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Mission Details:
Mission name: War On Gangs: Recon.
Mission rank: B.
Objective: Gain intelligence regarding organized crime.
Location: Kaze no Kuni.
Reward: 250 Ryo.

Mission description: We've gotten some tips off of the street that there's a meeting of the organized crime leaders happening. We want to be able to ambush them in the act, so don't do anything to scare them off or shake them up.

Mission details: This is a stealth-based mission. You are to gain as much information as you can while going completely undetected as an operative of the Sunagakure Ninja. Either you should keep from being detected at all, or you should have a disguise and script ready. Hired thugs with C-1 or C-2 in all stats will be guarding the area, so it is imperative that you keep your cover or stealth up.
Once again, the waning moon of the Land of Wind hung stoically over the Village of Sunagakure no Sato. And once again, Kuno Uchiha was not sleeping along with most of the population of the village. Instead, the newly promoted chuunin was perched on a rooftop of one of the smaller buildings of his village, going over a mission scroll that he had been given earlier that morning. The cool night breeze blew through his hair and across the paper in his hands causing it to ruffle slightly before he was finally able to read it for the last time before embarking on the mission itself. As part of his new duties as a chuunin, Kuno was now permitted to take on higher ranking missions. Due to the low high number of genin in the village of late, many of the D and C ranked missions were being completed, but the more dangerous missions, the B ranks and the A ranks, were being neglected for the most part. Kuno had decided to pass up on the usual waiting process that took place with this kind of transition. Normally, a new chuunin like himself would be expected to take low ranked missions until he or she could be accompanied by a higher ranking ninja on a more difficult mission. Instead, Kuno had jumped right into the B rank missions without a mentor, confident in his abilities as a shinobi and hoping to prove himself to the Kazekage who also happened to be his new sensei, Midori Ningyou.

The mission he had acquired today was a fairly straight forward one, at least on paper. Thanks to recent intelligence that had been scrounged up from the common thugs and rabble in the slums and on the streets of the Village Hidden in the Sands, the administration of Sunagakure was able to determine that some of the leaders of local crime rings and gangs had organized some sort of meeting in the slums of the city. Since the village wanted to be able to catch these gangsters in the act, Kuno had been ordered to eavesdrop and gather as much information as possible without being spotted as a shinobi of the village. The, when he had learned as much as possible, he was to report back to the administration building so that they could take preventative measures against whatever was to come.

Kuno had found himself doubly interested in participating in this mission thanks to his recent altercations with a new gang that had sprouted up in the village that was going by the name of “Autumn.” They had showed up in Sunagakure no Sato seemingly out of nowhere and started to cause trouble, which had recently reached a crescendo of sorts when they had broken into Kuno’s home while he was off on a different mission and killed his mother and kidnapped his older sister. When he had found this mission at the administration building, the young Uchiha had wasted no time seizing the opportunity to possibly hinder the operations of this mysterious group. It would also be an excellent chance for him to release some of the pent up hatred that had welled up within him after the death of his mother. Regardless of his ultimate reason for taking the mission, Kuno had quickly rushed home, strapped on his new sword, Adolescent Ember, and headed out for the slums to wait until nightfall, when this meeting was to occur.

Now, as the cool desert night watched over the village Hidden in the Sands, the young Uchiha slowly pulled his hood over his head and a black scarf over his mouth to conceal his identity, just in case he was spotted, though he did not plan on being so careless as to get caught. Lasty, he reached up and untied his Sunagakure forehead protector, tucking it away. Glancing down at the scroll containing his mission briefing one last time, he slowly rolled it up and attached it to his belt before leaping off of the rooftop and down to the streets below. Darting from one shadow to the next, the new chuunin made his way deeper and deeper into the slums of his city, trying to avoid being spotted by anyone at all so that there would be no chance of the gang leaders knowing about the infiltration that Kuno would be executing that night. After what seemed like hours to the young Uchiha, he finally stopped at a building on the corner of an intersection where he knew the meeting between the higher ups was to take place. Slowly and cautiously, Kuno leaned around the corner to see what kind of security the place had.

The structure itself was actually more of a small property than a building. A ten foot tall wall encircled the small plot of land that housed a worn down, trashy looking two story building that was probably pretty expensive at one tie in its miserable existence. Scanning the property from this angle, Kuno was unable to make out any details about the interior of the walls, but he could see two men standing outside of what appeared to be the main gate of the property. It was a wrought iron gate that arched to a peak of twelve feet tall, topped with formidable looking spikes that Kuno decided he would not like to meet the business end of. The two men outside seemed to be pretty relaxed, one of which was smoking a cigarette and the other was just leaning against the wall, unaware of his surroundings from what Kuno could tell. Sticking to the shadows, Kuno slowly moved closer to the gate and listened to hear if the guards had any insight on what was going on.

“…but that’s the whole point man.” The thug with the cigarette was relaying something to the other man. He took a long drag from the addictive between his lips before continuing. “If we loaded this place up with guards, then the village would know for sure that there’s a meetup going on and they would send all of the big wigs to pick us off. Hell, we might even have to deal with ANBU if that was the case. This way, the bosses made their way in and we just watch the gate. Nobody is the wiser.” The other man who was slouched against the wall and eventually slid down until he was seated on the cold, hard ground of the sand village slums. “I don’t know, it seems pretty risky to me. But who am I to argue with the bosses." “Exactly!” the smoking man responding, pulling his cigarette to his lips once again.

Kuno nodded to himself, having just received answers to two important questions that he had on his mind. One, it seemed like the gang leaders had already assembled within the small compound. And two, the presence of guards was minimal at most. He silently thanked the fates for making his job slightly easier as he stalked through the shadows and rounded to the west side of the property until he was close to the wall that surrounded the old building. With no guards in sight, Kuno jumped up and climbed over the wall, gently lowering himself onto the ground onto the other side of it. Pausing, the young Uchiha held his breath for a moment and listened for any sign of him being discovered. Hearing no reaction front the gate guards, Kuno proceeded to the side of the building before him. He could see light coming from both the first and second floor of the structure through the windows, and deciding to be cautious, Kuno used the Supernatural Walking Practice the climb up the wall up to the second story where he peered through filthy glass of the window.

Kuno had to stop himself from letting out a sigh of disappointment when he realized that was not able to hear or see through the window. Grimacing, he placed his hands on the bottom of it and began to lift. Applying slightly more pressure every few seconds, finally the window opened. Once again, luck was on his side as it did not seem to squeal in the slightest while he opened it up. Finally, with the opening being large enough for the young man to squeeze through, Kuno entered the building. He was standing on what seemed to be an upper wooden balcony that surrounded the entire lower level of the building, which Kuno now knew must have been some kind of warehouse at one point. There were two guards on the balcony with him, but they seemed to be so focused on what was happening below that they had not seem him enter. Slowly moving toward the edge of the balcony, the young man looked down to see four men, all dressed like regular street thugs surrounded a table in the centre of the room. From here Kuno did not see any kanji for Autumn, which was a disappointment to him. But regardless, he knew that the information that he could hear the four men saying would be invaluable to the village. Quietly, Kuno took out a small notebook and began to write down what he heard…

[Exit Thread]

Mission complete! (1500/1500)

Remaining WC: 47

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