' had been set up. Then there were the surprises that had been placed there, mock fire-seals that sealed a mist-like paint rather than katon chakra as well as other small traps in the area. Should the group move in quickly, there would be severe repercussions... Hanbei, much like ko would smile openly.

Today was going to be fun!

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Supaku was more than a little bit intimidated by the sheer size of the Hyuga Sensei who stood before them. She was not a tall woman by any means, but she imagined that even if she were, he would still tower over her. That fact alone was enough to cause a small thrill of excitement to shiver it’s way, she hoped imperceptibly, down her spine. She also imagined that one did not get to be in this sort of position without being quite the powerful Shinobi, so she drew herself up to her full five foot four inch height as he spoke, raising her eyes to his and looking him full in the face respectfully.

She held her proud smile in as he described them as “the backbone of the future of this nation” and was immediately brought out of her self indulgent reverie of her own magnanimousness at the mention of one Guanyin Hanbei. Supaku would shift her gaze a minute amount so as to take in both the towering statue of a man and the newly revealed Hanbei, who as far as she could tell was a rather young looking girl sitting on a chair back by the Sensei’s desk. So it was with no small amount of confusion when the Sensei said “his time”. It could only mean a couple of things of course.

One; that the Sensei had misspoken, which would mean he was wrong. Which didn’t make any sense at all, you couldn’t be that powerful and be wrong, so that wasn’t it. Two; she was wrong in her perception and the visiting Sensei was in fact a male. But that couldn’t be correct either, because she was incorrect about very few things, and most notably she was rarely incorrect about the things that she saw. She was a Hyuga after all. Or three; and this was the one she would have to accept in order to continue paying attention, or else drive herself mad with self doubt, perhaps she had merely misheard what the Sensei had said. Yes, that had to have been it. A small word, easily misheard, nothing more. Supaku would give a slight nod, which ended up being fortunately (or unfortunately depending on how you looked at it, since she hadn’t been listening at all) timed to the question “Do you understand?”

Her blood ran cold as it dawned on her that she had just missed everything important that the Sensei had just said. And nervous sweat would prick at the skin on her forehead and down the length of her back as both Ko and Yori seemed to have not missed a thing and now all eyes were on her. She was incredibly torn between her usual state of perfection and and lying and screwing everything up much worse later as a cause of it. So with as confident an air as she could muster given the imposing figure that the Sensei presented she would answer in a clear voice, “I do have some questions Sensei, however I think they can wait until after because they’ll probably be answered by the time Sensei Hanbei is finished.” She would smile and bow her head respectfully at both the larger man and at Sensei Hanbei, and said a silent prayer that her subtle dodge was enough, and more importantly would be enough.

Supaku would slightly raise her eyebrow at the mention of rescuing a VIP, apparently she should have been paying closer attention. She gleaned what information she could from Hanbei, they were going somewhere… to rescue someone important. Alright. That wasn’t enough though, not by a long shot, so she would clear her throat quietly to give herself a second to form a cohesive sentence before asking Hanbei what she hoped was an series of intelligent questions.

“Sensei Hanbei, who exactly are we going to be rescuing? And from where, I think it would be prudent to perhaps have an idea of the layout of the area, are there maps or some such. I hardly think a vague description is going to be very helpful.  And am I correct in assuming we are to be rescuing this person from attackers and not, say… a wildly rushing mountain stream?”

Her last comment was said somewhat sarcastically which she did inwardly regret, however she was committed to her statement now, and she wasn’t known for backing down at all. So she would stand confidently and await Hanbei’s reply hoping that her tone would pass by unnoticed.


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And so the interrogation began.

The questions given by the genin was not quite what the Guanyin was expecting, Hanbei had thought that the mission would be considered relatively straight forward. For a moment the Hyuga Genins' eyes seemed to unfocus, like they were zoned out of the world as it were and lost in thought, however it quickly passed. Sayuri seemed to awaken and become attentive which drew a subtle smirk across Hanbei's face and a slight snicker, though it seemed even the meekest sign of mirth was enough to draw the wrathful gaze of the Hyuga Patriarch, staring daggers at the boy so sharp for but the faintest of moments that even Henbei felt a chill run down her spine and the terrifying glare penetrated deeply into her very soul. Hanbei would gulp before giving her small speech and asking for questions from the genin before her. Each of them had a little to ask in one form or another, but it seemed the non-sibling among them had a curious or analytical mind. listening to her for a while Hanbei would allow her words to soak in for a moment before she would even begin to issue an answer.

"Sensei Hanbei, who exactly are we going to be rescuing? And from where, I think it would be prudent to perhaps have an idea of the layout of the area, are there maps or some such. I hardly think a vague description is going to be very helpful. And am I correct in assuming we are to be rescuing this person from attackers and not, say… a wildly rushing mountain stream?"

Looking to her, Hanbei would have to think about her response for a little while, some of what she asked had already been covered, which made the Guanyin ask herself inwardly whether or not the girl had even been listening to what had been said before. Although, it was entirely possible that the Genin, being a Hyuga and under the pressure from the patriarch was attempting to fit the mold of being far more professional than a young teen naturally was. Like wearing adult clothing before one was fully grown, it didn't quite fit, but one would always appreciate the effort for attempting to fill bigger boots than one had the feet to fill. It was noble, in a simple sense.

"The VIP you'll be rescuing will be a life model decoy, this is a training mission where you will be assessed to see if the three of you are capable of real standard ninja missions. But don't think for a moment that this training mission will be anything like you've dealt with before. I can't tell you what you're dealing with, but, the obstacles that you're going to face have been hand-placed by myself and Sensei Kotomine with the use of our shared skills. There are surprises in store that you will have to overcome. The location we are going to is the Yuurei Mine half a days travel to the northwest. I'll not be sharing any of the details of the location, as, scouting the area and developing an appropriate course of action are some of the things that I am assessing you on. "

Finishing on the note of the missions, Hanbei would look to begin to move out, the two siblings pushing ahead slightly, as the Yuurei mine was a landmark that they were aware of, they had no issue in taking the lead, the two of them seemed to be talking wildly about the kinds of things that they might be likely to encounter during the mission. The two of them were quite far off, in their conversation Ko was thinking too literally as they had been told that it was a staged training mission. She was thinking far too standard, it was Yori that seemed to be on the right track, though he was going a little too far. Coming up with vast complex almost Rube Goldberg Machine conspiracies about how the mountain was rigged in such a manner that earthquakes would trigger. Hanbei, although she knew that the guess was no doubt a stab in the dark, the boy was not entirely incorrect. The aim of the mission was to make the genin aware of the kinds of tactics enemies would employ agaisnt them in the real world, no-win redundancy was one of the things that was planned.

Moving out, Hanbei would take off at a brisk march in the direction of the mine, she was in no particular hurry unless the other Genin were, but, she was awaiting the group to begin to pool together. Hanbei needed to watch them to come to a decision of who she was going to choose to be the leader of the group in this training scenario, part of her had a mind to simply give it to Ko, while she was wildly positive, she seemed to have a solid head on her shoulders and her charisma would definitely be something to rally around. Yori seemed to have good insight, but, the two of them were also related, meaning that they had a comprehensive understanding of one another already, leaving Supaku out of the loop. The two of them would in honest be better of working in tandem as the team-mates as opposed to leadership because of that fact. But, Hanbei also had to attempt to not piss off the patriarch and his prodigy...

'But, if she was here just to do things his way, then he wouldn't have hired her...'

It was during this part of the journey where Yori would fall back from his sister, coming back past Hanbei and sliding in next to Supaku, leaning his upper body toward her with an inquisitive smirk across his lips... 'so, I don't believe we've met, perhaps in interests of team-work we should devise our strengths and weaknesses, you seem like you're strong, but i see no weapons on you, I bet you're good with your hands and feet like Ko. A-typical Hyuga blood.' He would say with a stitched yet grinning smile.

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She listened carefully this time as Hanbei explained the details of their mission. She had already failed to pay attention once and she was not going to fail a second time. She was not at all certain of what a ‘Life Model Decoy’ was but she was not convinced that it was anything that needed rescuing. Still, Sensei Kotomine was watching and rather than raise a dubious eyebrow she would keep her face still and her gaze intent on Hanbei as she went on to further instruct on the dangers that were likely to lie within. She was disappointed that there was to be no map presented as she had a particular fondness for them, cartography being a hobby of hers, and she would do her best to maintain her studious aloofness and nod her acquiescence as Hanbei finished up. Being assessed did not bother Supaku in the slightest, she lived for it. The chance to show off the hours of studying and training that she put in on her own time was what she dreamed of every night. So she listened as the two siblings bantered about their plans for how best to tackle the problem ahead and sighed inwardly. This was going to be a long mission. Training mission, Supaku. This is hardly a mission at all. You’re stuck here with these two dolts, the one who looks like he can barely dress himself and the other who I’m going to have to step up my game just a touch to prove I’m better than. This will either be fun, or terrible.

She was not particularly interested in either Yori or Ko’s plans, although she knew that she was supposed to be. If they were expected to work together in this dangerous rescue ‘mission’ then the success or failure of that plan would be decided by the legitimacy of a well executed plan. It was simple math really. If the Sensei Kotomine and Sensei Hanbei believed it would take the three of them to complete this task successfully than any one of them on their own would be outnumbered three to one in the difficulty of tasks presented to them. She was not looking forward to the part of the conversation when that information had to be revealed, as it seemed to her so far that neither of the siblings had come to that obvious conclusion yet. Which was just her luck, finally she was on a relatively important training mission and she got stuck with the wonder twins. On the other hand, looking at the them both now it was entirely possible that the two Sensei’s had not accounted for their individual skill levels when crafting the challenges ahead. So perhaps even without the help of the other two she would be just fine. It was a small comfort, but as she walked slightly behind the brother and sister duo it was all she had to hang onto. They were very comfortable with each other and she was not in any mood to assert herself between them just yet. Not while she had little other than her superior fashion sense to assert. She would chuckle quietly to herself as she walked at her slightly cruel jab.

It wasn’t productive of her at all to walk along thinking of mean things but the sister’s intensely cheerful attitude was grating on Supaku’s last nerve. Something about it was both infuriating and made her a bit wistful. She had no siblings and the closeness that the two displayed was making her feel like she had missed out on something that could have strengthened her perhaps. Or made you weaker. Depending on another person for everything like those two seem to isn’t necessarily a strength Supaku. Being self sufficient is important as well. It didn’t make her feel much better, sort of a hollow bandage of self affirmation, but as Yori hung back to speak with her Supaku’s eyebrow would raise slightly as he leaned in, a bit too close for her liking, and spoke.

'so, I don't believe we've met, perhaps in interests of team-work we should devise our strengths and weaknesses, you seem like you're strong, but i see no weapons on you, I bet you're good with your hands and feet like Ko. A-typical Hyuga blood.'

His stitching was strange from far away, but up close it was downright unsettling. Still he was not entirely unwelcome, at least he had the good sense to come to her for plan making. So with a deep breath she would turn towards him as they walked and smile back with a smirk of her own.

“I suppose we haven’t really. Not on any sort of friendly terms anyway, Supaku.” She held out her hand for him to shake as they walked, trying not to think about the stitching and whether it might be on his hand. She hadn’t looked and she didn’t look now, some things were better not known. “Strengths and weaknesses you want to know? Well, you’re not wrong, I don’t fight with weapons. I don’t particularly like them myself, they’re a liability in my eyes. What would happen if you suddenly had them taken from you?” The question was rhetorical of course but there was the off chance that he would attempt to answer it, which she resolved to allow him to do and not roll her eyes if he did. “As for strong? I wouldn’t say that I’m strong, if I’m being practical and honest. The style I practice values fluidity and speed over brute strength, being able to move with your opponent as opposed to through. It’s more efficient.” She would pause to allow him to comment, she also wondered if he had noticed the subtle dig she had made at his sister. ‘Brute strength’ as she had called it was not something she valued, it was petty but she was feeling threatened by Ko with her perfect smile and her ‘A-typical Hyuga blood.’ “As for weaknesses, I don’t like going into something unprepared. Not having the layout of our location is a huge detriment, I prefer having more material to work with. Maps, background information. . . anything really. What about you Yori? Strengths, weaknesses, anything I should know before I trust you to watch my back?” She would grin mischievously at the young man a sparkle in her violet eyes as she waited for his reply.




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Yori would raise a hand to shake, and a feint smile crossing his stitched lips.

Though his grip certainly could be strong, he shook her hand with an incredibly weak limp wrist, his hands at the touch were so delicate, his fingers had more scar tissue on them than regular skin due to whatever process. Yori would listen to her as she spoke, leaning in attentively if not a little creepily, he seemed to have absolutely no regard for personal space, leaning in slightly as she spoke to observe her closely, how her muscles moved as she spoke in comparison to his sisters. If her eyes flowed from side to side in a fluid motion or whether they made sudden rapid shaky flicks. He was an interesting boy, if not a little on the serial killer side, but, as soon as he seemed to be done counting the freckles on her face if there were any at all, he would back off to a place where she would likely be more comfortable. Interlacing his fingers behind his neck and cradling the back of his head as they continued to walk.

“I suppose we haven’t really. Not on any sort of friendly terms anyway, Supaku. Strengths and weaknesses you want to know? Well, you’re not wrong, I don’t fight with weapons. I don’t particularly like them myself, they’re a liability in my eyes. What would happen if you suddenly had them taken from you? As for strong? I wouldn’t say that I’m strong, if I’m being practical and honest. The style I practice values fluidity and speed over brute strength, being able to move with your opponent as opposed to through. It’s more efficient.”

He would think about what she said for a moment, there was an amount of wisdom in her words, but he could not help to think of the far away variables of what she was speaking about. "Efficient, well, I don't know about that, seems to me the most efficient way is my way." he would let out a light chuckle. "Sure, you and Ko may beat me in any spar we'd have, but if the two of us ever turned against one another and quarreled. I would win... And I'd do it without so much as lifting a finger attempting to 'fight' you... the easiest way to win is not to fight. Only a looser fights with the intent to win." He would surmise, taking an equally slight stab back at the girl having quickly and easily picked up on her one. Yori was a little spacey, but he loved his sister. The idea of even a slight attack against her character was something that needed to be rallied against in his mind, but, as he was conflict shy, this was often as fat as that resistance got.

"As for weaknesses, I don’t like going into something unprepared. Not having the layout of our location is a huge detriment, I prefer having more material to work with. Maps, background information... anything really. What about you Yori? Strengths, weaknesses, anything I should know before I trust you to watch my back?" She continued, Supaku asking him in turn if he had anything that he would consider a weakness, raising one of his hands to beneath his chin he would arc his head up in thoughts. But it was Hanbei who would speak first in response to the things that Supaku had said, her voice calling out ahead of them as she would turn to look behind, walking backwards happily as she would use her other senses to keep tabs of things that may or may not get in her way as she was walking, not for a second breaking pace, yet. At leas the roads in konoha were relatively well kept... she'd not make a fool of herself today!

"The reason for not having any maps or graphs of the area, is because quite often in the ninja world you are going to have to go in blind. And in many cases, especially with YOUR talents Supaku, it's going to be YOU who will be among the recon teams that approach scenarios first to create those maps and discover the intel that is then passed to other teams. You are to approach this mission as you would if it were a 'real' mission. In real missions, if you make big mistakes, people loose their lives... if you don't work as a team, people loose their lives... if you don't plan your approaches carefully and act on them decisively, people loose their lives. So, If you would like to organize in such a manner to map out the area in detail and take your time, it is well within your power in this test to do so." She would finish as she would continue to walk, turning on her heel to face the front and pick up speed a little more.

Yori would think about what Hanbei had said, fixating on several of her key points before turning to Supaku once again and finally answering her on her points that she had addressed to him. "When it comes to myself, I'm not the best fighter in the Hyuga, I focus far more on my fuuinjutsu than i do with my Taijutsu. I like to set things up, but, get me in close and i'm a gonner. However, I'm pretty good at tying people down. And as for Ko, she's balanced on the edge of a blade, adept in most forms of combat, be it close or long range. She smiles and acts bubbly, but she's not. She only acts that way because that demeanor gives her the highest social advantage with the most people." Ending on that note Ko would look back now that she could hear she was the focus of the conversation, now deciding to slow down so she could be a part of on-goings, though, she would not begin to talk, only listen to what was being said until such a time as she felt it appropriate for her to open up a little further.

It was evident at this point already who the leader of the group was going to be. So, as the walk continued and they exited the city and moved onwards towards the Yurei mine. Hanbei would turn to the group and usher them to stop for a moment, holding out her left hand and finally stopping his progress. Looking over the group for a moment she would question her decision before ultimately deciding.

"Now, and i know this is going to seem strange, but, against the masters' decision I'll not be appointing Ko as team leader for this mission. I think that you've been pitched as a leader through most of your training, and prodigy as your sensei makes you out to be, even the most talented ninja needs to be able to take orders, so, being placed in that position will give you the greatest sum of training. As for you Yori, I feel as though your connection to your sister would have you favor her in your plans at the neglect of your team, as well as I think you need more training in leadership before you take on a role as serious as this one. So, Supaku, I'll be appointing you as squad leader for this mission. The others will run your plans, but, I would not forget to also listen to your team. The greatest strength of fire country is its teamwork, and how its ninja mesh together like the gears in a well made clock." He would finish. Ko would fold her arms and think to herself for a moment, her character seeming to be broken for but a moment as it seemed that all life faded from her face... she didn't even look alive before she perked back up.

"Alrighty boss! What's the planaroonie!? Aha!"

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Supaku was taken aback by Hanbei’s interjection. It had not occurred to her that part of the test would be to not have a map, but since it was now pointed out she was both suitably admonished and curious. How could she be expected to go into a ‘dangerous’ location without a map? And moreover, what did Sensei Hanbei mean, her talents? Not that she wasn’t flattered of course, but which talents specifically she had been referring to Supaku was incredibly curious about. While she did enjoy high praise, she was also very particular about her achievements, and she made a mental note to ask Hanbei about it later as she watched her walk off. She walked silently for a few minutes contemplating Hanbei’s words. Until now losing lives had not truly been something she had brought into any of her equations. It was a sobering thought that the two other people she was walking towards the mine with might get hurt or worse, might not come back. As any young person, she of course did not even consider the idea that she would get hurt or killed, that was far beyond her own egocentricity.

It had also not escaped her notice that Yori had got his own dig in, and it had given her a small measure more respect for the boy. Though she was no less creeped out by the stitching everywhere for it. She sized him up as they walked then, and examined him for actual weaknesses. It was a common strategy that she had read about, to proclaim weakness where there was none to be found. It was apparently a way of keeping your opponent off balance psychologically in order to gain the upper hand should you ever need to combat them. It was moderately under handed, though incredibly effective. Looking over him now she wasn’t certain if that was the case with Yori, he was annoyingly hard to read. She had made the assumption that he was a bumbling idiot and had been mistaken when he’d cleverly needled her about her fighting style. He was lean and lanky, she could likely take him in hand to hand combat easily, but the stitches gave her pause. She wasn’t sure of their intended purpose and the unknown was always concerning to her, especially when it clearly involved some level of mental instability - which stitching into yourself must involve.

She listened carefully to Yori’s explanation of his and Ko’s strengths and weaknesses, they were an interesting pair. She figured that they probably worked very well together, being that according to him anyway, Ko was quite well rounded in terms of combat ability, something she had unfortunately heard repeated a couple of times today. It had got her competitive streak burning and she was looking for any advantage she could find in Yori’s words. And as far as she could tell, her main advantage with Yori was to get in close, and with Ko. . . possibly was to not react to her false happiness. It was a sad thing to think about for Supaku, though she understood it in a way, there were times when she wore a smile when she’d much rather be elsewhere in order to get along to gain what she wanted. She would turn to Yori and give an understanding nod as he spoke about his sister, even though she didn’t truly understand, that was no cause for her to not acknowledge the divulging of delicate information. “I understand a bit of that myself, it is difficult to live up to everyone’s expectations of you. Smiling happily is often the easiest way to accomplish that without too many difficult questions thrown your way.” She would shrug nonchalantly and smile as she kept walking only to be stopped by the outstretched hand of Hanbei and she reigned them all in for some more instructions.

Supaku was honestly surprised at Hanbei’s choice for leader of the group. She had assumed that Ko would be the first choice, given how Sensei Kotomine had spoken about her. Her eyes would widen ever so slightly, despite her attempt to keep her composure. It was not that she thought herself unqualified, merely that she was not expecting it. She would bob her head in the direction of Hanbei, bending in a quick but formal bow before replying, pausing as Ko made an unusually cheerful remark.

“I will do my best Sensei Hanbei. As for a plan, well I think we’d best get down there before it gets too dark. Yori you mentioned that you’re not confident up close? Then it’s probably best you stay at range, Ko and I will be counting on you to watch our backs. Ko, you were speaking like you were familiar with the mine. I need to know how many entrances there are, if there’s only one then we’re golden, you and I can go in quietly and spread out from there. But that’s all I have, thoughts?”

She would look expectantly between the two siblings, her hands placed firmly on her hips her violet eyes glittering as she finally felt comfortable standing in the small group.

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The plan began to come together.

Hanbei listened to the few begin to gather intel on what they knew so far, but he knew that at the end of it all they would simply have to wait and see what they were dealing with. Ko would look to Supaku and begin to explain the mine area, saying that it was like any other deep mine. It was like a crater had hit the earth, in and around its sides there was likely to be about two dozen tunnels leading out like spiders webs in every direction digging deep into the earth in hopes of finding mineral veins to exploit. The inner basin was likely no more than 100m across and was out in the open with a spiral path leading down around it all. However, the rest of the mine was somewhat a vague memory as she was recalling it from some time ago. Yori seemed to be happy with the result, but unhappy that there were so many tunnels in and around the area... But, Hanbei was just happy that the group of them were beginning to think like real ninja. Normally that would not be the case.

'The sun began to lower on the horizon, and they approached their destination.'

Sill in the shadow of the tree-line overlooking their intended target, it seemed that there was some kind of scarecrow in the middle of the area, like a hey packed doll wearing awkward slightly mismatched clothing of fine silken make. Around them seemed to be several other dolls wearing light armour, 3 in total. The low light at its angle crept into the corners of places, showing sparks of steel from hidden corners of the basin and caves that were within line of sight as well as the odd tripwire. The place was trapped to a heavy extent that would lead to the mass-sum of difficulty in this trial. Within the basin there was heavy mining equipment a conveyor-belt and several shacks and even a semi-large building that had lost almost all of its windows and seemed dilapidated. Numerous knooks and crannies for people and apparati to hide and strike from should they allow them to. Hanbei would take a look over the edge for a while, scanning the area to ensure that the three of them were ok and ready before he would make his final address to the group.

"Alright, the three of you, this is our destination, the VIP down there wearing the yukata is the target, you're to remove her without harm to yourself or the target, or the mission will be considered a failure. Watch each other's backs, formulate a plan and execute it. Remember, this is an open and wide area with little cover, and your enemies have had time to prepare for ninja who may be on their way. You're not required to take down the targets, however, if you deem it helpful or necessary for your plan, you're more than welcome to do so... the only requirement, is the VIP and yourselves are safe and unharmed." The boy would finish and move to observe as they would have to plan their next approach.

However, forces seemed to be converging on the group from afar, a group of hunters had it on good information that one of the leaders of the Hyuga clan had been here with a young girl setting up a training course for genin of their clan. Each of them dressed in black and wielding cruel looking weapons would await in the shadows of the caves, as they had been for some time as they would hope to make their attack on the group. Each of them were yearning for the prize that seemed to be at their fingertips, the coveted Hyuga Doujutsu, the legendary byakugan. Should it fall into the hands of thieves, its advanced powers could make for potent tools even at their lowest ranks. So it was, the men continued to hide, not yet able to see their prey, but soon they would be attempting their trial, and soon, it would all be over for them.

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