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Elin prepared to perform his mission for the day to get himself back into shape and help someone at the same time. Two birds with one stone or two shinobi with one jutsu. It did not really matter as long as they had a good spar and learned from each other as he made his way to the combat practice area where he was suppose to meet his opponent, as he reached the location the first thing he was told was to search for this guy whose name was apparently Nanya Bisnaz as he wondered what this had to do with the spar, but a few clews were left for him.

'I am under the water, standing above the ground'
'I am looking up to you, from far above you'
'I may be green, but does that matter'
'Find me first and let's see who's better'

He began thinking how this was one of the most embarrassing things since that time Sanosuke the former Raikage started rapping for no apparent reason.

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