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Symbol:Strife[Redux](WIP) BzKeyXVStrife[Redux](WIP) BzKeyXV

Strife[Redux](WIP) FAHfQ33
Clan Name: Strife
Location: Scattered
Specialization: Bukijutsu(Swordsmanship Preferred)
Elements: Any

Strife[Redux](WIP) HhU72Pp
Clan History: Hailing from the Village Hidden in the Bloody Mist, not much is known about this clan. They are renowned in the village for producing very exceptional swordsmen, most of them being recruited into the ranks of the seven swordsmen before reaching the age of sixteen. Not much is known about how this clan started, but legends are that when Kirigakure was founded, there were warring clans over who should lead. It was the founder of this clan that stepped up and took charge of the situation, devoting his life to the Kirigakure and to the blade. When he oversaw the building of the village he was challenged to a duel by a swordsman who decided he wanted to be in charge. Using the handle of an umbrella, the clan founder handily defeated him and sent him packing with his tail between his legs.

It used to be that the clan worked solely for the Mizukage. While they pumped out an excessive amount of swordsmen to feed the war machine, many of the members of Strife also took on assassination contracts. They'd kill dignitaries and officials from other lands using more brute force and less stealth based options. The swordsmen of this clan were feared everywhere for their legendary killing strokes.

During the time of the third Shinobi War, tides of soldiers challenged what few members of this clan took part in the battle, being decimated without landing a single scratch upon any Strife clansmen. When the war concluded, the Mizukage at the time feared them for their strength and thought they'd want to eventually take over. Thinking of his position more than his village, the Strife clan was banished from Kirigakure forever, causing them to become wanderers. Being good with a blade would not protect them from time's lapse and soon many of the Strife members died out and the clan became a hollow shell of what it used to be, losing all of its kekkei genkai jutsu.

Members: Strife,Grant

Strife[Redux](WIP) Y4syLuV
Kekkei Genkai Name: Art of Mastery
Kekkei Genkai Description: The Strife clan has been known to completely excel at all things Bukijutsu, which is why they're highly prized and sought after for anyone who wants a swordmaster in their midst. Over time, the use of the swords has varied greatly and while many have considered
Drawbacks: (What is your clan bad at?)


Ninjutsu: S | Fuuinjutsu: C | Katon: S | Raiton: C

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