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1 A Second Menace[Mission|Solo] on Tue May 30, 2017 5:18 am

Syekren Uchiha


Mission name: Menace to Society
Mission rank: A
Objective: A serial killer has been causing problems in the slums. Sort it out.
Location: Sand Dune Slums
Reward: 480
Mission description: People have begun to turn up dead in the depths of the slums. We do not believe this to be caused by the gangs that rule the slums, but instead by a singular individual. So far, every victim has been vulnerable in one way or another, either ill, injured, young, or old. Put a stop to the menace, permanently.
Mission details: While investigating the slums to attempt to discover the murderer, you will hear a scream. By the time you arrive, it will be too late, however the murderer will be there. He is a man in his late thirties, and has a knife and a meat cleaver that are both counted as S rank weapons, that can cut 2 inches deep, with the cleaver able to hew through bones. He can not be talked down, and his stats are all B-3 except for his Endurance, which is A-2. He cannot use any jutsu, he is just a really angry man with murder issues. He has S rank Taijutsu and Bukijutsu, however, and must be taken in either dead or alive. The mission fails if he gets another kill, or gets away.

Syekren yawned silently, lazing about the administration building. He wasn't currently on any missions and didn't have to teach his squad today, so he decided to take some time off to himself and wait for something to happen. People were hustling and bustling about the office, trying to get their things done, trying to get papers out, and simply sending messages while a lone man laid upon a couch in the waiting room, doing absolutely nothing. Most people would feel embarrassed for this, and try to do something so they too felt busy, but not this Uchiha. He would rather wait around for something interesting than force himself into doing anything. It wasn't as though he had any real work to do. He'd finished his patrols for the day and found nothing out of the ordinary other than a few kids trying to make it into an adult bookstore. He chastised and told the kids to return home, thus creating the highlight of his day. Quite the boring bit. He hated days like these.

Syekren was laying upon a burgundy couch, eyes closed while he listened for someone who needed help. The male was dressed head to toe in black, starting with his black hair, to his chest which had a black shinobi netted shirt that had blackout sleeves to hide his arms, a black shinobi gi vest and even black shinobi tights. His feet continued the patter of black clothing with black shinobi tabi and even black sandals! The only thing that was not black on the man was his hitai-ate's metal protector piece, this being a shining silver steel. Though the cloth partition of the hitai-ate itself actually was black. He was a rather dark individual, though his left eye was a softer blue than the right which was a dark hue of that blue. The black really offset his alabaster pigmented skin, as did the scar on his left eyebrow going straight down through the eyelids onto his left cheek. It was darker compared to the skin around it, showing that he had gone through some trials in his lifetime.

Syekren opened his eyes as someone tapped upon his shoulder, turning to see a young woman about the fresh age of eighteen, holding a scroll and looking down at him indignantly. She wore no hitai-ate herself, so she was not a ninja. Her clothing was of poor make, a dress that had tatters and patches throughout it, showing that not only was she from an arid climate, but she was from the poorest part of that climate. It came to pass that this young lady must be from the slums in Sunagakure no sato, coming to the administration building to request a mission of the people there. Syekren sat up, rubbing his eyes softly before he yawned and turned to look up at her face. The soft features of which were still indignantly glaring down at the ninja. Her features softened after a bit, her green eyes filling with tears as she sat beside him, passing him the scroll. The young Uchiha gave a quizzical look and opened the scroll, reading the kanji within.

'There are people turning up dead within the slums of Sunagakure no Sato once more and at first it was thought to be the work of a murderer that had been plaguing this area for some time. After searching through records of completed missions, we found that one "Syekren Uchiha" had killed the previous murderer and brought his reign of tyranny over the slums to an end. We hoped this would end the fear and have people becoming much safer within the crime filled district, but as we all know, one problem gone does not solve them all. There are still many problems to address and even more that can not be solved at this point in time, after careful deliberation we have found that it is time to act upon one we can solve.

We have recently been informed the people who are being murdered recently have been murdered in much the same way as before, and in the same numbers. It is our opinion that this is the work of a copycat, trying to continue the work of the previous serial killer we shall hereby dub "The Butcher." A few witnesses described him as a man in his thirties, carrying the same knife and cleaver as his predecessor, although being more muscular than fat as opposed to the first killer. We hereby ask that one "Syekren Uchiha" be dispatched to the slums immediately to put an end to this copy cat before they can truly begin their terrorist murder spree.

Signed, the Elder Council of Sunagakure no Sato.

Syekren sighed and read through the rest of the contents, detailing exactly what he would be facing and what to do. Of course, he already knew exactly what the mission would entail. He'd done this before not long ago and had been severely outmatched. Being that this was the same A-Rank mission, it would be different this time. He'd trained hard and built himself up, so that he was much stronger than he had been before and would be able to fight the killer on even grounds. That was the idea that formed in his mind as he quietly rolled up the scroll, placing it within the inner pocket of his shinobi gi vest. He would give it off to a secretary on his way out so that they knew he was undertaking this mission again to solve the problems that faced the slums. He turned to the girl sitting beside him, tilting his head and observing her. She was obviously flustered, tears in her eyes and tear stains down her cheeks. Upon her left hand the third finger had a silver band upon it and he fists clenched until the knuckles were white.

She knew the victim.

"Before I got to take care of this is there any information you can give me? Such as his last known location, last victim, just.. Anything? I know that you must be under some stress so I do not wish to bother you too much with my questions. But I absolutely need to know this information so that I can make sure this does not happen again. Anything you can think of will definitely be of help. My name is Syekren Uchiha, and I am here to help you, miss."

The woman tried to calm down but burst into tears, laying upon his shoulder, getting his clothing wet. He sighed and patted her head softly, allowing her to get her emotions out before she would collect herself to speak. It took longer than he thought it would and he knew that time was a factor, but it was probably important for her to get out her emotional stress. Once she'd calmed down enough, she sat back and wiped her eyes, struggling through a few sentences. Her soft, charming voice beset by the coarseness of a cry in her throat. "It was my husband, Choriko. He was the victim this time. We were just returning from the market and we were attacked. He tried to fight off the man but it was to no avail. He.. He was killed, chopped into bits. I had to run here faster than I've run before. Please.. My name is Misaki, please avenge my husband!" Syekren patted her shoulder and she kept crying, pushing her face into the arm of the burgundy couch. Syekren waved over two other ninja and instructed them to take her to a medical center for trauma therapy, and to guard her with their lives. Once she was gone, the ninja stood and stretched, shaking his head.

Syekren made his way through the administration building, dodging past the hustling and bustling people. They were surprised to see the ninja up and moving and knew that if he was, it was to go do a mission. This mission was something he had already done, so it wouldn't be too hard. Especially given his strategy last time and the fact that he was much, much stronger. Though upon considering his last used strategy, he noted that it wouldn't work this time, as the copy cat most likely studied everything about the killer he could, and made a note of how he was killed. So it would be hard to dupe this guy into going down an alley way to his death. Still, Syekren had a few more jutsu at his disposal this time around and would be able to use them rather efficiently if given the chance to do so. As a ninja of the sand, he would most definitely have the chance.

He reached the receptionists' desk and pulled the scroll detailing the mission from within his gi vest and handed it off to the woman currently behind the desk. She read it over and nodded to him, writing down a few things before placing the scroll in a small box. She would be waiting there eagerly for his return from the mission to mark it completed and give the report off to the Kazekage on her next round of paperwork signing and checking. Having done this part of his task, Syekren waved to the woman and made his way out of the administration building, heading first towards the market district of the village, avoiding the grand bazaar. He'd head through the entrance to the slums that was present after a few market stalls, and a lot of concerned onlookers. It was closer than he thought.

As he approached the market stalls, he had to push through a few people and nod to them, for them to understand he was trying to assess the danger. The slums' entrance was only a few feet in front of him, separated from the market by an arched construct of sandstone. The Uchiha quietly walked through, entering the slums and noting the body on the ground before him. Much like before, it was torn to bits. Blood and entrails around the area, the limbs cut up into sections, and the body was stripped down in the ultimate mark of shame. Syekren was trying to observe the scene of the crime and take in as much information that the body would give him. There were many concerned onlookers around him, whispering among themselves as they tried to inch closer.

Syekren shook his head and stood, looking around the crowd for any sign of a guilty party. "Everyone return to your homes! This is under investigation by the shinobi of sunagakure no sato! I need space to find the killer and bring him to justice! You have nothing to fear if you leave now!" The crowd that gathered around stared at him for a few moments, continuing their hushed whispers. None of them would move and none of them would leave. They were all in danger as long as they decided to stick around the scene of the crime, where the criminals were always bound to return to. Syekren glared quietly and looked around, searching for something, anything that would point him in the direction of the murderer. And it came sooner than he expected.

A scream rang out in the crowd, people dividing from the source and running off, screaming as well. A young man, about Misaki's age, with dirty skin and a gruff look was on the ground, being chopped on by a muscular man wielding a knife and a butcher's chopper. The murderer had struck again. He was even ballsy enough to do so in broad daylight amid a crowd of people and in front of Syekren no less. It took a good few minutes for the people to clear out enough for the Uchiha to do anything and it was almost too late. The murderer looked back through the now empty street to see Syekren glaring at him, clenching a fist and recognized him as the killer of the first murderer. Upon this discovery the man stood up and tried to make a run for it.

Syekren wasn't going to allow this. He ran forward and held out his left hand, gathering chakra within it. There were crackling sounds and a chirp as the chakra formed into raiton energy, forming and orb within the palm of the special jounin. He stopped after jumping over the new corpse and drew his arm back, screaming out at the fleeing murderer. "No you fuckin' don't!" Then he pushed his arm forward again and the lightning chakra shot from his hand, forming into a four legged beast resembling a hound. This best ran out at a quick speed after the murderer and zig zagged in the path to catch up. Once he did catch up, the beast slammed into the back of the perpetrator and exploded, shooting sparks everywhere. The murder fell forward and his skin was burned aggressively from the lightning. His weapons had fallen from his grip and he reached for them.

Before he could grab them again, Syekren had dashed over to his form, pressing a knee into his back and grabbing his head in both hands, one at the jaw and the other on his forehead. Onlookers had gathered again, screaming for his death, for justice for their fellow villagers. They were tired of being pushed around and they wanted blood. Normally, Syekren would take this man in, but he was too dangerous to be allowed to live. With a nod and a quick movement of his hands, the man's neck was turned quickly, snapping the connection to his spine, instantly killing him. The murderer's eyes stared blankly into the sand and Syekren turned back to see medic corps ninja standing by. He waved for them to take care of the body and looked around at the people watching his movements now. They let out a few cheers and as the ninja made his way through the gathering crowd, they patted his back and shoulders. Some hugged him and gave their thanks, each one of them seemed happy that someone was finally standing up for them. Syekren could only think of the mission and how it was how he had to do. But he was happy to have helped these people out. The poor and downtrodden who had felt as though no one had cared for them for so long. This was his act of helping them when they needed it most. It was his pleasure, and his duty. He exited the slums and walked back to the administration building to turn in his mission as completed. Sighing as he would have to recant the exact details. He stopped along the way, only to get some water to wash his hands off and wipe his face. He had to kill before but this is the first time he felt as though he'd actually helped someone by doing it. It was truly a humbling experience.

Mission Complete


Name: Lightning Beast Running Technique (雷獣走りの術 ~ Raijū Hashiri no Jutsu)
Canon/Custom: Canon
Rank: A
Type: Offensive
Element: Raiton
Range: 60m
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: Maintainable (-10 chakra per post)
Cooldown: 7 posts
Description: The user of this jutsu accumulates a large amount of raiton jutsu into one of their hands, which they then proceed to launch forward in the shape of a hound. The hound moves at a speed of 35m/s and is attached to a long trail of raiton chakra stemming from the userís hand which the user can use to manipulate the direction in which the hound moves, enabling for complex movements and pinpoint control of the jutsuís strikes. Upon contact with its target (or something else stopping it) the wolf will release the raiton chakra it is composed of, electrocuting anyone within 2m of it and dealing major second degree burns at and around the point of contact.


Ninjutsu: S | Taijutsu: S | Genjutsu: A | Katon: S | Raiton: S | Fuuton : B

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