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1 Furaingusōdo Clan on Wed May 31, 2017 2:23 pm

Inari Furaingusōdo


Clan Name: Furaingusōdo (Flying Sword) Clan
Location: Kirigakure
Specialisation: Bukijutsu - Kenjutsu [Must be primary specialisation], Fuinjutsu [Must be secondary specialisation]
Elements: Katon [Must be primary or secondary element]

Clan History:

The Furaingusōdo began as a small merchant clan in the land of waves where, through their sword crafting techniques, they grew rather popular. Looking to for an environment that would better suite their craft they moved to Kirigakure to supply ninja with their wares.

Originally just merchants a few members of the clan decided to pursue as a career ninja, three to be exact; Muzi, Kirin, and Sito Furaingusōdo. Though Sito would go on to die before he reached Chuunin he and the others discovered, through a weird training incident, that by channeling chakra into their weapons they could move them, without holding them, for a short amount of time. Muzi and Kirin went on to develop the technique, both branching into fuinjutsu and ninjutsu to produce better results.

Muzi went on to become clan head while Kirin focused on becoming a seal master. Their techniques slowly building and incorporating themselves into the very culture of the Furaingusōdo clan. What was once a docile merchant clan was now a powerful shinobi clan. Through this transition new traditions and practises began to take place.

Practices such as 'The Trial of the Blade'. This trial is taken when a Furaingusōdo becomes a genin. It begins with an appraisal of skill, a battle using only the genin's preferred type of sword, against the clan head. If the genin passes this appraisal of skill he/she will be given an elemental affinity test. This is to better prepare for seals used in the creation of their weapon.

For the next few days the genin will assist the clan head with making their chosen sword. They are not allowed to speak or leave the forge during this time, only getting food once a day. Once their weapon is finished a seal master inscribes a two seals into both the hilt and the blade of the weapon. The genin ceremonially cuts their dominant hand on the blade before covering the seals and filling them with chakra.

This creates a bond between the genin and the blade. With the blade now saturated in their chakra they are able to manipulate it like any one would manipulate a jutsu. The seals, specialised to their chakra nature and fighting style, allows the blade to move in the style of the wielder. The Ni Sōdosutairu was deemed a Kekkei Genkai when other ninja tried to imitate the practice but failed could not move the weapons without chakra string or physical touch.


Sito Furaingusōdo [dead]
Mizu Furaingusōdo [dead]
Kirin Furaingusōdo [dead]
Dea Furaingusōdo [alive]
Inari Furaingusōdo [alive]

Kekkei Genkai Name: Two Sword Style {二ソードスタイル ~ Ni Sōdosutairu}

Kekkei Genkai Description: The Ni Sōdosutairu is a clan technique that allows the members of the Furaingusōdo to manipulate personalised blades from a distance, using their minds. Through the use of seals, and the sacrifice of chakra, members are able to create swords that move at their will and that radiate their chakra. Because of this each member is required to have a masterful understanding of the blade as well as at least a minor understanding of sealing techniques. Members can only manipulate two blades at any given time within a 30 meter radius before their focus fractures. When a member of the Furaingusōdo clan members dies all their swords (bar SS-Rank) use whatever chakra they have in them to non-violently self-destruct.

Creating a Sword:

Creating a sword requires time, effort and funds. Only the first sword given to a clan member is free and it is usually the lowest quality. Different Ranks of weapon require different seals and chakra to create, therefore they get progressively more expensive. With each blade a new trial is undertaken, and with each trial a clan members abilities are put to the test even further. A clan member is unaware of the trial that will meet them when they attempt to create/receive a sword.

C-Rank Sword: Requires a permanent 10 Chakra infusion. This type of blade is given as a reward for the completion of the 'Trial of Blades' (1000 WC). Otherwise it will cost 300 ryo.

B-Rank Sword: Requires a permanent 20 Chakra infusion. This type of blade can only be forged at Chunin level or higher and costs 1000 ryo. The process of making this blade requires the completion of the 'Trial of the Forge' (1500 WC).

A-Rank Sword: When reaching this point of sword-craft the permanent infusion into the blade becomes far steeper at 50 Chakra. However it comes with a lot more benefits, The user can channel a jutsu through the blade using the infused chakra. You may use some of your own chakra to refill the blade, to its maximum of 50 Chakra. The blade costs 3000 ryo and must requires the user to undertake the 'Trial of Heaven and Earth' (WC 2500). This sword can only be made when at Special-Jounin or higher level.

S-Rank Swords: To produce an S-Rank Sword one must be willing to sacrifice all that they are to the blade. This weapon is not just another tool to use it is apart of who you are. To create an S-Rank Sword the wielder must sacrifice a quarter of their total chakra (this includes chakra in swords). The blade possesses the chakra equal to the amount given during its creation and can channel jutsu similar to an A-Rank sword. An S-Rank Sword is partially sentient and acts as an extension of yourself, it may control up to two swords for you and is controlled through subconscious thought. S-Rank Swords cost the  7000 ryo to forge and requires the completion of the 'Trial of Death' (WC 3000). S-Rank Swords like A-Rank swords can have their chakra refilled through a sacrifice of the users current chakra. An S-Rank sword can only be forged when at least Jounin level and requires A-Rank in both Kenjutsu and Fuinjutsu. As a semi-sentient sword this blade will actively try to stay within 30 feet of the wielder at all times.  

SS-Ranked Sword: An SS-Ranked sword is made as the result of a clan member dying after/during the sealing during the 'Trial of Death'. When this occurs the body is disolved into the water and the chakra of the person is infused completely within the  blood metal seal that marked their skin. The clan head must wade into the now blood red water and retrieve the chakra infused seal before retreating to the clan forge. The clan head will then use the finest of materials to craft a sword, applying the blood metal seal onto the blade after it is complete.

The SS-Ranked sword is fully sentient and contains the combined Chakra of the wielder and each of his/her clan swords (as each sword self-destructs on death). This sword however cannot move without a wielder, this wielder, however, must be compatible with the SS-Ranked sword (They must be an S-Ranked Ninja; with SS-Ranked Kenjutsu, S-Ranked Fuinjutsu, and an A-Ranked Tertiary Specialization as well as an S-Ranked Katon Element. They must have also pass all of the Furaingusōdo Clan Trials, and must have the permission of the Clan Head to wield this weapon.)

This sword is capable of channeling any Jutsu that it knew before they died. However it requires the wielder to channel chakra into it for it to regain chakra. The sword will not channel chakra it it is near exhaustion (Less than 20 Chakra Remaining) and will not perform techniques that will put it into a state of exhaustion (Less than 10 Chakra). There is currently 1 SS-Ranked Furaingusōdo Clan Sword in existence, belonging to the clan head. For a PC to use a Clan Sword it must have been derived from another PC and cannot be made from a deceased NPC.


Trial of the Blade:

The trial of the blade is given in little detail in the clan history. To perform this right one must have graduated from the academy and shown promise in the Kenjutsu and Fuinjutsu area. What the clan history does not include is that if you fail this right you may not repeat it. You will remain without a clan blade and access to the 2 sword style for the rest of your life.

Firstly you must fight with the clan head, they will be fighting at chunin level and it is expect of you to land a hit if not more. If you fail to hit the clan head you will fail. Following that you will be given a chakra nature test before being sent to the forge.

In the forge you will remain silent, and assist with the creation of your sword. If you make a noise, be it in anguish, relief or joy you will fail. Afterwards the basic seals will be placed on your blade and you will be asked to seal your chakra into the blade, if you fall unconscious during this time you will fail.

If you pass these requirements you will be recognised in the eyes of the clan as one worthy of being a Furaingusōdo Ninja. You must only pass this trial once (one thread) to be able to forge C-Rank Swords.

Trial of the Forge:

This trial unlike the previous can be performed more than once in fact it is expected that the wielder should fail at least twice. The wielder must create their own sword of B-Rank quality following the steps they took during the Trial of the Blade, including the silence.

They are the ones that must perform the fuinjutsu on the blade but are not allowed to imbue their chakra until the blade is presented to the clan head. If the sword is not up to standard the clan head will break it and ask that you forge it again. You do not need to pay for each attempt and may include the multiple tries in one thread instead of multiple attempt threads. You only need to pass this trial once to be able to create B-Rank Swords.

Trial of Heaven and Earth:

To perform the trial of Heaven and Earth, the Special-Jounin must first enter the archives of the Furaingusōdo clan. Once inside they must learn and recreate/redesign the Furaingusōdo Seal that allows the channeling of Jutsu through their swords. Once their design is checked by a Jounin they must create a sword and using a combination of blood, chakra, and molten steel to seal the sword. Afterwards the clan head will (following your seal design) seal you using the same mixture.

To pass the trial you must not pass out from the pain until the seal is complete. As the art of sealing is very complicated, it is very possible for you to die if you move due to the pain. This is why the in the previous trials silence and self control were of incredible importance. When the sealing is complete you are allowed to channel Chakra into the blade through the seal. This permanently caps your Chakra by 50. The chakra cap only applies to the first sealing, refilling the chakra in the sword only effects your current amount of chakra, not total. This trial must be repeated for each A-Rank Sword forged.

Trial of Death:

To create an S-Rank Sword you must meet 2 criteria; 1. You must be at least a Jounin, and 2. You must have a both Fuinjutsu and Kenjutsu at S-Rank. When this occurs the clan head will ask if you would like to partake in the Trial of Death. This trial is only offered to those that show mastery in their art and that have at least two A-Rank Swords.

The Trial of Death is not forgiving, each step of the way the user could die and as such is perfectly acceptable to not partake in. When you begin the trial you are treated to a feast, where it excepted that you will forgive all transgressions and say your goodbyes. Afterwards you are lead down to the clan archives and into a chamber hidden behind a tapestry. In this chamber are pools of molten metal and water. You are stripped of your clothes and the clan head ceremoniously cuts the skin over your heart and hands.

You are then guided to the central pool which is filled with boiling water and molten metal. Laying between your two A-Ranked swords you must raise and lower yourself into the pool using your Kekkai Genkai. After fully submerging yourself in the pool the Clan Head proceeds to guide the molten metal from bottom of the pool with his own sword to your chest, where he begins to engrave the S-Ranked Sword Seal over your heart. Combining the metal, blood from your cuts and the Chakra resinating from the boiling spring itself.

The clan head will remove your body from the pool and place it on an outcropping near the chamber entrance. Here he will care for your wounds and wait for you to hopefully wake up. During this time your body and mind will be interacting with the seal, the seal itself will fracture your chakra into quarters taking one quarter and leaving you with the other three. If you survived the process you should wake within 3 days of the sealing. At which time the clan head will show you how to perform the seal and have you create and seal a weapon using the metal from the molten streams. After embedding the seals and metal with your chakra the metals colour will change based on your primary elemental affinity

Katon = Copper
Doton = Bronze
Fuuton = Gold
Raiton = Obsidian
Suiton = Silver

This trial can be repeated once (the seal is placed on your back, over your heart), however any subsequent attempts after that would result in death.

Sword Replacement/Destruction/Theft:

Swords made by the Furaingusōdo clan are capable of being broken. If they are broken the chakra that was held in the blade is returned to the wielder and the seals that were placed on the blade disappear.

There is really no good reason to sell your blades (unless you intend to steal them back) as it would lead to you having less chakra overall and it wouldn't grant the new wielder any extra effects.

It is extremely hard to steal a clan sword. SS-Ranked swords will actively hurt those unworthy of holding them and S-C Ranked Swords will self-destruct non-violently when their wielder dies. Even if an S-C sword is stolen when the wielder is unconscious, the thief is not capable of controlling/channeling jutsu through them without the clan Kekkei Genkai, and as such they act as a regular sword of that rank. If the original wielder of the blade were to get within 30 feet of the blade again they would be able to control the blade.


- Members can not specialize in any other Bukijutsu besides Kenjutsu.

- Members must sacrifice parts of their total chakra to create new blades.

- The Furaingusōdo clan has metal in their blood (figuratively) and as such have an aversion to Raiton Jutsu. When hit with a Raiton Jutsu a clan member must treat it as a Jutsu of a rank higher in effect or damage.

- Members may only use a sword equal to or one rank above their current ninja level, their current Kenjutsu level, and their current Fuinjutsu level. (For genin this is a c-rank sword)

- Hesitant (Specialisation) SC

- Hesitant (Element) SC

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2 Re: Furaingusōdo Clan on Fri Jun 09, 2017 12:16 am



Remove all clan jutsu.

Multitasker isn't a drawback.

Expand upon what happens when you break a sword. On Saga you can fix weapons through the item process so there needs to be some content addressing that.

The hesitant element spec isn't really a drawback if you allow it to be balanced with a positive.

Expand upon the trial of blades process. This should most likely be a solo thread with a certain WC to get your first weapon.

Your clan would at minimum require Fuin and Buki to function so those must be mandatory

Given you effectively have an evolving weapon/seals, For balance purposes I would say for each rank that you would need to do something similar to the trial of blades to create/infuse your next weapon. Also the weapons need to be limited to the rank you can wield. Normally 1 rank higher than your ninja rank

Chakra regen on the sword is a no go unless you have senjutsu.


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3 Re: Furaingusōdo Clan on Fri Jun 09, 2017 11:08 pm



Pre-approved (By Ashes) additional modding, Issei has the other half:
Much of what I have to say is already said above, so this is all I have that's relevent-

The process of what happens when a sword is broken needs to be better expanded upon for the process of fixing, as well as selling the swords, if able to do so. (Then again, breaking weapons doesn’t really apply much outside of the thread, I’ve literally NEVER seen anyone reforge a broken blade/equipment)
The Taijutsu and Genjutsu drawback is ineffective, as there is already 3 Specs taken with a Hesitant in Specialization.
Not sure what the drawback of only being able to move two swords when not using a clan jutsu is about, it doesn’t seem like a suitable drawback.


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4 Re: Furaingusōdo Clan on Sat Jun 10, 2017 2:33 am




As Nozo said, I don’t think that the 20% ryo cost increase and 100% wc increase for learning genjutsu or taijutsu is an effective drawback, so either remove it altogether and replace it with something else or ban clansmen from taking those specs altogether. It is further contradicted by the fact that the clan starts with three specializations, and yet has to take hesitant (spec) which means that they shouldn’t even be able to learn a fourth spec, so that needs to be changed.

The part that says Kenjutsu is primary spec needs to be changed to Bukijutsu - Kenjutsu. Finally, SS-Rank sword description needs to be less vague.


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5 Re: Furaingusōdo Clan on Sun Jun 11, 2017 10:46 am

Inari Furaingusōdo

Thanks for the feedback!

I just though I should clarify some of my thinking at the time and also update you on my changes.

-  With the Specialisations: I didn't originally mean for there to be three Specs, I meant for it to be Ninjutsu or Fuinjutsu. I've edited that so now it's just Fuinjutsu.

- I've removed the Multitasker SC mention in drawbacks as well as the mentioning of any clan jutsu. Replacing instead with a sword movement radius and control limit (maximum two swords at a time within 30 feet)

- I've added a section on breaking/theft/selling of the swords, which better clarifies their properties.

- I've added more trials to perform as the rank of the sword increases each being more difficult (higher WC) then the last. I've also added the process for making an SS-Ranked sword. (Though the sword itself is extremely strong, it requires an almost impossible set of circumstances, before it can be gained by a PC.)

- Instead of banning the Genjutsu/Taijutsu specs I instead made clan members susceptible to Raiton jutsu in reference to their close relation to forges and metal.

- I've also made them incapable of learning any other Buki-jutsu.

6 Re: Furaingusōdo Clan on Tue Jun 13, 2017 5:06 pm



Hey, this is looking better now. The SS-Rank sword and acquisition of it is very detailed, however I feel that the fact that you are able to use all jutsu that the previous person had through the sword made from them is a lot of potential. In order to balance this, I would like that you change it so that the user must have an SS-Rank in Bukijutsu before they are able to use an SS-Rank clan sword, rather than an S-Rank. To add to it, I want you to specify that the person who dies/gets sealed and becomes the sword must be another PC in order for it to know all of their jutsu they had when they were alive.


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7 Re: Furaingusōdo Clan on Mon Jun 19, 2017 7:12 am



1/2 approved.


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